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ecommerce newsletter 13062012

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Ecom newsletter 13062012

  1. 1. TCL India Ecommerce: 5 Things to know this week Newsletter Date: Wednesday 13th June 2012 Indian retailers retrench as reform hopes dashed Indias largest supermarket chains are selling assets, shut- operator, Future Group, is hav- ting stores, and scaling back ing a clearance sale: its finan- expansion plans. It seems im- cial service business and flag- probable that retailers could be ship clothing brand are gone, in such trouble in India. They and more deals are in the pipe- have the worlds second- line. Six months after the gov- largest population, increasingly "I feel even a small reform ernment backtracked on plans affluent consumers, and limited like FDI in multi-brand retail to allow foreign retail giants competition. But things are FDI in multi-brand retail will be a mood up-lifter, as it such as Wal-Mart Stores and tough for supermarkets… will lift mood , espe- will benefit our farmers in a Carrefour to form joint ven- Read More cially for Supermarket big way and even small pro- tures, cash-starved domestic owners ducers will be able to export to global chain suppliers," the finance ministrys Chief Economic Advisor Kaushik Poor customer service costs retailers £45bn a year Basu told reporters at a SMG, the customer insight function. which discovered that im- agency, has found that re- proved interaction with the tailers lose out on an esti- customer could increase aver- mated £45.38 billion a year age spend per person from by not giving its customers £23.36 to £32.47.Dealing with the best possible experi- customer complaints effec- ence in store according to tively was number one in how its Customer Satisfaction the shopper rated its experi- Index released today. Over ence with 21 per cent claiming quality of customer service 100,000 UK retail and lei- that this would induce them… is a key driver to increasing sure customers were sur- Read More Inside this sales and building loyalty veyed in its Index in 2011 issue: Social Media, eCommerce Platform Flexibility and Omni-Channel Commerce Harrods retools 2 ecommerce site with are Top Trends at IRCE 2012 focus on editorial, personalization Social Media, eCommerce event of the year, which be- Platform Flexibility and Omni- gan June 6 in Chicago at TiVo, PayPal Get Click- Channel Commerce are Top McCormick Place West. As ing on TV Commerce 2 Trends at IRCE 2012. the company chosen to run For the fifth consecutive year, the conference’s help desk, eCommerce consultancy Fit- located at the epicenter of the ForCommerce (http:// exhibit hall, FitForCommerce Ecommerce platforms with is in a unique position to learn flexibility built into their lent its expertise to the annual from both retailers and ven- underlying structure can Internet Retailer Conference dors about the hottest… enable retailers to avoid the & Exhibition (IRCE), the larg- Read More constant drain of re- est eCommerce industry platforming.Disclaimer: You have been sent this newsletter as a part of our relationship marketing efforts, if you wish to unsubscribe, please mail me at
  2. 2. Ecommerce: 5 things to know this week Page 2 Harrods retools ecommerce site with focus on editorial, personalization London-based retailer Harrods able to convey the feeling of Yusen Logistics is revamping its ecommerce luxury and the overall brand COO shares the site to feature a more interac- while still having a successful keys to a better ecommerce business,” said Vic tive homepage with static supply chain scrolling, editorial content and Drabicky, a New York-based curated items as well as a Fa- luxury and premium brand digi- Read the interview vorites tool that lets users cre- tal strategist.“Many brands here ate a shopping list. The retailer struggle with this notion, swing- is looking to engage consumers ing way too far toward the brand with more content on its ecom- side of things and delivering a merce site that helps them poor user experience, or swing- make purchasing decisions. In ing too far in the sales direction Pop-up shops, a addition, registered users can and losing the brand feel,” he concept popular said. “In this case, Harrods’ Harrods’ Web site under- create and save a shopping list abroad, have caught unique homepage design does went an overall refreshment of favorite items, which will ap- the fancy of the to enhance and refine the pear first when brows- a good job of accomplishing shopping experience, per countrys fashion ing.“Luxury retailers must be both. Read More the retailer. designers and retail houses that are adopting the trend. TiVo, PayPal Get Clicking on TV Commerce Read More The idea of letting TV viewers brand of safe online payment to buy products as theyre other channels. It has rolled out watching commercials just by several products to establish clicking their remote has been bona fides in the mobile pay- around for a while, but so far ment space, as well as among WEBINAR - The it hasnt caught on. PayPal brick-and-mortar retailers. Now Art and Science and TiVo are going to give it a it is making the same push for whirl, however. One obstacle the TV viewer. It is joining of choosing a survey conducted by Pay- right off the bat could be that forces with such companies as ecommerce Pal last fall that found half TiVo users may not be likely TiVo (Nasdaq: TIVO) and Com- of TV subscribers, or 49 Technology to view a whole lot of com- cast (Nasdaq: CMCSK) to offer percent, showed an interest Watch Video mercials -- interactive or not. a way for consumers to buy in purchasing goods and PayPal has been working for products featured in interactive services linked to the con- a year or more to translate its television ads. Read More tent they watched on TV TCL is a specialist consultancy in software testing. Originally founded by Stewart Noakes at the beginning of 2000, the company exists to meet the needs of our clients who strive to en- TCL India sure that their IT projects create value and demonstrate return for their investment. The first TCL company was based in the UK (Transition Consulting Limited) and the group has now Level 15 Concorde Tower expanded to include enterprises in the US and India. A further expansion into Australia or UB City, Vittal Mallya Road Bangalore 560001 New Zealand is expected within the next five years. India Tel: 91(80) 4030 0648 Click links below to know more. Software Testing Case Studies Software Testing - Managed Service PESIT Tech Park 2nd Floor, 100 -ft Ring Road Health Check TCL Introduction Short Film BSK III Stage Bangalore 560085 Crowdsourcing Our Company Vision Customer Commendations India Tel: +91(80) 26426498Disclaimer: This is a free publication for limited private circulation only.TCL only curates and distributes this content which is already freely available on the internet.TCL does not claim ownership of any content used here, except the TCL logo and name.If you have any objection to the contents of this newsletter, please mail us at and we shall try and address the issue immediately.