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Ecom newsletter 06062012


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ecommerce newsletter 6th june

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Ecom newsletter 06062012

  1. 1. TCL India Ecommerce: 5 Things to know this week Newsletter Date: Wednesday 6th June 2012 Bridging the Retail Gap: What Old and New Commerce Can Learn from Each Other When e-commerce began, separate financial models. retailers created two separate Today, the consumer is forcing and distinct experiences: off- change. Advancements in line and online. While these technology, particularly the use different revenue streams lived of mobile devices, are allowing under one brand umbrella they the two retail environments to typically confused and frus- mingle. By utilizing mobile trated the customer with dis- commerce on site, customers The advancements in tech- tinct pricing, unrelated product are bringing e-commerce into Old and new have to learn nology can provide a num- assortments, conflicting goals, the physical store with them, to co-exist. ber of paths to merge the and sometimes completely forcing the...Read More store and digital experi- ences Google Shopping: Wanna Play? Gotta Pay Googles product search number of retailers have ex- engine, Shopping, will be- pressed optimism that the gin charging retailers who change will help fight price want their products to ap- erosion and eliminate low- pear in search results. The quality merchants." pay-for-play model may hurt Currently, retailers can provide certain retailers, but reac- information about their prod- tion so far has been more ucts and then add them to the Google shopping will help positive than expected, search listings for free, where “eliminate low-quality according to Rimm- they are ranked by popularity Inside this merchants” Kaufmans Mark Ballard. "A and price. Read More issue: Facebook Promoted Posts: Getting 2 How Online Retailers can take advantage of The Latest Adwords Features? Started Every year, Google outdoes ner as well as help users get Insights from the itself in terms of delivering what they want. This current Global Chief Marketing 2 quality to its users. This year AdWords evolution has in- Officer Study 2012 is no different. The tran- volved the following key ex- sition from 2011 to 2012 has pansion areas, with Display seen Google roll out some Advertising, Mobile Device astounding features for its targeting, Remarketing, Call The past two years have Adwords users as well as tracking (for Desktop users), seen amazing growth in the modify some existing fea- Automated Rules and Dy- targeting options available on the million+ sites in tures, to helps us reach our namic Search Ads taking the Google’s Display Network. target in a cost effective man- top spots. Read MoreDisclaimer: You have been sent this newsletter as a part of our relationship marketing efforts, if you wish to unsubscribe, please mail me at
  2. 2. Ecommerce: 5 things to know this week Page 2 Facebook Promoted Posts: Getting Started Facebook just launched a new to guarantee the message China E-Commerce advertising format called Pro- reaches a wider audience than Market Research moted Posts, which allows a normal Timeline post. Report Outlook to Page administrators to turn Options include the ability to 2016 - Growing any Timeline post into an ad target posts based on location Preference for Cash that appears at the top of or language, and page admin- on Delivery Fans news feeds. Promoted istrators can track how many Payment Posts increase the chance people see the post. Any post that more Fans will see it, and less than three days old, re- Read More that more of their friends will gardless of type — i.e., status too. update, photo, video or ques- For example, if an ecommerce tion — can be promoted using Promoted Posts start at merchant wants inform Face- this new feature. Promoted $5.00 each , and Pages book fans about a special Posts are marked as should have a minimum offer or new product, a Pro- "Sponsored" in news feeds. of 400 Likes before Pro- Facebook requires that Pages moted Posts can be 5 Best moted Post would be one way have a minimum...Read More used. Ecommerce Software Platforms for Over 1,700 Chief Marketing Officers shared their insights in this study Small Business CMOs from midsize firms are covers 1,734 face-to-face inter- Read striking a better balance today views with CMOs in 64 coun- between investing in solutions tries, including 88 marketing that drive efficiency and those leaders from midsize organiza- that improve decision making, tions. 10 Ways to foster collaboration, and en- These interviews reveal that hance customer relationships. CMOs see four challenges as Boost Sales on pervasive, universal game- Your How are chief marketing offi- changers: the data explosion, cers (CMOs) helping their social media, proliferation of Ecommerce enterprises cope with the channels and devices, and shift- Website fundamental shifts transform- ing consumer demographics. Insights from the Global Check How ing business and the world? Chief Marketing Officer To find read this report that Study Read Report TCL is a specialist consultancy in software testing. Originally founded by Stewart Noakes at TCL India the beginning of 2000, the company exists to meet the needs of our clients who strive to en- sure that their IT projects create value and demonstrate return for their investment. The first TCL company was based in the UK (Transition Consulting Limited) and the group has now Level 15 Concorde Tower expanded to include enterprises in the US and India. A further expansion into Australia or UB City, Vittal Mallya Road Bangalore 560001 New Zealand is expected within the next five years. India Tel: 91(80) 4030 0648 Click links below to know more. Software Testing Case Studies Software Testing - Managed Service PESIT Tech Park 2nd Floor, 100 -ft Ring Road Health Check TCL Introduction Short Film BSK III Stage Bangalore 560085 Crowdsourcing Our Company Vision Customer Commendations India Tel: +91(80) 26426498Disclaimer: This is a free publication for limited private circulation only.TCL only curates and distributes this content which is already freely available on the internet.TCL does not claim ownership of any content used here, except the TCL logo and name.If you have any objection to the contents of this newsletter, please mail us at and we shall try and address the issue immediately.