Green Paper (Trailer)


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Green Paper (Trailer)

  1. 1. Green- The color of Responsibility
  2. 2. 全莉 Quan Li •Quan Li worked for Gucci and made a great contribution for GUCCI getting the global attestation in the early 1990s. •She established the “Save China’s Tigers” foundation, which has collected money to save tigers for more than 8 million USD. •In the South Africa, Quan li established a base for the wild training of tigers. Green Character
  3. 3. 邢诒前 Daiqian,Xing •Daiqian.Xing is a billionaire in Hainan province of China. •He have spent all his money to protect the natural resources in Hainan during the past 14 years. •He protected 32000 mu virgin forest, 1000+ kinds of rare plants and 100+ kinds of rare birds of dying out. Green Character
  4. 4. Rising eco bag design contest Green Design
  5. 5. DIY ECO bag Paper Bag with “Olympics” are popular in Universities in China, especially in Beijing Green Design
  6. 6. By the end of March 31st, 2008, the business of BoQi is widely located in China, more than 20 provinces and municipality directly under the Central Government, 65 projects of Desulphurization, denitration, water treatment, some of them are in operation and some are still under construction. Green Business
  7. 7. Boqi: Young CEO aged 32 & Young staff aged 34 of average CEO Bai yunfeng won 2007 CCTV economy top10 figures in China Green Business
  8. 8. No disposable chopsticks “拯救森林筷行动” Well designed chopsticks make it possible that people are willing to take them with. Green Lifestyle
  9. 9. URBN Hotel: Zero Carbon Footprint The total amount of energy the hotel consumes, including staff commutes, food and beverage delivery, and the energy used by each guest, will be tracked to calculate the carbon footprint. URBN will then purchase credits to neutralize its footprint by investing in local “green” energy development and emission reduction projects. Green Lifestyle
  10. 10. Relationship of The Four Elements In Environmental Protection Govt. (Guider) Supervision Support Education Feedbac & k of Supervisio public- n opinion Accepting ECO More products understandin Enterprise People g NGO (Motor) More CSR (Core) More (Activitor) avocation & interacion Cooperation
  11. 11. Barrier Internal External Local governments seeking At the bottom of global Government political achievements with GDP manufacture chain increscent Lacking of experience of NGO Lacking of money NGO management and operation ECO development is long term Hard to survive, especially Enterprise plan small private enterprises Still self-benefit driven; saving Misunderstanding of how to People resource is for reducing ECO; lacking of relevant expenditure knowledge