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TCI 2013 Can comparative cluster analysis be a tool for smart specialisation?


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By Hanna Blomdahl, Region Västra Götaland, Sweden, presented at the 16th TCI Global Conference, Kolding 2013.

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TCI 2013 Can comparative cluster analysis be a tool for smart specialisation?

  1. 1. Can comparative cluster analysis be a tool for smart specialisation? Hanna Blomdahl Breakout Session: Clusters and smart specialisation strategies: analytical tools 5 September 2013
  2. 2. Can comparative cluster analysis be a tool for smart specialisation? Experiences from the SAGE project Hanna Blomdahl Regional Development, Region Västra Götaland Coordinator SAGE
  3. 3. 1,6 million inhabitants in 49 municipalities Gothenburg: 500 000 inhabitants and the largest port in Scandinavia. Knowledge intense industrial region with strong base in research & education Västra Götaland
  4. 4. Region Västra Götaland Regional self-government since 1999 Main responsibilities healthcare, public transport, infrastructure planning and regional development including culture and environment 50 000 employees Initiate, coordinate and push regional development
  5. 5. Competitive edge in five clusters Urban Future Transport Solutions Green Chemistry and Bio Based Products Life Science The Marine Environment and the Maritime Sector
  6. 6. Safe and Green Road Vehicles in Europe A consortium consisting of five regional reseach driven clusters with strong automotive industry 2011-2014 Funded by FP7 Regions of Knowledge Aims to strengthen both regional capacity and interregional cooperation as regards safe and green transport R&D
  7. 7. Sage Regions Paris/ Normandie Warszawa Regensburg Piemonte Public Västra Götaland VGR CTH AB Volvo Paris/Normandie MOV’EO SAGE Partners Västra Götaland Region Västra Götaland Chalmers University AB Volvo Warszawa Warsaw University Regensburg City of Regensburg Regensburg University Continental Piemonte Region Piemonte Polito FIAT Public Business Academy Shanghai, China Beijing, China Daejeon, Korea Nagoya, Japan Galicia, Spain IAM, Italy
  8. 8. SAGE work plan Regional cluster mapping Aggr. cluster mapping Regional SWOT Aggr. SWOT Gaps, overlaps, synergies Joint Action Plan Smart Specialisation
  9. 9. How to measure and compare regional capacity/competences?
  10. 10. The contextual analysis • was very appriciated by stakeholders in the region and gave input to a qualified strategic discussion • has been of vital importance when drafting regional strategies for this area of strength • created a deeper understanding of our own cluster which facilitated the discussion of joint activities with the other regions The comparative analysis • was challenging and would have benefited from better analytical competence and limitations to the scope • provided some information useful for smart specialisation strategies but the step to implementation on a transnational level is far away Conclusion