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TCI 2015 The Balkan Cluster Key Puzzle For Creativity Of Cluster Mangers In The Balkans


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By Danke Milojkovic, presented at the 18th TCI Global Conference, Daegu, 2015.

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TCI 2015 The Balkan Cluster Key Puzzle For Creativity Of Cluster Mangers In The Balkans

  1. 1. The Balkan Cluster Key Puzzle For Creativity Of Cluster Mangers In The Balkans Danka Milojkovic Parallel Session 2.5: Developing Skills for Professional Cluster Management
  2. 2. THE BALKAN CLUSTER KEY PUZZLE FOR CREATIVITY OF CLUSTER MANGERS IN THE BALKANS Dr. Danka Milojkovic Director of the Cluster House, Serbia Director of the TCI Board of Directors, Spain
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  4. 4.  2007-2012 LEDIB The Danish Program for Local Economic Development in the Balkans, Nis District, Serbia  Since 2011 Cluster House - LEDIB exit strategy, an ambrela organization for clusters in Serbia  Since 2012 The Balkan Cluster Network lead by the Cluster House,
  5. 5. Connect Combine Cooperate on daily basis bringing together cluster actors sharing ideas, knowledge, experience and information with aim to BOOST CREATIVITY AND INNOVATIONS
  6. 6.  3000 contacts, 170 members  free of charge membership fee C2C B2B PROJECTS FUNDS NEW MARKETS  supported by the Global TCI Network  supported by the ECCP  connected with the Danube Cluster Club  connected with the Baltic Cluster Center
  7. 7. Cluster House Model bringing together companies, R&D institutions and policy makers TRUST RESPECT COOPERATION PROJECTS o identification and mapping cluster actors and strategic partners o strategy and action plan o marketing and branding o capacity building for cluster management NEW PROJECT IDEAS NEW PARTNERSHIP
  8. 8. „When you only have a hammer, all problems look like nails” old saying What’s the starting point of the cluster? Who should be involved and how? What kind of difference do you make? What should be changed? Whom to finance the cluster and how? How do you organize the cluster in order to best support what you want? How to increase number of members? How to advocate for better cluster development environment? Does the world knows about all the good thinks you are doing?
  9. 9. The Balkan Cluster creators learn from the past, live in the present and look forward to the future, they know that "everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself” (Leo Tolstoy) The Balkan Cluster creators guided by Aristotle’s saying „excellence is not an act....but a habit” The Balkan Cluster magical word for creation of better world is…
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  11. 11. DEVELOPER OF CLUSTER SYNERGY IN THE BALKANS WELCOME TO THE BALKANS! JOIN THE BALKAN CLUSTER FAMILY! Dobricka 2, 18000 Nis, Serbia Tel +381 18 522 120 Fax +381 18 511 240 Mobile +381 66 80 14 031 Email Website thank you for your attention