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TCI 2015 Introduction to TCI Network. How to Take out the Most of this Global Practitioners Network


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By TCI Secretariat, presented at the 18th TCI Global Conference, Daegu, 2015.

Published in: Economy & Finance
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TCI 2015 Introduction to TCI Network. How to Take out the Most of this Global Practitioners Network

  1. 1. Introduction to TCI Network. How to Take out the Most of this Global Practitioners Network TCI Secretariat Cluster Lab 5
  2. 2. Cluster Lab TCI Network
  3. 3. What is TCI Network? TCI Network is the leading global network of main organizations and practitioners with deep expertise in clusters and competitiveness, who collaborate in a unique open, flexible and practical context to advance in the practice of competitiveness, innovation and cluster development. Through its activities, TCI reaches out to 9,000 practitioners from development agencies, government departments, cluster organizations, academic institutions, companies and multilateral organizations in over 110 countries. Founded in 1998, TCI is a nonprofit, non- governmental organization with a global scope, open to members from all continents.
  4. 4. Mission and vision We support the effective use of cluster-based economic development approaches as tools to raise the competitiveness and innovative capacity of firms, cities, regions and countries Our mission Our vision Be the leading global network of professionals and organizations active in cluster-based economic development
  5. 5. Who forms the TCI Network?
  6. 6. 462 active members in 50 countries with the common objective to make their regions and clusters more competitive A network of organizations and persons Organizations Development agencies Government departments Cluster organizations Companies Academic institutions Multilateral organizations Persons Business leaders Cluster managers Policy makers Researchers Consultants Source: TCI Network, 27.10.2015
  7. 7. 61 member organizations Source: TCI Network, 27.10.2015
  8. 8. Has a 10 to 15 years’ experience In a leading position, setting strategy & designing programs and policies Works for an economic development agency Experienced in economic development & specifically in innovation, internationalization, marketing and evaluation of clusters Uses project management, cluster analysis and facilitation as tools Speaks 2-3 languages and has working experience mainly in Europe and quite probably in other regions, including developing countries With interest in paticipating in joint programmes and cooperation projects The profile of a TCI member
  9. 9. Governance - Board of Directors Christian Ketels, President Harvard Business School, USA Klaus Haasis, Secretary Combine Innovation GmbH, Germany Alberto Pezzi, Treasurer ACCIÓ, Gov. of Catalonia, Spain Jaime Echeverri Medellin Chamber of Commerce, Colombia Tracy Scott- Rimington Regional Development AustraliaBrisbane Vincent Dugré Quebec Ground Transportation Cluster, Canada Chong In Lim KICOX, Korea Danka Milojkovic Cluster House, Serbia Frédéric Miribel Invest in Lyon - Aderly, France Yasin Naku Siraba Innovation Systems & Cluster Programme Uganda Manuel Montoya Automotive Cluster Nuevo Leon, Mexico Tom Sommer MassMEDIC, USA Werner Pamminger Clusterland Upper Austria, Austria Madeline Smith Institute of Design Innovation, UK James Wilson Orkestra-Basque Institute of Competitiveness, Spain
  10. 10. Prof. Antoni Subirà, Chairperson IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain Mr. Sergio Arzeni LEED Program, OECD, France Prof. Michael Best University of Massachusetts, USA Dr. Bob Breault Breault Research Org. ,Tucson, USA Mr. Emiliano Duch The World Bank Group, Washington, USA Prof. Michael J. Enright Enright, Scott & Associates, Hong Kong Hon. Ms. Tea Petrin. Vice-Chairperson University of Ljubljana, Slovenia Mr. Ifor Ffowcs-Williams Cluster Navigators, Ltd, Nelson, New Zealand Prof. Piero Formica International Entrepreneurship Academy, Sweden Mr. Yves Guyon Lyon Aeroports, Lyon, France Mr. Alec Hansen Development Alternatives Inc, USA Mr. Eric Hansen Ec. Transformations Group, USA Mr. Kenneth Lanza USAID, USA Mr. Andy McDonald Scottish Enterprise, Glasgow, UK Prof. Michael Porter Harvard Business School, USA Prof. Hubert Schmitz University of Sussex, UK Prof. Örjan Sölvell Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden Governance - Board of Advisors
  11. 11. TCI Secretariat Patricia Valdenebro CEO Leire Oiarbide Network Coordinator Jacqueline Glarner Communications Officer
  12. 12. ¿What can a practitioner obtain from TCI? What does our network give you? • Specialised knowledge and expertise • Networking and internationalization opportunities • Increase your and your organization’s visibility
  13. 13. •Key information about clusters, competitiveness and innovation systems on a global level •Latest trends in competitive strategies and cluster-based policies •Best practices in cluster development and management •News about cluster initiatives and competitive regions worldwide •Experiences on methodologies for economic growth and regional development Cluster Initiative Database TCI Newsletter Member Directory Specialised knowledge and expertise ¿What can a practitioner obtain from TCI?
  14. 14. •Contact with leading competitiveness actors and relevant organizations active in cluster and regional development in an open, flexible and practical context •Access to potential partners with deep expertise for possible joint projects •Interest Groups on competitiveness topics to build on strengths and expertise •Regional initiatives and local contact points to exchange experiences and best practices Regional Initiatives Local Contact Points Interest GroupsConferences and Workshops ¿Qué puede encontrar un profesional en TCI? Networking and internationalization ¿What can a practitioner obtain from TCI?
  15. 15. Membership certificate ¿Qué puede encontrar un profesional en TCI? Visibility and profile ¿What can a practitioner obtain from TCI? • Reinforce your international visibility • Showcase your cluster and regional competitiveness programmes • Inform about ongoing projects, RFPs, job openings and events • Identify yourself as a TCI member and show how your organization is connected in the relevant global community • Get recognition as cluster professional Include your logo in TCI publications Announcements through TCI web and social media
  16. 16. • Newsletter Subscribe yourself! 9,000 subscribers already receive it monthly • Experts Database Get in contact with experts from around the world • Cluster Initiative Database Benchmark your initiative, compare your cluster Online resources • Social networks Where can you find relevant information?
  17. 17. TCI conferences in 2015 & 2016
  18. 18. Contact