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TCI2012 Where the cluster winds are blowing...and how policy makers should respond


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Isabelle Lebo and Cecilia Johansson on trends in the use of clusters as a policy tool, presented at the 15th TCI Global Conference, Basque Country 2012.

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TCI2012 Where the cluster winds are blowing...and how policy makers should respond

  1. 1. 2Where the cluster winds are blowing …and howpolicy makers should respondTCI San Sebastian 19 October,,Isabelle Lebo, OSEOCecilia Johansson, VinnovaTactics : Transnational Alliance of Clusters TowardsImproved Cooperation Support
  2. 2. Trends in the use of clusters as a policy tool…What have we seen???• Evolution of the concept ofclusters• Opening innovation processesthrough clusters• Smart implementation andintegration of cluster relatedpolicies• Continued strengthening ofcluster initiatives3
  3. 3. What´s happening in Europe – a decade laterSome examples•Start-up of new cluster programmes in several countries•Promoting intercluster cooperation (Catalonia, Spain)•Involvement of regional clusters in the national innovation system (Austria•Better integration of regional and national policies (Netherlands)•Efforts for internationalisation of clusters(Norway)•Thematic clusters (Finland)•Efforts for adapting private financing (France)•Professional cluster management important4
  4. 4. Future challenges for policy makers• Use clusters to engage SMEs and toachieve effective implementation ofinnovation policies• Building on existing areas of strength(smart specialisation) while openingnew areas for growth (emergingindustries)• Stimulate and facilitate newinteractions5
  5. 5. Future challenges for policy makers• Make the key assets more visible• Demonstrate the performance of the clusterinitiative• Greater involvement of users• Professionalisation of cluster management6
  6. 6. This means…….Clusters are central to innovation and competitivenessNew cluster interactions drive growthClusters must leverage and promote key assets to gain acompetitive edge7
  7. 7. Who´s responsible?•7 Tactics partners : providing content•15 experts contributors: the « Reflection Group »•120 members reacting :8
  8. 8. Picture of the Tactics publications9
  9. 9. www.eca-tactics.eu10