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The Sales Skills Profile


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The Sales Skills Profile clearly identifies the strengths and weaknesses of people employed in a sales function. It is used worldwide to find, develop, reward and manage sales people in high value sales roles.

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The Sales Skills Profile

  1. 1. ‘Can you sell?’ The benefits of Sales Skills Profiling
  2. 2. A lot has happened in 2 years Two years ago your team might have been able to ‘sell’ anything. Now they might not be the right people. How would you know?
  3. 3. Can your people sell now? Right now sales people are seriously demotivated and under performing. So: “Can your people sell right now ... under the current conditions?”
  4. 4. Complete the questionaire Get your sales people to complete the Sales Skills Profile. It is quick and easy to take.
  5. 5. “Incredibly useful data.” The Sales Skills Profile generates a series of charts. This chart gives you an overall snapshot of current Sales Potential and Sales Techniques.You want about 75% optimum for success ... not 59%.
  6. 6. We then interpret those charts You want the bars to be ask close to pink zone as possible. If you go to SalesSkillsTest you can hear the this chart carefully * The SSP measures 10 critical sales skills and 3 attitudinal traits necessary for high performance in high value sales environments. explained. * This person avoids prospecting and is weak in qualifying and closing. You would find them very good servicing and busy not productive doing admin.
  7. 7. Comprehensive report In addition to the charts there is an invaluable detailed 10pp report. that fully explains the charts even You can check out the Sales Skills Profile at further. and a detailed overview at Youtube at
  8. 8. Interested? A lot of people are! You can check out the people behind the Sales Skills Profile at and hear it explained at Youtube at