Practice discipleship webinar 7


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Webinar Powerpoint: "Planning for the Unexpected" by Rev. Dennis "Tiger" McLuen. January 8, 2012

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Practice discipleship webinar 7

  1. 1. Introducing… Dawn Trautman
  2. 2. 7 WEBINARS 1. “Lutheran Theology: How God Works in the World” 2. “Lutheran Theology: How We Read the Bible” 3. “Your Role as Leader” 4. “Strategic Planning” 5. “Leading a Small Group” 6. “Faith Conversations” 7. “Planning for the Unexpected”
  3. 3. Introducing… Rev. Dennis “Tiger” McLuen Youth Leadership Planning for the unexpected
  4. 4. Plan for the UnexpectedSurviving the Surprises of Youth Ministry Tiger McLuen President - Youth Leadership
  5. 5. BIG IDEAS:• Planning doesn’t eliminate surprises• Spontaneity is best on top ofpreparation• Leaders make all the difference• Surprises force you to focus
  6. 6. REFLECTION:1 . S h a r e A S u r p r i s e Yo u H a v e Experienced In Ministry—on A Tr i p O r I n R e g u l a r Programming.
  7. 7. Why surprises are tough•Pushes our control issues•Fear of making the wrong decision•Safety concerns•We want it to go as planned•“Stick to the schedule”
  8. 8. Why surprises are tough• Fear of ridicule• It pushes OUR insecurity• We don’t like to look bad• It simply adds stress
  9. 9. Pinpoint our Focus1. Kids2. Safe, relational environment3. Trust God in everything4. People supersede schedule5. It may just be a God moment
  10. 10. The key is the Leader • Non-anxious presence •Sense of Humor •Relational Perspective
  11. 11. 10 things to handle surprises1. Plan..Plan..Plan2. Have a list of 3-10 group games3. Be honest with the kids4. Cell phone #s of all leaders5. Call list for parents. Copy to all leaders.
  12. 12. 10 things to handle surprises6. Safety first7. Pray…Pray…Pray8. If multiple vehicles…shared itinerary, contact numbers, etc.9. Extra credit cards….and cash10.Flexibility11. Sense of Humor!!
  13. 13. Thoughts…Questions…Reflections… Tiger McLuen Dawn Trautman Please type your questions or comments into the question box on your screen. We’ll try to get to as many of them as we can.
  14. 14. Next…January 22, 2012 2:00pm Central Time Dr. Jeremy Myers Augsburg College Lutheran Theology: How God Works in the World
  15. 15. Recording of thisWebinar
  16. 16. • Amazing speakers, workshops, worship, musi c and networking! • All 7 webinars “live” by the writersIntensive Care Courses: Feb 8-9 • Intensive Care Course: “How toMain Event: Feb 9-12 Have a Great Youth Gathering!”Sheraton Hotel, New Orleans • “Gathering Bus Tours” of Gathering sites… • Plus all the regular great stuff that
  17. 17. Training Online or Live
  18. 18. Next…January 22, 2012 2:00pm Central Time Dr. Jeremy Myers Augsburg College Lutheran Theology: How God Works in the World