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Practice discipleship webinar 6


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Rev. Dennis "Tiger" McLuen - "Faith Conversations" - a part of the Practice Discipleship Project

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Practice discipleship webinar 6

  1. 1. Introducing… Dawn Trautman
  2. 2. 7 WEBINARS 1. “Lutheran Theology: How God Works in the World” 2. “Lutheran Theology: How We Read the Bible” 3. “Your Role as Leader” 4. “Strategic Planning” 5. “Leading a Small Group” 6. “Faith Conversations” 7. “Planning for the Unexpected”
  3. 3. Introducing… Rev. Dennis “Tiger” McLuen Youth Leadership Faith Conversations
  4. 4. Faith ConversationsTalking about faith on the road of life Tiger McLuen President - Youth Leadership
  5. 5. BIG IDEAS:• Sharing your story is a key part ofbeing a “God person” for teenagers• Most of us are scared about sharingour faith, but it can become morecomfortable• We need to use words to express ourfaith• Vague ideas won’t really help us talkabout faith
  6. 6. REFLECTION:1. Name a time when you felt comfortable sharing your faith? What was that like?2. Describe a time when you tried to share something about your faith—but it just didn’t work. What happened?
  7. 7. Common Excuses of Church People• I’m not good enough• I don’t know enough about God• What if they don’t listen to me orbelieve me?• I don’t have enough talent• O.K. Lord, send someone else
  8. 8. “Communicate the Gospel at alltimes. If necessary, use words.” - St. Francis of Assisi
  9. 9. Walking on the Road Luke 24:13-351. He walked alongside2. He asked questions3. He listened to their response4. He taught them
  10. 10. • Remember the elements to your faith story• Remember: Vagueness is killing the church!
  11. 11. Webinar Practice:1. Why do you go to church?2. So, if you go to church—then you believe in God, right?3. So, you go to First Lutheran. That is a Christian church, right? So, how does Jesus fit in the picture? What do you believe about Jesus?
  12. 12. TURN THE CORNER… How does that line up with What would it look like to trust what you have learned at God in that situation? church? If a person were serious about Has your faith helped youfollowing Jesus, what do you think at all in that situation? they would do there?
  13. 13. Thoughts…Questions…Reflections… Tiger McLuen Dawn Trautman Please type your questions or comments into the question box on your screen. We’ll try to get to as many of them as we can.
  14. 14. Next…January 8, 2012 2:00pm Central Time Dennis “Tiger” McLuen Youth Leadership Planning for the Unexpected
  15. 15. Recording of thisWebinar
  16. 16. • Amazing speakers, workshops, worship, music and networking! • All 7 webinars “live” by the writers • Intensive Care Course: “How toIntensive Care Courses: Feb 8-9 Have a Great Youth Gathering!”Main Event: Feb 9-12 • “Gathering Bus Tours” of GatheringSheraton Hotel, New Orleans sites… • Plus all the regular great stuff happens at an “E”
  17. 17. Training Online or Live
  18. 18. Next…January 8, 2012 2:00pm Central Time Dennis “Tiger” McLuen Youth Leadership Planning for the Unexpected