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PD2015 Story of Adolescence


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PD2015 Story of Adolescence

  1. 1. Session 4 The Story of Adolescence Dawn Rundman Director of Children’s Development at sparkhouse
  2. 2. Adolescent Demographics: A Quick Look at the 4 Cs countrycommunity churchcongregation
  3. 3. 10-14yo 20.6 million 6.7% of population 15-19yo 21.2 million 6.9% of population Adolescents make up 13.6% of population: 1 in 8 in US countrycommunity churchcongregation
  4. 4. countrycommunity churchcongregatio n In a 2008 ELCA report, 4% of members between ages 15- 19 No data reported for 10-14yo 1 in 12 ELCA members
  5. 5. Our Town: Who’s in Your Community? countrycommunity churchcongregation
  6. 6. Locate Congregation Stats, Stat! countrycommunity churc h congregatio n
  7. 7. Which data points are most surprising / revealing / compelling to you? Describe 2-3 demographic features of youth in your context that matter to you. countrycommunity churchcongregatio n Bonus Question! What do we know about young Jesus’ country, church, community, and congregation?
  8. 8. A Deeper Look Mental Illness, Mental Health Early Onset Puberty The Boy Crisis Digital Natives
  9. 9. The Biblically Illiterate Youth Um, what’s that again?The Bible? The Bible ?
  10. 10. The “The Bible Tells Me So” Youth Um, what’s that again? It’s that rule book, right? The Bible? The Bible?
  11. 11. The “I had lots of Sunday school adventures with art and puppets and snacks and games and science activities and…” Youth Um, what’s that again? It’s that rule book, right? The Bible? The Bible? The Bible? Best. Skit prop. Ever.
  12. 12. Stories of Faith can mean… Stories from the Bible Stories of faithful Christians Stories about the Christian church in action Stories about the ministries of your congregation