PD2 E13 Trng Overview


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PD2 E13 Trng Overview

  1. 1. WELCOME!Practice Discipleship Coach Training January 2013 Internet Code: Login to “Hyatt Meeting” Code: ELC1
  2. 2. Practice Discipleship Team• Vision Team: – Team Leader: Catherine Anderson – Network Director: Todd Buegler – Educator Rep: Terri Elton – Writer Rep: Jeremy Myers – Partners Rep: ELCA Staff Person – Coach Rep: Tammy Jones West
  3. 3. Practice Discipleship Team• Head Coaches: – Lisa Kramme (Synods 1A – 4A) – Eric Carlson (Synods 4B – 6E) – Tammy Jones West (Synods 6F – 9F)
  4. 4. Practice Discipleship Team• Writers: – Terri Elton (Luther Seminary) – Hans Wiersma (Augsburg College) – Nathan Frambach (Wartburg Seminary) – Rozella White (Emory Center for Pastoral Services) – Colleen Windham-Hughes (Cal. Lutheran University) – Heather Hansen (Texas Lutheran University) – Jeremy Myers (Augsburg College)
  5. 5. Practice Discipleship Team• 63 Practice Discipleship Coaches
  6. 6. History of Practice Discipleship• 2012 ELCA Youth Gathering• Equip adult leaders for faith formation with young people• PD1 Focus: Moralistic Therapeutic Deism
  7. 7. Faith Practices are Key“…teenagers learn to articulate faith byhearing adults articulate theirs…(yet)American adults may be no morereligiously articulate than their children.The solution is…to look for places whereadults can move beyond their comfortzones and talk about their faith inteenagers’ presence.” - Kenda Creasy Dean, Almost Christian
  8. 8. PD1 Numbers• Over 10,000 adult leaders trained• Networking in synods• Faith Formation: “I no longer feel like a hypocrite saying that I follow Jesus, but having no idea how to do that.”
  9. 9. Phase 2• Movement of the Holy Spirit• Practice  Way of Life• Discipleship  Following Jesus – How do we make developing leaders a way of life for the sake of faith formation with young people?
  10. 10. PD Structure• Ministry of the ELCA Youth Ministry Network – Funded by the ELCA, Luther Seminary, NC Synod Grant• Focus and Curriculum – provided in partnership with ELCA colleges and seminaries – “Taking Theology to Youth Ministry”
  11. 11. The key to this initiative is YOU!
  12. 12. Question…• What has called you – excites you – about being part of Practice Discipleship this year?
  13. 13. Goals for Training• Network• Curriculum• Develop a Strategy• Collective Wisdom
  14. 14. Frequently Used Terms• PD, PD1, PD2• ELCA Youth Ministry Network – Extravaganza – Regional Facilitators• Webinar, Face to Face Trainings• Coach Update• Go To Meeting• PD2 Coaches Website• Practice Discipleship Website• Stakeholders• ELCA: Churchwide, Regions, Synods, SYMBOL
  15. 15. Purpose StatementPractice Discipleship InitiativeThe Practice Discipleship Initiative fosters faithful,thoughtful and intentional leaders in congregations whofollow Jesus in their daily lives.The Practice Discipleship Initiative will:Educate.Train leadership to accompany young people on their faith journey.Connect.Develop partnerships to strengthen faith formation opportunities for andwith young people.Renew.Gather leaders for mutual support and encouragement in ministry.
  16. 16. Coach Responsibilities• Develop a Team• Communication – Publicity – Stakeholders• Lead Trainings