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PD2 Coaches Dog Eating Chicken


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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PD2 Coaches Dog Eating Chicken

  1. 1. Dog Eating Chicken:Translating Faith
  2. 2. WHAT’S THAT YOU SAY?What does this mean?• Joint• Fun• Eating in the cafeteria stinks.
  3. 3. WHY ISN’T IT CLEAR?• Punctuation• Changes over time• Social/Life Experiences• Physical components ofcommunication
  4. 4. CHALLENGES IN COMMUNICATING THE WORD• Old languages• Written verses oral tradition• Human error• Different audiences and goals• Different word meanings• Context
  5. 5. SMALL GROUP DISCUSSION• What are some of the key things you’veheard so far?• What is the most challenging thing aboutcommunication for you?• How can language be a barrier to sharing thegospel?• How is language an opportunity to share thegospel?
  6. 6. COMMUNICATING THE GOSPEL“…in our various settings for youthministry, as Godbearers we willhave some understanding andvocabulary to speak consistentlyand compellingly about God.”–Kenda Creasy Dean and RonFoster, The Godbearing Life
  7. 7. COMMUNICATING THE GOSPEL“…the skillful communicatorwill make connections, buildbridges and do doubleexegesis.”(The Godbearing Life, p. 178)
  8. 8. COMMUNICATING THE GOSPELGood translation is not onlyspeaking the words, butconveying the meaning.
  9. 9. COMMUNICATING THE GOSPELTranslationvs.Transmission
  10. 10. COMMUNICATING THE GOSPELTranslation facilitates aconversation.
  11. 11. COMMUNICATING THE GOSPEL• Know the audience• Learn the language• Preserve the message, not themethod• Know what you really want youngpeople to take away