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20111107 ns2-required cygwinpkg


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  • You don't happen to know why PDCP and GTP-U protocolos are not implemented in EURANE extension for ns-2. Do you? I'd be very grateful if you answered me. Thank you
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20111107 ns2-required cygwinpkg

  1. 1. Required Cygwin Packages for NS2 by Teerawat Issariyakul November 2011
  2. 2. Outline <ul><li>Introduction </li></ul><ul><li>Cygwin required packages </li></ul><ul><li>How do I know? </li></ul><ul><li>How to install missing packages? </li></ul>
  3. 3. Introduction <ul><li>Here is one of the system requirement for NS2 installation </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Windows Platform </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Cygwin 1.7.9 with additional packages: gcc4, gcc4-g++, gzip, make, patch, perl, w32api, libmpfr4, X11 </li></ul></ul><ul><li>NS 2.35 (full-release) </li></ul>
  4. 4. How do I know? <ul><li>That those packages are required? </li></ul><ul><li>Just run “./install” at the ns2 directory and you’ll see </li></ul> Checking for gcc4… NO!
  5. 5. How do I know? <ul><li>You can continue by entering ‘y’ </li></ul><ul><li>But there is no guarantee that your installation will be successful </li></ul> Do you wish to proceed regardless? [y/N]
  6. 6. How do I know? <ul><li>Suppose you enter ‘y’ </li></ul><ul><li>You will see that several packages are missing </li></ul> Checking for gcc4-g++… NO!
  7. 7. Suggestion <ul><li>First, keep pressing ‘y’. </li></ul><ul><li>Write down all missing packages. </li></ul><ul><li>Well, here is the list: gcc4, gcc4-g++, make, gzip, patch, perl, w32api, X11 </li></ul><ul><li>Go back to install missing packages using the Cygwin setup wizard. </li></ul><ul><li>Upon completion, install NS2 again by executing </li></ul><ul><li>>>./install </li></ul>
  8. 8. Installing missing packages Search the package name here, e.g., gcc4 Expand package category by clicking ‘+’ Click here to install all the optional package When you are done, hit ‘next’
  10. 10. Error Again! <ul><li>This is with the installation of Tcl </li></ul><ul><li>Even if you installed all required packages, you are still going to see this error! </li></ul>… error: C compiler cannot create executable Tcl8.5.10 configuration failed! Exiting… See ‘ config.log ’ for more details.
  11. 11. Let’s see the file config.log This file contains any messages produced by compilers while running configure, to aid debugging if configure makes a mistake. It was created by tcl configure 8.5, which was generated by GNU Autoconf 2.59. Invocation command line was … configure:1785: checking for C compiler default output file name configure:1788: gcc conftest.c >&5 /usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-cygwin/4.5.3/cc1.exe: error while loading shared libraries: cygmpfr-4.dll : cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory configure:1791: $? = 1 <ul><li>Location: ns-allinone-2.35/tcl8.5.10/unix </li></ul>Here is the problem: cygmpfr-4.dll is not installed.
  12. 12. Let’s fix it! <ul><li>Go to Cygwin and install a package “ libmfr4 ” </li></ul><ul><li>Then reinstall NS2. </li></ul>THIS TIME IT SHOULD WORK!!
  13. 13. For more information about NS 2 Please see this book from Springer T. Issaraiyakul and E. Hossain, “Introduction to Network Simulator NS2”, Springer 2009