Cheat sheet 06.28.12


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By: Elizabeth Stroud, Margaret Griffiths & Lannie Hartley

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Cheat sheet 06.28.12

  1. 1. Creativity + Bravery CHEAT SHEET 23 JUNE - 28 JUNE 2012
  2. 2. INNOVATION & TRENDSApp Combines Credit Cards and Picks the Best One to Use:‘Wallaby,’ a cloud-based digital wallet, connects your various creditcards in one and selects the one that gives the most rewards for eachpurchase. PSFK 6-28-12IkHa Restaurant Lets Diners Create Their Own Ikea Hacks:Annika Syrjamaki and Rosa Dalle Vedove of Oatmeal Studio trans-formed ordinary Ikea furniture into a fully functioning, temporary restau-rant in The Hague. FastCo.DESIGN 6-12Tweets for Sweets:This Rube-Goldberg-inspired marketing campaign by Thingking andDraftFCB releases a gumball when visitors tweet the #etiossmileshashtag and a unique pin. CoolHunting 6-26-12
  3. 3. TECHNOLOGYEarth-orbiting Satellite can be Used by Anyone:ArduSat is preparing to launch a tiny satellite into space which featuresArduino circuit boards that can be programmed by anybody. SpringWise 6-27-12Improve Your Smartphone with Defective Silicon Chips:Scientists at Switzerland’s EPFL have discovered that using defective sili-con chips in a smartphone might actually make the phone more energyefficient. GOOD 6-28-12Google Unveils Streaming-Media ‘Globe’:Minutes before the Google I/O Conference in San Francisco began,Google unveiled a new home server called Nexus Q. Google bills thedevice as “the first social streaming player.” CNN 6-28-12
  4. 4. CULTUREPictures of Millennials With Everything They Own:Photographer Sannah Kvist in her new series “All I Own” shows thatmillennials, though more tech-savvy than their predecessors, are notnecessarily more prepared to take on the world. FastCo.DESIGN 6-22-12The New Museum opens The Parade - Nathalie Djurberg:Nathalie Djurberg’s exhibit consists mostly of eye-popping sculptures ofbirds, but the heart of the exhibit consists of a series of eerie Clayma-tion films that project humans’ primal urges. This exhibit is open until Au-gust 26th in NYC. TimeOutNY 6-26-12Stylish Moments from the Gay Pride Parade in New York:New York Magazine sent a photographer to the Pride Parade last Sun-day to catch a glimpse of fashion at the parade. Some interestinglooks were captured amidst the flags and rainbows. NYMag 6-25-12
  5. 5. AGENCY NEWSWhy Omnicom is Looking at LBi as an Acquisition Target:AdAge has confirmed that Omnicom Group is in talks to acquire IBi, alarge-scale digital agency. These recent big-ticket deals to beef up indigital are done in part to show clients and investors alike that they areprepared for an increasingly digital future. AdAge 6-27-12Ketchum Names Rob Flaherty CEO:Ketchum has announced that president and senior partner Rob Flahertywill succeed Raymond Kotcher as CEO, effective July 1st. Mr. Kotcherwill be moving into a chairman role at the firm. AdAge 6-26-12PHD Poised to Win Unilever Global Planning Business:After a 6-month review, Unilever is set to award its global media-plan-ning business to PHD. AdAge 6-27-12
  6. 6. SUSTAINABILITYMoving Geometric Façade Blocks Out Sunlight to Keep Buildings Cool:This eye-catching façade on the Al Bahar towers moves depending onthe position of the sun, and reduces the dependence on air-conditioningin Abu Dhabi, where temperatures get up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit inthe summer. PSFK 6-28-12Giant Fish Sculptures Created from Plastic Bottles Glow at Night:In Brazil, giant sculptures of fish have been created using discardedsoda bottles. The sculptures were part of the UN conference on Sus-tainable Living and they serve as a reminder to beach-goers to recycleplastic bottles. PSFK 6-25-12Eco-friendly Frying Pan Eliminates Nasty Cooking Odors:Designer Hong Ying Guo has created a frying pan equipped with anair purifying system by its rim. This purifier neutralizes odors that comefrom the food and uses the heat generated from cooking to power it- PSFK 6-22-12