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Cheat sheet 04.02.12

  1. 1. Creativity + Bravery CHEAT SHEET 25 March - 2 April 2012
  2. 2. Trends and Innovation Ant Ballet A two-year investigation into the parallels between human and ant communication has culminated in Ollie Palmer’s Ant Ballet, the world’s first ballet to exclusively feature ants. In order to get ants to move in a way that is different to their natural foraging behavior, a robotic arm lays trails of synthesized pheromones that the ants follow. Currently in stage I of IV, the first live Ant Ballet performance will take place as part of PESTIVAL in Sao Paulo later in 2012. Ollie Palmer 4-12 Voronoi Bookshelf Prototype, An Experiment in Interactive, Generative Design Hero Design makes use of the voronoi algorithm in the video in this article. Voronoi patterns are used in scientific research and technology, are found in nature (i.e. spots on a giraffe), and are now being used to create complex 3D generated objects such as bookshelves. The video in this article explains how to generate the bookshelf, and there is information on how to download and get the code for the program as well. Hero Design 3-22-12 NYC Launches a Better Map App for Tourists New York City’s official tourism center, NYC & Company, is launching a better map for its 50 million annual tourists. The new iPhone map app is a co-branded version of a map app called CityMaps. It portrays businesses with their logos instead of pins, and incorporates social media updates, OpenTable booking capabilities, and daily deals directly into the map. Mashable 4-2-12
  3. 3. Technology MIT, Harvard Grads Develop High-Altitude Wind Turbine Altaeros Energies, a wind energy company led by MIT and Harvard Alumni, has recently unveiled an automated prototype of its airborne wind turbine that uses a helium-filled, inflatable shell to ascend to higher altitudes. “For decades, wind turbines have required cranes and huge towers to lift a few hundred feet off the ground, where winds can be slow and gusty,” explains Ben Glass, CEO of Altaeros. “We are excited to demonstrate that modern inflatable materials can lift wind turbines into more powerful winds almost everywhere.” NA WindPower 3-29-12 Glow-in-the-Dark Animals Star in Bioluminescence Show In this slideshow by Adam Mann, bioluminescence is said to be found everywhere in nature. It is the production of light by living organisms, who use it to attract mates, confuse predators, and catch prey. An exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History called Creatures of the Light: Nature’s Bioluminescence showcases these creatures and has recently opened to the public. It will run until January 6th, 2013. Wired 3-27-12 Mercedes-Benz Made You Look Mercedes-Benz’s new zero-emission F-cell car is being marketed as a vehicle that is virtually invisible to the environment - its only emission is water vapor. In order to promote the new car in a memorable way, Mercedes blanketed one side of the car with LEDs and mounted a Canon 5D Mark II camera on the other side of it. The LEDs displayed whatever the camera filmed, which caused passerby to stop and gawk at the “invisible” car. @Issue 3-28-12
  4. 4. Culture A Suspended Life-Sized Train Sculpture by Jeff Koons Jeff Koons "Train" - an enormous full-size sculptural replica of the 1943 Baldwin 2900 steam locomotive - is possibly going to come to life seven years after the idea was originally abandoned. Friends of the High Line, the group behind the elevated park in Chelsea, announced that the sculpture is one of the possible designs for the parks 30th Street spur. Huh Magazine 3-30-12 On Mad Men an Opening Scene Straight from Page One The opening scenes of the Season 5 premiere of “Mad Men,” set in 1966, depicted a sort of knucklehead-racism at work, when young men from the advertising agency Young & Rubicam dropped bags filled with water on protesters picketing on the Madison Avenue sidewalk below. But no writer is to blame. Everything in the scene really happened, written almost verbatim from an article on Page 1 of The Times on May 28, 1966. NY Times 3-28-12 Projection Mapping On A Human Face Video mapping a human face is not entirely new, but this video ups the game a little and completely immerses the actor in the projected visuals, covering the whole head and upper body so he becomes a human chameleon. Turn him into a cyberman, a bearded metaller, even a human Google map. The project was commissioned by Samsung in Portugal for a new phone, and the video mapping was done by Oskar & Gaspar from an idea by agency Excentric. The Creators Project 3-27-12
  5. 5. Agency News Monica Karo, Apple’s Media Lead at Omnicom, Upped to U.S. Chief of PHD Omnicom Media Group’s PHD has recently named Monica Karo U.S. CEO. She replaces Andrew McLean, and was most recently president of integrated accounts at Omnicom Media Group and lead on its Apple account. Ms. Karo has a long history with Apple, and when she was the corporate media director for TBWA/Chiat/Day, Steve Jobs said of her, “She’s incredibly talented and a key member of the Apple advertising team.” AdAge 3-29-12 Caught in Wendys Pink-Slime Crossfire, Ketchum Hands BPI to Sibling Shop What happens when one client publicly hits another? That’s what happened to Ketchum on March 30th when client Wendy’s took a shot at client Beef Products Inc. According to a Ketchum spokeswoman, Ketchum began working on a confidential BPI assignment, and “did not know that another clients business would intersect with the work we were doing…we informed both clients and while they understand that both of our teams are working independently, we are transitioning [BPI] work to another firm in the Omnicom network." AdAge 3-30-12 GM Says Commonwealth Created to Be Chevrolet Brand Ad Agency General Motors Co. (GM) recently named Commonwealth, a newly created joint venture between Omnicom Group Inc.’s Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and Interpublic Group of Companies Inc.’s McCann Erickson Worldwide. “This is the first time that two large marketing communications holding companies have come together to form a single company,” Joel Ewanick, GM’s chief marketing officer, said in the statement. Businessweek 3-27-12
  6. 6. Sustainability What Is The Psychology Of The Socially-Conscious Consumer? Nielsen released research that sampled 28,000 respondents from 56 countries to look at bettering the effectiveness of cause marketing. They were asked questions probing whether they prefer to pay for products/services from companies that implement programs that give back to society, how likely they were to pay extra, and if they are more likely to recommend a product/service that gives back. PSFK 3-28-12 Earth Hour Plunges Global Landmarks into Darkness Watch iconic buildings across the world including the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Opera House in Sydney turn off their lights as part of Earth Hour. Held on the last Saturday of March each year, the event highlights environmental concerns by inviting people to switch off non-essential lighting. TheGuardian 4-2-12 Snap a Photo of Physical Junk Mail, Become Unsubscribed The average U.S. household receives some 850 pieces of junk mail over the course of a year. Roughly 44% of unsolicited mail in the US ends up in landfills each year without ever being opened, according to Seattle-based Readabl. Aiming to help address that problem, the company’s PaperKarma app enables users to simply snap a picture of an unwanted piece of junk mail and press “send” to become unsubscribed from the mailing list that generated it. SpringWise 3-30-12
  7. 7. @TBWANYPlanning for more information please contact