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TBRC presentation 2015


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professional research center

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TBRC presentation 2015

  1. 1. TBRC Tirana Business Research Center Tirana Business Research Center is a market research and intelligence center which excels in company, market and consumer research. We have the best professional specialist with higher eduacation and experience , master qualifications from top institution programs includes MBAs, MSCs, CFAs and CAs.
  2. 2. At TBRC, we help our clients achieve information superiority. We help you optimize business decisions by leveraging appropriate quantitative, qualitative, and traditional techniques. Our holistic approach allows us to maximize the usefulness of available information to meet your business needs. We can help at each step, from problem/opportunity identification and study design to delivery of actionable solutions. We approach each opportunity with the business experience found in large research firms; the rigorous methodological understanding of academia; and the enthusiasm and creativity found only in smaller firms. We Focus on Getting Accurate and Relevant Data Quality research starts with quality data, and the best answers come from well thought out questions. Whether we are working with internal business data or gathering primary research, we make sure that projects are of correct and sufficient scope to accurately address the business need At TBRC, we operate under three guiding principles to help our clients gain the information advantage. Who we are
  3. 3. We Focus on Applying Effective and Appropriate Methodology. As the business environment changes, so must the techniques used to understand it, therefore we use new technology to improve traditional techniques. We approach each client’s situation and optimal solution as being unique. Therefore, we do not offer black-box/one-size-fits-all solutions. Our focus is always on understanding the needs of our client first, then selecting the best and most efficient methodology. Our deliverables go beyond graphs, charts and percentages. We help our clients visualize the information holistically and always offer actionable solutions. We understand that each project needs to stay relevant within a larger framework. Communication is a key, and we provide our clients with answers that are both thorough and contextual. We Focus on Producing Actionable Advice. Who we are
  4. 4. What we do Our activity consists in asking the right questions, quantifying opinions, desires and expectations. It also consists in observing, measuring and analyzing; TBRC implements this know-how allied with new technologies in its specializations. We explore market potential and market trends. We measure service quality. We help our clients build long term relationships with customers. We study people and their perceptions. Generally, qualitative research is better at answering the “why” and quantitative research better answers the “how much/many”. At TBRC, we are frequently able to leverage state-of-the-art technology to merge traditionally quantitative or qualitative techniques. While we offer quantitative solutions (such as surveys) and qualitative solutions (such as focus groups, one-on- one interviews,), creative study design often allows us to incorporate the benefits of both types of research within one methodology, providing more robust and actionable insights. The services we provide commonly address the following clients’ needs:
  5. 5. What we do Find Costumers Tirana Business Research Center is expert in helping you find new customers. You can specify the criteria for companies you wish to find and the information you need and we will do the rest. Understand Consumers Tirana Business Research Center offers surveying capabilities to keep you on the pulse of consumers in your market. We offer services from end user surveys, to business-to-business surveys targeting specific job roles within companies. Methods include telephone interviews, focus groups and online surveys. Evaluate Competitors Tirana Business Research Center helps you understand your competitors and plan your strategy against them. Financial, strategic, research and development, supplier, customer, marketing, investment, and Merger and Acquisition information are tracked. Analytical frameworks such as SWOTs, gap analysis and competitor benchmarking are used to communicate the implications and help you take action
  6. 6. What we do Analyse Markets How big is your market? How much is it growing? How will new regulation affect it? What share do you have, What share do your competitors have? These are critical questions for any business, allowing you to react sooner, take opportunities, and avoid pitfalls. Tirana Business Research Center can help you with this insight, with the support of clearly reasoned models and exhaustive sourcing. Conclusions are delivered through frameworks such as PESTLE, Porters 5 forces and matrix-es to make the implications clear and help you plan a winning strategy. Develop Products and Services Tirana Business Research Center can help you create, test and develop your products and marketing strategies. Approaches range from consumer panels to opinion studies with industry participants and key opinion leaders, and from product creation to longitudinal studies on established offerings. The aim is always to give you actionable information on your market and help you sell more. Identify Investments Identifying the right companies and assets to invest in can be the difference between success and failure. With strong target identification, financial and operational due diligence and asset modelling capabilities, Tirana Business Research Center can help you find the winning investments to drive your future growth.
  7. 7. Research Solutions Brand Research : Brand Equity Brand Research : Brand Identity Brand Research : Brand Image Tracking Brand Research : Brand Loyalty / Satisfaction Brand Research : Brand Positioning Brand Research : Corporate Image/Identity Research Business-to-Business Research : Professionals / Executives Consumer Research : General Customer Satisfaction : Benchmark Studies Customer Satisfaction : Customer Loyalty / Value Customer Satisfaction : Customer Satisfaction Studies Customer Satisfaction : Employee Surveys Customer Satisfaction : Problem Detection / Dissatisfaction Customer Satisfaction : Service Quality Needs & Measurement International Research : International Marketing Research Pricing Research : Price / Pricing Research Product Research : General Product Research : Concept Development Product Testing : Car Clinics Strategic Research : General Strategic Research : Market Segmentation Studies Research Services Data Collection : Field Services Ethnography / Observational Research : Ethnography / Observational Research Interviewing – Method : Mail Questionnaires / Surveys Interviewing – Method : Telephone – CATI Interviewing – Method : Telephone – General Interviewing – Method : Telephone – IVR Interviewing – Method : Telephone/Mail Combination Market Research : Full Service Market Research : Quantitative Research Market Research : Tracking Research Mystery Shopping : General Mystery Shopping : Competitor Shops Mystery Shopping : Incentive Programs Mystery Shopping : Merchandising Audits Mystery Shopping : Merchandising Services Mystery Shopping : Online Reporting Mystery Shopping : Operational Audits Mystery Shopping : Price Audits Online Communities : Crowdsourcing & Co- creation Social Media Research : Monitoring and Analysis Social Media Research : Sample & Recruiting Industries & Demographics Advertising Agencies : Advertising Agencies Automotive : Automotive Casinos / Gambling : Casinos / Gambling Computers: : Computer Hardware Computers: : Computer Software Financial : General Financial : Banking – Commercial Financial : Banking – Retail Financial : Credit Cards Financial : Insurance Financial : Investment Banking High Technology : High Technology Retail : General Retail : Convenience / Gasoline Retail : Fast Food Industry Retail : Supermarkets Retail : Mass Merchandisers Retail : Restaurants / Food Service Technology : Technology Telecommunications : Telecommunications Travel / Tourism : Hospitality / Hotels / Resorts Travel / Tourism : Travel MARKET RESEARCH SPECIALTIES
  8. 8. TBRC Team Tirana Business Research Center are a highly motivated, committed and passionate team who take pride in delivering efficiently and obtaining appreciation from clients. Backgrounds include extensive industry and market research experience. Senior Consultants who lead projects have more than 5 years’ experience in investigative research and are highly trained in specialist research techniques. All TBRC specialist are experienced researchers who are qualified by the Market Research for research skills.
  9. 9. Advanced research techniques Tirana Business Research Center uses a range of advanced research techniques depending on the project requirements: •Primary research techniques to identify people who matter, persistently and persuasively engage with them and maximize what we learn from each discussion. •Advanced secondary research techniques to find information others miss and access to third party and proprietary datasets. •Large-scale data gathering and normalising, classifying and content authoring. •Driving efficiency through technologies e.g. web crawlers, spiders, text analytics. •Filtering and statistical analysis on large data sets. •Financial and operational analysis using chartered accountants and CFAs •A range of project-specific research techniques such as physical tracking, reverse engineering, social media monitoring or mystery shopping, to find the information our competitors don’t reach.
  10. 10. Delivery The service delivery at TBRC : • Research findings are delivered in person or by video conference • All questions are answered • The relevant analytical techniques are used to deliver findings: Gap Analysis, Benchmarking, Porters 5 Forces, SWOTs, PESTEL, ‘BCG’ matrices, Financial and Industry Ratios. • Interactive financial and market models are delivered in Excel • All documents are sourced thoroughly, including sourcing to full summaries of primary research interviews
  11. 11. Quality QUALITY service at TBRC: • Quality Conformance – Tirana Business Research Center maintains multiple levels of quality control on 100% of output to ensure quality. Quality parameters in the form of Service Level Agreements are shared and agreed upon with the client. • Standards – We follow the Market Research Society (MRS) • Ethics – Tirana Business Research Center follows the highest ethical standards. Client confidentiality requirements are strictly adhered to. We have internal controls to check:Data Security – We use controlled environments with restricted hardware and software access. •Plagiarism Misuse of confidential information Sharing of client information with third parties Timely Delivery • We will meet project deadlines without compromising on agreed specific delivery guidelines.
  12. 12. Methodology Surveys (Cross-sectional) Surveys (Cross-sectional) Focus Groups Interviews Case Study Ethnography Experiment Observation
  13. 13. Quantitative Surveys Post Mail Survey Telephone Survey On line Survey E-mail Survey
  14. 14. ‘In a tıme of unıversal DECEIT tellıng the TRUTH ıs a revolutıonary act’ - George Orwell
  15. 15. Professional
  16. 16. Coverage Tirana Business Research Center has a strong track record of handling projects from area of the capital city ,Tirana. In others cities we support a local network of trained researchers who can handle projects in any geography of Albania.
  17. 17. TBRCenter #TBRC Contact Us
  18. 18. Thank You