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Tommy Hilfiger - Facebook fans provide double ROI in Fashion Retail


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Proving that Facebook fans provide real value, this DR campaign saw an increase in ROI over 99% when comparing fans to non-fans

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Tommy Hilfiger - Facebook fans provide double ROI in Fashion Retail

  1. 1. Facebook fans providedouble ROI in Fashion Retail© 2012 TBG Digital
  2. 2. What’s the story?© 2012 TBG Digital
  3. 3. Tommy Hilfiger Germany wanted to measure a tangible, sales-led value that their Facebook fans could deliver© 2012 TBG Digital
  4. 4. What did we do?© 2012 TBG Digital
  5. 5. TBG Digital created an A/B test campaign targeting both fans and non-fans of the Tommy Hilfiger Facebook Page The Direct Response ads directed users to the Tommy Hilfiger online store, where 3-day Return On Investment was measured© 2012 TBG Digital
  6. 6. Multiple landing pages were also tested and measured, tailoring content to the ad’s targeting and if they were fans or not© 2012 TBG Digital
  7. 7. What were the results?© 2012 TBG Digital
  8. 8. ROI when ROI comparing targeting Fans best performing (over non-fans) landing page to worst© 2012 TBG Digital Case period: November 2011 to January 2012