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Top 10 Family Board Games


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Modern family board games have come a long way from just "roll-and-move". With so many fantastic board games to choose from, what are the best?
What family board games should be on everyone's shelf so no matter the situation, they've got a great game ready to play for some fun family time?

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Top 10 Family Board Games

  1. 1. 10 “Must-Have” Board Games for Families BEST FAMILY BOARD GAMES
  2. 2. MODERN BOARD GAMES ROCK! Family board games are a fantastic way to spend time with family. But there’s no need to be tied down with the games of decades ago with so many thousands of incredible board games available now.
  3. 3. WHAT ARE THE BEST GAMES? Sure Monopoly, Sorry, and Life are very popular games because they’ve been around for ages. But there’s so much more to games than just “roll and move”.
  4. 4. WHAT ARE THE BEST GAMES? The “best” board game depends on who’s playing. • How many players? • How old are the players? • What themes do they like? • How long do you have? • Amount of luck vs. strategy?
  5. 5. HAVE A GOOD VARIETY With all that in mind, it’s best to have a variety of games on hand that can fit depending on the situation. Here’s our list of games that should be on every family game shelf. The right game for the right occasion!
  6. 6. Players compete to build train routes and earn points based on length and destinations. Great balance of strategy and luck. Simple to learn and play. Adjusting your routes based on your cards and knowing when to block others are keys to a good strategy. Different versions to choose from (we like Europe version the best). But all of them are great fun. TICKET TO RIDE Players: 2-5 Ages: 8+ Minutes: 45
  7. 7. An abstract strategy game with colored Tetris-shaped pieces. Players try to play all their pieces to the board by only touching corners of their own color. Great for developing spacial recognition skills as well as strategic planning. As the game nears the end, it gets tricky – and fun. BLOKUS Players: 2-4 Ages: 5+ Minutes: 20
  8. 8. Published in 1995, Settlers of Catan established a new type of game experience. Even when it’s not a player’s turn, all still participate. Use resources to build and expand your settlements and cities. The variable layout of the resource tiles makes it a fresh game every time you play. SETTLERS OF CATAN Players: 3-4 Ages: 10+ Minutes: 90
  9. 9. Another hugely popular family board game with a lot of expansion games. Players build a quaint countryside full of cities, farms, and roads by connecting tiles to the expanding countryside. Placing Meeples (miniature people) on various tiles will score points. Great balance of strategy and luck provides fun for families worldwide. CARCASSONNE Players: 2-5 Ages: 8+ Minutes: 60
  10. 10. A cooperative board game where players work together to beat the game. The team of various experts is searching for treasure on a sinking island. With a variable board set up, the game offers a new challenge every time. Players can also increase the difficulty level when feeling particularly daring. FORBIDDEN ISLAND Players: 2-4 Ages: 8+ Minutes: 30
  11. 11. 2-Player deduction game to keep family minds sharp. Players create and solve codes using colorful pegs. Guesses of the code are rewarded with subtle hints to deduce the final solution. Challenge to old and young alike. MASTERMIND Players: 2 Ages: 8+ Minutes: 15
  12. 12. Everyone should own a chess set and learn how to play it. Players utilize the special abilities of each type of piece in their arsenal to eliminate opposing pieces and capture the King. Planning ahead and evaluating opponent moves help develop strategic thinking. CHESS Players: 2 Ages: 6+ Minutes: 20
  13. 13. Team play creates a great atmosphere for family togetherness. The simplicity of Play a card, Place a token is easy for everyone in the family to join in. Get 5 in a row and your team wins. The luck of the card draw is great for all ages as well. Scales fantastically for any number of players. SEQUENCE Players: 2-12 Ages: 7+ Minutes: 15
  14. 14. At least 1 word game is necessary for a family board game collection. Whereas, Scrabble requires word creation from scratch, Boggle is a more like a word search that everyone can participate in. Big Boggle gives an even bigger grid of letters for more options and words to find. BOGGLE Players: 1-8 Ages: 8+ Minutes: 10
  15. 15. While technically a card game, Dominion needs to be on this “Must Have” family games list as well. Extremely addicting with tons of replayability, this game started a whole new genre of games: Deck-Building games. Players build their deck of cards to acquire valuable victory points before the game ends. DOMINION Players: 2-4 Ages: 10+ Minutes: 30
  16. 16. See full video reviews of these “Must Have” Family Board Games – from a kid’s perspective at: