Red Bull Stadium


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Red Bull Stadium

  1. 1. HARRISON COUNTY, NJ INNOVATION . EXPANSION . ORIGINALITY . RED BULL PARK With the acquisition of the New York MLS fran- YEAR BUILT chise, Red Bull wished to develop a spectacular In Design new soccer specific venue for the east coast. SIZE Rossetti was retained following our work with 25,000 Seats the former MLS Metrostars franchise. Additional 10,000 Modular Seats The 2 tiered, 25,000 seat stadium, unlike any COST other soccer specific stadium in the US will fea- $120,000,000 ture a 130 foot, curved metal, 360 degree canopy SERVICES stretching onto the field of play. 60 of the 130 Site Analysis / Master Plan feet will be a translucent material, allowing the Programming / Architecture field more natural light while still offering the PROGRAM fans protection from the elements. It is the most 25,000 Seat Soccer Stadium European influenced design of all US soccer sta- VIP Seating VIP Clubs dia and will be one of the loudest in the nation Concessions on gameday. Bull Shops Broadcast Facilities Team Facilities The stadium will also contain two levels of luxury Lounges amenities. The main club stretches the length of Administrative Offices Training Facilities the field and is divided into two separate pieces, affording patrons will several differing VIP expe- riences during the game. Red Bull’s unique business style and athletic subculture were to be ever-present in our de- sign.