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TAUS Roundtable Moscow, MT in Everyday Life or the Most Popular Gisting Use Cases, Julia Epiphantseva, PROMT


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MT in everyday life or the most popular gisting use cases of corporate and private clients. What are the differences and similarities in providing MT for the corporate portal in a large company, traveler or education online service or mobile apps? Translation quality, usability, functionality or reliability – what has the strongest impact on users? These questions and others are presented by PROMT based on its rich and varied experience in Russia and worldwide.

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TAUS Roundtable Moscow, MT in Everyday Life or the Most Popular Gisting Use Cases, Julia Epiphantseva, PROMT

  1. 1. THURSDAY,  22  May  /  9.00  –  9.10       MT  in  Everyday  Life  or  the  Most  Popular  GisGng  Use   Cases   Julia  Epiphantseva,  PROMT   TAUS  ROUNDTABLE  2014    22  May/  Moscow  (Russia)  
  2. 2. PROs  and  CONs     ü Quality  of  MT  is  never   flawless     ü Using  MT  can  be  risky     ü Using  MT  lowers  the   quality  of  wriTen   human  languages   ü Imperfect  quality  is   be?er  than  no   translaGon  at  all     ü MT  is  improving   constantly   ü MT  is  cheap,  quickly   and  helps  to  understand   the  gist  of  texts  
  3. 3. When  to  chose  MT  for  gisGng?   ü  Understand  the  core  message  in  a  foreign  language     ü  Communicate  with  people  via  emails,  blogs,  forums,  social   networks     ü  Find  informaGon  in  foregn  languages  in  the  Internet     ü  Shop  online     ü  While  traveling     ü  Learn  foreign  languages     ü  Add  MT  to  a  web-­‐service  (machine-­‐translated     content  or  as  a  service)    
  4. 4. GisGng  use  cases   ü   Corporate  Transla-on  Server  (Norilsk  Nikel,  Lukoil)     ü  InstallaFon  type:  in-­‐house  server   ü  Typical  content:  documents,  email  (including  confidenFal  ones)   ü  Primary  interface:  Web  UI,  PROMT  Agent   ü  Today’s  case  study:  Norisk  Nikel   ü  Internet-­‐releated  projects  (Cisco,  TripAdvisor,  Rubdol)   ü  InstallaFon  type:  in-­‐house  server    or  SAAS   ü  Typical  content:  Knowledge  bases,  User-­‐generated  content   ü  Primary  interface:  API   ü  Today's  case  study:  TripAdvisor   ü  Online-­‐services  and  mobile  apps  (,   ü  InstallaFon  type:    SAAS  and    thin-­‐client  or  standalone  offline  applicaFon   ü  Typical  content:  short  phrases,  standalone  words,  User-­‐generated  Content   ü  Primary  interface:    Web  UI,  mobile  applicaFon   ü  Today's  case  study:  Translate.RU/Online-­‐Translator.Com  
  5. 5. What  do  companies  translate?   Возможности  переводчика  PROMT   Websites   Technical     Documenta-on   Legal     Documenta-on   Professional   Litrature   Business   Correspondence  
  6. 6. How  do  companies  translate?   PROMT  Agent:  Immediate  TranslaGon  Everywhere     PROMT  Transla-on  Server  10   While    searching   Mail   Text     documents   News  
  7. 7.   Where  do  companies  translate?   New  trend:  mobile  applicaGons     Free  mobile  applicaGons  for  iOS  and  Android   Immediate  access  to  company’s  translaGon  server   Comfortable  user  interface   Новые  возможности  PROMT  Transla-on  Server  10  
  8. 8. Say  things  your  way   Viewable,  not  editable   Topic-­‐specific  dicGonaries.     Viewable,  not  editable     User-­‐created  dicGonaries.   Viewable,  editable.  Imported   glossaries  go  here   Lowest  priority   Overrides  General   DicGonary   Overrides  both  General   DicGonary  and  Specialized   DicGonaries   PROMT  always  makes  sure  to  maintain  and  use  client’s  terminology  
  9. 9. Case  Study:    Norilsk  Nickel     Client  Challenges:     •  Different  content  in  English,  German,  Spanish  within  the  company   •  Hundreds  of  users  in  different  locaGons   PROMT  Solu-on:     •  Language  Pair:    English,  German,  Spanish  …  <>Russian   •  PROMT  Industry  SoluGon    -­‐  Metallurgy  and  Mining   •  Training  and  webinars     Content     •  Business  correspondence,  legal  and  financial  documents     Key  Outcomes  for  the  Client:     •  The  translaGon  quality  is  sufficient  for  full  comprehension   •  Machine  TranslaGon  allows  for  Gme  saving  and  costs  opGmizaGon  when   translaGng  content  that  does  not  require  professional  human  translaGon   •  ConfidenGality:  no  Internet  connecGon,  personal  data  and  all  translated   informaGon  is  not  disclosed  to  a  third  party  
  10. 10. Our  Customers                
  11. 11. TripAdvisor   ü     TripAdvisor®  is  the  world's  largest  travel  site,  enabling  travelers  to   plan  and  have  perfect  trips  (21  languages,  30  contries  worldwide)     ü     Main  content  consists  of  millions  of  user  reviews  from  all  over  the   world  (over  75  million)     ü     The  Russian  version  of  the  TA  portal  requires  reviews  to  be   translated  into  Russian  
  12. 12. Task  and  SoluGon   Client  Challenges:   ü  TranslaGon  of  the  user’s  reviews  from  English  to  Russian   ü  High  translaGon  quality  sufficient  for  understanding  without   human  post-­‐ediGng   ü  IntegraGon  into  the  workflow  of  TripAdvisor’s  website   Linguis-c  challenge:   ü  User-­‐generated  content:  input  of  different  quality   PROMT  Solu-on  and  Timeline:   ü  PROMT  TranslaGon  Server  9.5  DE  –  a  reliable,  robust,  and   scalable  server-­‐based  soluGon  that  allows  the  translaGon  of   large  text  volumes   ü  Trained  engine  for  4  weeks  and  regular  retraining   ü  Dedicated  web-­‐service  for  TripAdvisor  on  a  server  hosted  by   PROMT   13  
  13. 13. TripAdvisor  website  
  14. 14. Results   ü   Large  text  volumes  are  translated  quickly   ü   TranslaGon  quality  is  sufficient  for  full   comprehension   ü   The  automaGc  scoring  of  translaGon  quality   has  been  implemented     ü   The  translaGon  costs  for  the  whole  content   are  considerably  less  than  costs  for  human   translaGon  of  even  a  small  fracGon  of  reviews  
  15. 15. Online-­‐services  for  individual  users    Translate.Ru/Online-­‐Translator.Com   ü       TranslaGon  for  7  main    European  languages    and  Japanese     ü     Service’s  feature:  translaGon  profiles       ü     Translate.Ru/Online-­‐Translator.Com  API   ü       Over  100  Million        translaGon  hits  per    month   ü         About  7  Million  unique  users  per  month    
  16. 16. User’s  All  Season  Interests   ü Correspondence:  mobile  phone  number,  Please  contact   me   ü Online-­‐shopping:  Seller  ships,  USPS  Priority  Mail,  Please   complete  payment,  eBay  Customer  Support,     ü Travelling:  departure  Fme  shown,  holidays,     ü Forums  and  service  messages:  exceeds  fixed  maximum,   passwords  must  contain,  Frequently  Asked  QuesFons,   successful  delivery  noFficaFons,  automaFcally  generated   Delivery  Status  NoFficaFon   ü History:  Civil  War,  World  War  II,   ü So;ware:  operaFng  system,    Windows  8,  Mac  OS        
  17. 17. User’s  Season  Preferences   WINTER       ü  New  Year:  Happy  new  year,   Merry  Christmas,  Chinese   New  Year   ü  Le?ers:  Let  me,  look   forward,  take  part...  Best   Regards     ü  Online-­‐shopping:  credit   card,  mail  delivery,    Western   Union  Customer  Support   PayPal  account  original   packaging   SPRING   ü  Studding:  main  theme,   cultural  theory,  includes  art   ü  Auto  brands:    Nissan,   Suzuki,  Mercedes,  Volvo    
  18. 18. User’s  Season  Preferences   SUMMER   ü  Computer  games:    Mortal   Kombat  Armageddon,   Minecra`,  Skyrim,  Rockstar   Games,  Blizzard   Entertainment     ü  Travelling:  Czech  Airlines,   Ryanair  Holdings,   Lu`hansa,  Turkish  Airlines,   Holiday  Inn,  Air  China,  Air   Canada,  Air  France   FALL   ü  Gatgets:  Microso`,  Apple,   Samsung,  Nokia,    Mobile   World,  Virtual  Labor   Market,  Computerworld      
  19. 19. Snowden  in  English  
  20. 20. Online.Translator.Com  API   "Use  of  online  translaFon  considerably  increases  compeFFveness  of  the   service.  The  increased  funcFonality  of  effecFve  online  translaFon,  like   PROMT's,  makes  it  easier  for  our  users  to  learn  Spanish  and  English  than  it   would  be  to  simply  use  tradiFonal  electronic  dicFonaries  .”                    Chris  Cummings,  CEO  of  SpanishDict                    
  21. 21. MobilisaGon   ü         The  audience  switches   from  PCs  to  smart  phones   and  tablets   ü         Mobile  apps  Translate.Ru/Online-­‐translator.Com  -­‐  about  5  000   000  downloads  within  2  years     ü         Google  Play  audience  makes  ¾  of   apps  users  
  22. 22. User  Opinions  
  23. 23. 100%  Offline  translaGon!   ü         No  Internet  connecGon  is    required!   ü         No  roaming  charges  while    traveling!   ü         More  features:  one-­‐tap    translaGon,  voice  translator    (Android/Windows   Phone)!  
  24. 24. Conclusions   ü  The  need  for  MT  is  growing   ü   Internet  accessibility   ü   GlobalizaGon     ü   Travel  opportuniGes     ü  People  are  ready  to  use  MT     ü  People  are  gevng  more  tolerable  to  the  MT  translaGon    quality     ü  MT  is  more  close  to  people  owing  to  modern  means  of   communicaGon