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TAUS Global Content Summit Amsterdam 2019 / Measure with DQF, Dace Dzeguze (TAUS)

Measure with DQF, Dace Dzeguze (TAUS)

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TAUS Global Content Summit Amsterdam 2019 / Measure with DQF, Dace Dzeguze (TAUS)

  1. 1. Dynamic Quality Framework Dace Dzeguze TAUS Global Content Summit
  2. 2. Fixing the operational gap ©Performance Management Company
  3. 3. Inclusive Industry- shared Data- informed Dynamic DQF Principles • Quality is not static, but well defined • Choice of methodology is based on content type, process, communication channel and target audience • Industry-wide agreement on measurements and benchmarks • Quality management is data-informed
  4. 4. Connectivity Open API & Plugins Integration Most common CAT tools & TMS Data collection Translation & review processes Visualization Interactive dashboard Performance tracking Project-level and benchmark reports How it works
  5. 5. DQF Integrations
  6. 6. Harmonized DQF-MQM error typology
  7. 7. Perform project level analysis • Average productivity rate • Edit distance • Ratio of edited segments • Time spent • Corrections density • Error density
  8. 8. Analyze trends in your own organization
  9. 9. Benchmark your results against the industry Compare the averages per language pair, content type, process, etc.
  10. 10. Measuring the sweet spot TM vs. MT
  11. 11. Less edits in post-edited MT than in fuzzy TM
  12. 12. DQF Roadmap 2019 • BI Bulletins • My DQF Toolbox • DQF Confidence Score • More integrations
  13. 13. Thank you