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TaaS Workshop 2014, Active Terminology Prompting for SEO and Website Translation, Ioannis Iakovidis, Interverbum Technology


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This is an update regarding the EU-funded FALCON project which provides a web-based platform integrating commercial tools Easyling, XTM Cloud and TermWeb with Moses core-based SMT from Dublin City University and the use of linguistic linked data in localization workflows through a schema provided by Trinity College Dublin. The platform is compliant with Linport and other currently promoted standards.

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TaaS Workshop 2014, Active Terminology Prompting for SEO and Website Translation, Ioannis Iakovidis, Interverbum Technology

  1. 1. Wednesday,  4  June  /09:40  –  10:10     Ac5ve  Terminology  Promp5ng  for  SEO  and  Website   Transla5on   Ioannis  Iakovidis,  Interverbum  Technology   TaaS  Workshop  2014   4  June,  Dublin  (Ireland)   The  research  within  the  project  TaaS  leading  to  these  results  has  received  funding  from  the  European  Union  Seventh  Framework  Programme  (FP7/2007-­‐2013),  grant  agreement  no  296312  
  2. 2. Federated Active Linguistic data CuratiON   Ioannis Iakovidis, MD, Interverbum Technology FALCON
  3. 3. In brief… §  Interverbum Technology est. 1999 §  Today more than 80,000 licensed TermWeb users §  Some clients: Bauer, Euroscript, Arancho, FujiXerox, Medtronic, Novell, SAS Institute, Scania, SDI Media, SIS (Swedish Standards Institute), Xerox, VMware,, Agilent, The World Bank §  Clients served from five offices in Europe, North America and Asia Terminology Management for Global Marketing
  4. 4. Web-based Open architecture Easy administration Visuals and sounds TermWeb 3.11 The most powerful terminology management system anywhere
  5. 5. COLLABORATE quick and easy grid-view editing AUTOMATE powerful customizable workflows INTEGRATE cross-system communication by TermWebIntegrator EMBELLISH full media support EVOLVE platform-independent, cloud-based, uniquely versatile   TermWeb 3.11 Brings easier collaboration to the cloud
  6. 6. FALCON in a nutshell §  L10n is a Big Data Industry §  Large-scale, Monetised Reuse of Translation Memories and Term Bases §  SMT and Text Analytics now also leverage these resources §  Large clients and LSPs curate and add value to such resources as assets §  FALCON aims to extend these benefits to SMEs Leverage the power of Linked Data for the Long Tail of the Localisation Industry
  7. 7. Multilingual Web Language Resource Community Language Technology Community Localisation Industry XLIFF1.2 ITS 2.0 XLIFF 2.0 MLW-LOD NIF-RDF FALCON
  8. 8. §  Trinity College Dublin (IE) LOD Mapping and Link Quality Federated Access Control L10n Interoperability §  XTM International (UK) CAT/L10n management vendor and interoperability §  Dublin City University (IE) SMT and text analytics §  SKAWA Innovation (HU) Web site translation (EasyLing), crowdsourcing §  Interverbum Technology (SE) Terminology Management FALCON Consortium
  9. 9. §  Provide an Open Schema and SaaS platform for exposing language resources as linked data §  Enable controlled, decentralised sharing of resources and stand-off value-add annotation Term or named entity annotation Translation process provenance and QA §  Active Curation of resources and value add §  End-to-end process management §  On-demand assembly of domain specific LT training corpora FALCON Approach
  10. 10. From: ITS related entity subclass: document, segment, analysed-text, term, translation, translation-revision subproperty: wasTranslatedFrom W3C Provenance WG Provenance-Oriented Approach
  11. 11. Language Resource LOD Store Public Language LOD Resource Curator Multilingual Web Management (EasyLing) Translation Management (XTM Cloud) Machine Translation (Moses – DCU) Terminology Management (TermWeb) Client CMS Text Analytics (NER – DCU) L3Data API L3Data API L3Data API L3Data API UsersSystemsLinkedData Localisation Client Project Manager Translators/ Posteditors Translation Reviewers Terminologist Source doc Target Source seg Source seg Source seg Target seg Target seg Target seg bi-textbi-text bi-text bi-textbi-textML terms Project TM Project term base QA meta- data QA meta- dataQA meta-
  12. 12. TB TB TB TB TB CMS/SEO  CMS/SEO  TermWeb   Local termbases with SEO-scores are linked via FALCON and translated in TermWeb TB FALCON
  13. 13. TB TB TB TB TB TB Local termbases with SEO-scores are linked via FALCON and translated in TermWeb The translated term with the best SEO- score will be returned to the local termbase FALCON CMS/SEO  CMS/SEO  TermWeb  
  14. 14. §  Language Resource Publishers can audit links used in building other resources, track ROI §  Tool Vendors and Integrators expand markets with more open asset management offerings §  SME LSPs gain resource sharing and pooling opportunities that avoid lock-in §  LSPs and clients can use Active Curation to quickly train domain specific SMT and text analytics components Value Network of Benefits
  15. 15. Welcome to TermWeb § § §  +46 13 32 98 40 (or any other office) STOCKHOLM LINKÖPING CHICAGO BOISE SINGAPORE