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At SmartCAT, we believe that now is the time for a serious reflection on how technology can and should change the work styles of people engaged in localization. Our presentation focuses on leveraging advanced AI algorithms for streamlining the work of project managers. This includes context-specific communication, cloud-based team management and smart chatbots for real-time project control.Our next goal is to make a true extension of any company's localization team by adding freelance project managers, as well as DTP and LQA specialists, to our marketplace of translation professionals. This will allow users to put together complete virtual localization teams centered around a highly automated localization platform and respond to the biggest projects one can imagine, no matter the size of the internal team.

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  1. 1. Artificial Intelligence to change work styles in localization Alexander Muntyan, Head of Customer Success
  2. 2. Advanced collaboration
  3. 3. “SmartCAT has a much more substantial collaboration framework than most translation tools I know of” Kirti Vashee Independent Technology Consultant
  4. 4. Collaboration: next level
  5. 5. Already available! Contact us at to try it
  6. 6. So what .AI is about?;)
  7. 7. Video #3 - demo
  8. 8. Already 80,000+ translators and over 3,500 companies from 130 countries have joined
  9. 9. Thank you! You can reach me at