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Shiyibao — The Most Efficient Translation Feedback System Ever, Guanqing Hao (Lingosail)


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The presentation will introduce the NLP technologies used in Shiyibao and the main product features, covering the following points:

Function of giving automatic grades for translations based on translation quality automatic evaluation algorithm;
Function of giving automatic comments based on rules matching;
Function of sorting translations according to their similarity or some specific fragments to dramatically improve the efficiency of reviewing and commenting on translations.

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Shiyibao — The Most Efficient Translation Feedback System Ever, Guanqing Hao (Lingosail)

  1. 1. Shiyibao Guanqing Hao Lingosail | Product Manager The Most Efficient Translation Feedback System Ever
  2. 2. Grade Comment
  3. 3. Pain Points • Not getting enough translation feedbacks Students • Menial work (opening/closing emails, dozens of files) • Having to give feedbacks to students one by one • Pointing out the same (kind of) mistakes repeatedly Teachers
  4. 4. Grade Comment
  5. 5. • Points & Ranking • Comments from a robot (Xiaoping’er)
  6. 6. Grade Comment
  7. 7. Comment
  8. 8. Clustering
  9. 9. Translations Extracting
  10. 10. Another kind of usage scenarios……
  11. 11. LSPs
  12. 12. Grade Comment Translators Recruiting Translators Training