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Why pay for the ugly part of MT? With the new innovative pricing model, Globalese users are paying only for qualified MT words, meaning words which are really helping translators. Gábor Bessenyei (Morphologic)

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  1. 1. A new pricing model in the MT world Gábor Bessenyei MorphoLogic Localisation CEO, Managing Partner
  2. 2. Our motivation
  3. 3. Mind the gap
  4. 4. Fukubukuro
  5. 5. The goal
  6. 6. The good, the bad and the ugly
  7. 7. Judging about quality
  8. 8. Quality evaluation
  9. 9. Quality estimation
  10. 10. Combining evaluation and QE
  11. 11. Periods and repetitions
  12. 12. The tip of the iceberg
  13. 13. • Pricing model where users only pay for useful MT output • Can be based on QE or post-editing evaluation • What is useful MT output? • No additional costs Sum up same file only counts once 75% and above repetitions only count once
  14. 14. globaleseMT Thank you for your attention!