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There has been increased interest in Cross-Language Search (or Cross-Language Information Retrieval, CLIR) at Intel. Ryan will discuss the use of MT to translate search terms in the global Intel Support Community as a means of connecting users with relevant content. Ryan Martin (Intel)

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  1. 1. Information Technology TAUS Portland
  2. 2. Information Technology 2 Intel Support Community A global community… OtherEnglish 0e+00 1e+05 2e+05 3e+05 4e+05 5e+05 Sessions by browser language (1 month)
  3. 3. Information Technology The missing link 3 Real-time translation of posts was introduced to the Support Community in 2012.
  4. 4. Information Technology Results 4 LANG N SCORE TOP RESULT* ES 37 71.30% 71.20% ZH 37 67.90% 64.40% ES* 59 71.10% 64.90% ZH* 59 79.30% 78.30% 192 72% (mean) *TOP RESULT = If the top search result matched between the reference and test search query. (*) Data collected from actual user visits. Other search queries were developed by the team. SCORE measures the ratio of intersection between reference and test queries.
  5. 5. Information Technology Final Thoughts…  Implementation as a pilot in Q4 2016 or Q1 2017 (?)  71% (based on scoring method described) is considered a good starting baseline when using a general domain MT system  If the search is classified as non-English, users will see a link to “Include English discussions in the Search Results”  Further research needed… 5