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Innovation Contest 2016- Insiders -


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Artificial Intelligence to change work styles in localization. At SmartCAT, we believe that now is the time for a serious reflection on how technology can and should change the work styles of people engaged in localization. Our presentation is focused on leveraging advanced AI algorithms for real-time communication, cloud-based team management, and using smart chatbots, which monitor projects in real-time and recommend corrective actions based on current status, thus streamlining the work of project managers. Ivan Smolnikov (SmartCAT)

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Innovation Contest 2016- Insiders -

  1. 1. Artificial Intelligence to change work styles in localization Ivan Smolnikov, CEO and Founder
  2. 2. Advanced collaboration
  3. 3. “SmartCAT has a much more substantial collaboration framework than most translation tools I know of” Kirti Vashee Independent Technology Consultant
  4. 4. Collaboration: next level
  5. 5. Already in closed beta! Contact us at to try it
  6. 6. So what .AI is about?;)
  7. 7. Video #3 - demo
  8. 8. Thank you! You can reach me at