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How Existing Quality Models Get Challenged, by Katka Gasova (Moravia)


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Quality standards in the industry have come a long way. They have evolved over the years, but their focus on quality definitions based on errors and metrics has remained the accepted wisdom. Expectations of end users are changing. Every piece of content has a job to do, and it is often to touch the heart of users rather than just the mind by delivering information that is accurate and whose quality is measurable. A new “quality evaluation paradigm” is emerging. This calls for a new profile for translators, one that is different from what has been typical for the past few decades. This presentation will look at this trend in more detail, considering how to test these new types of translators fast and effectively. What matters in this emerging quality model and what does it possibly mean for DQF?

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How Existing Quality Models Get Challenged, by Katka Gasova (Moravia)

  1. 1. How existing quality models get challenged Kateřina Gašová
  2. 2. People Enthusiast Deliver user experience (as a part of the localized product) Localizer Deliver translated content adapted for the specific locale Translator Convey the message from one language to another
  3. 3. C O N T E N T
  4. 4. Expectations
  5. 5. Criteria of success Linguistic quality Usability User experience
  6. 6. L O O K I N G A H E A D
  7. 7. Thank you