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TAUS MT Showcase 2014, Enabling MT for the Everyone! Tony O’Dowd, KantanMT


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Working with MOSES and building high quality MT systems is not for the faint hearted. It requires a wide range of technical and linguistic based knowledge that is often difficult to find and develop within organisations. Consequently, only the biggest organisations have the financial muscle to invest and reap the awards of MT. This puts the small-to-medium sized organisations at a distinct disadvantage. KantanMT changes everything! KantanMT is a cloud-based implementation of MOSES which enables SMEs to embrace the advantages of MT - quickly and economically. This presentation will demonstrate the KantanMT approach to rapid engine training and tuning, data analytics used to predict MT quality and create tiered pricing structures and instantaneous engine deployment - all of which are driving the new MT Revolution!

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TAUS MT Showcase 2014, Enabling MT for the Everyone! Tony O’Dowd, KantanMT

  1. 1. Wednesday,  4  June     Enabling  MT  for  the  Everyone!   Tony  O’Dowd,  KantanMT   TAUS  Machine  Transla?on  Showcase  2014   Dublin  (Ireland)   The  research  within  the  project  MosesCore  leading  to  these  results  has  received  funding  from  the  European  Union  7th  Framework  Programme,  grant  agreement  no  288487  
  2. 2. Tony O’Dowd Founder & Chief Architect TAUS Translation Technology Showcase MosesCore Project – Funded by European Commission
  3. 3. TAUS  –  MT  Showcase   What  we  aim  to  cover  today?   —  What  is   —  Challenges  of  the  L10N  Industry   —  Priori?sing  PE  effort  and  saving  costs   —  Rapidly  developing  produc?on-­‐ready  engines   —  Conclusions  
  4. 4. TAUS  –  MT  Showcase   What  is   —  Cloud-­‐based  SMT/Hybrid   —  Highly  scalable   —  Inexpensive  to  operate   —  Quick  to  access,  learn  and  deploy   —  Our  Vision   —  To  put  Machine  Transla?on…   —  Customiza?on     —  Improvement     —  Deployment…          into  your  hands   —  Your  Benefits   —  Faster  Project  Turn-­‐arounds   —  Increased  Produc?vity   —  Lower  Costs   —  Increased  Produc?on  Capacity   AcJve  KantanMT  Engines   6,341   Training  Words  Uploaded   35,051,110,634   Member  Words  Translated   436,616,492   Fully  Opera?onal  16  months  
  5. 5. TAUS  –  MT  Showcase   Challenge  #1:     —  IniJal  Steps  of  any  project  are   —  Determine  Scope     —  How  long  will  it  take?   —  Determine  Cost   —  How  much  will  it  cost?   —  Determine  resources   —  How  many  Translators  will  I  need?   —  Introducing  KantanAnalyJcs™   —  Think  Fuzzy-­‐Match  report  and  you’ve  got   it  in  one!   How can Project Managers ‘manage’ Post- Editing Projects?
  6. 6. TAUS  –  MT  Showcase   KantanAnaly?cs™   Kantan TotalRecall – Advanced TM % of TM hits in this job KantanMT – automated translations % of automated translations for this job Range of QE Scores QE range defined to match existing fuzzy match ranges used by L10N industry Quality Estimation Scores Segment level QE scores – akin to fuzzy match scores Word Counts – Project Stats Can be used to develop Project TimeLine and Tiered Pricing Model for Post-Editing Projects Placeholder & Tag Counts Used by PM for complexity sur-charges
  7. 7. TAUS  –  MT  Showcase   KantanAnaly?cs™   —  Benefits   —  Tiered  Pricing  Model   —  Priori?se  PE  ac?vity   —  Determine  Schedule  &   resources   —  Reduced  costs   —  Effortless  integra?on  with   exis?ng  processes   KantanAnalytics™ - a new way of working with post-editing projects
  8. 8. TAUS  –  MT  Showcase   KantanAnaly?cs™  
  9. 9. TAUS  –  MT  Showcase   Challenge  #2:     —  Easy  to  build  1st  baseline  engine   —  Aggregate  Training  Data  –  TM,  Mono,  Stock,   Terminology   —  Use  Cloud-­‐based  plaborm,  like   —  Real  Challenge   —  How  do  these  plaborms  go  beyond  the  baseline   engine  and  achieve  higher  levels  of  produc?on  quality   —  Introducing  Kantan  BuildAnalyJcs™   —  Data  analy?cs  and  visualisa?on  providing  insights  into   the  customisa?on  of  SMT  engines.   How to rapidly develop production- ready MT engines
  10. 10. TAUS  –  MT  Showcase   Kantan  BuildAnaly?cs™   —  Provides  insights  into   KantanMT  engine   customisaJon     —  Summary   —  Training  Rejects  Reports   —  F-­‐Measure  Analysis   —  BLEU  Analysis   —  TER  Analysis   —  GAP  Analysis   —  TimeLine  –  Version  Control  for   MT  Engines  
  11. 11. TAUS  –  MT  Showcase   Kantan  BuildAnaly?cs™   F-Measure Score Measures word recall & precision of KantanMT engines Distributions Provides distribution of F-Measure scores across all reference translations Kantan Insight™ Holistic analysis of score and advice on how to improve this for KantanMT engines Detailed Analysis Segment level F-Measure analysis to help SMT Developers improve training material
  12. 12. TAUS  –  MT  Showcase   Kantan  BuildAnaly?cs™   —  Benefits   —  Rapid  Customisa?on   —  Highly  scalable  &  fast   —  Fully  Transparent   —  Reduced  Costs   —  Faster  deployments   —  Super-­‐fast  retraining  
  13. 13. TAUS  –  MT  Showcase   Kantan  BuildAnaly?cs™  
  14. 14. TAUS  –  MT  Showcase   Conclusions   KantanAnalytics Reduces PE costs – tiered pricing Project Managers KantanAnalytics Helping to prioritize translation effort Translators Kantan BuildAnalytics Rapid production-ready engine customisation SMT Developers
  15. 15. Tony  O’Dowd