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Boffin Language


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Because eLearning videos are long by nature, it's very expensive to use the traditional method of voice-over which require time-consuming work of audio/video editing. VideoLocalize is a localization platform that uses a Karaoke style voice-over method to eliminate the need for that costly audio/video editing. George Zhao (Boffin Language)

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Boffin Language

  1. 1. www.boffin.comV 1.1 VideoLocalize A platform for video localization By Boffin Language
  2. 2. Problem: Audio/video editing is very time consuming
  3. 3. Time Consuming: A Cast Study Project:  A 3 hour eLearning course  4 languages: Mandarin, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese Cost Per Language: 180 minutes course X 20 minutes post editing = 3600 minutes (60 hours) engineering time Total Cost: 60 hours X 4 languages = 240 hours
  4. 4. Solution: No post audio/video editing required