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Bicrawler, Gema Ramirez (Prompsit)


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Data, monolingual and bilingual, are essential to our industry. So, what do you do when you need more? Come and discover Bicrawler, a modern web-based tool to get high-quality parallel corpora from the Internet.

Published in: Technology
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Bicrawler, Gema Ramirez (Prompsit)

  1. 1. Bicrawler: create bitexts from multilingual websites By Gema Ramírez/Prompsit
  2. 2. Translations are our best friends: we learn from them, reuse them, exploit them… But we lack translations!! More data? REALLY???
  3. 3. Deep learning is data-hungry!!
  4. 4. Not enough for some languages and domains… Automotive in en-ar UN corpus? No translations found 
  5. 5. But transla- tions are… …out there
  6. 6. There is plenty of multilingual content Let’s get it!!! Lurking in the world wide web
  7. 7. All I want is to get translations from a website!!! 
  8. 8. Thanks! Bicrawler: create bitexts from multilingual websites Gema Ramírez/Prompsit