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Ethio proc no.-488-2006_ethiopian_organic_agriculture_sys


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Ethio proc no.-488-2006_ethiopian_organic_agriculture_sys

  1. 1. , ~".".- /1 ~.. ~~-- 11.-""A- ~~e J -lfDhUl.Je ~T"-h da~6-1A .~~&+ ~lI.lfJ FEDERAL NEGARIT GAZETA OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA 1.,...I"""i Iou+ "C ftIi l2IbYearNo.21 1.4.11MlI.ou.:J(l ijJ +) !int + 01.+fA-, I..""~"e .Itl"hMI.e 6rlll.h ADDIS ABABA- 81bMarch, 2006 , fihllll "1D"f~ ,..hc n.+ m{14:~+flDn, ..,CJJo" CONTENTS ItI»: <IITC !iJGfi fjlfi ~ U" Proclamation No. 488/2006 11. :,or-A- .,.LTr.I.nCc, J pC,,:,o 111:....... Ethiopian Organic Agriculture System Proclamation. ... I~ I:nJ:,Ufo Page 3395 hlJ!: 4tPC !a/!iilJl PROCLAMATION NO. 488/2006. 1.+"*" ~I~ 7of1C1 PC+ftooIfC;I+ . A PROCLAMATION TO ESTABLISH THE ETHIOPIAN ORGANIC AGRICULTURE ~"l .hfJ!: SYSTEM WHEREAS, consumers demand for " a.,.LIC" IUtoot.-t: 7(1CI 9"C.y.fl hA.,,,.tJ. tUt11. 7of1 7f+tnf 07f",¥:y. OtJ.A organically produced agricultural products and AOJ- ti:"",,,,, 09 h +t;: ~t.K Af ~ .. foodstuffs is globally increasing and thereby a new (}oo9"n-t: OtJ1~f O.,.LIC" 7(1CI ft.00t.1: market for the countrys organically produced A~ f", 9"C.y.f h-ln 10f ,UtLIC 000"1-1 agricultural products is being created; WHEREAS, the market price for such productsis A ~A "lI.u "It."" 9"C.y.J. f"l» .10/ ";19" ht;:"~ ft1m-r ~(lt."(a(l ,.,.;r" ":11 h.tJ higher, and contributes towards the attainment of rut 111:1"" 1",-11..,. m+CPL;r ,,,tD- ,hoo better price and econQmic perspective for the rural ~t."" ,,~tD-9" ,oo~+, population while the way in which they are produced """,""T (llIf ~~tD +i , htJllQ .~u,.,..,., "oomO:" hn.,.,,/IJ. involves less intensive use of land and the protection . 1..r~C7 MfA 000"": of biodiversity and the environment; AI~ 1 ,ODnItD- 9"C-t:, "L"1.""" WHEREAS, in response to the rising demand, for "",ctt+9- "7-oCi" ,.C.y.fl 9"7(1 7f+tn"f such agricultural products and foodstuffs are. being 0.,. L PC" dJ~ 9" (al» (a~7f ,,,., h.~ IJA 1:"9" placed on the market with labels stating or implying ,,~ 4~I»A ,i-ODt.-t: oolfi":fl»" ,Ot 1AP.. to customers that they ,have been produced m~,,. ~tJ ,~.,-t: AI:r;r ",":fm- 9"Ah.y."f organically or without the use of synthetic At... ~1.1olJ:fm- A7f.,¥J. 010.rm-nl 000:"t.(I chemicals. Therefore, it is necessary to show to the customers that proper labeling of organic ".eo rut,1- BliIfi":ftD- .,4,-1: hnL"1. . agricultural products is essential; 0001f1- T WHEREAS, the way in which all agricultural 01J1~J. 000IJ~1: ,,~ "11il» 7-oCI products produced in the country fulfills therCJ. hoo~t.+ )PC,"" L1C 7(1CI requirements of organic; agricultural production h"~l."" ,,~ "1m~+I»" oonLC"" methods and gives tbe possibility of easily supplying Utt,-.t,, 0+"". 9"C-t:, "9 10f ",:"t.(I the products in theinternational market; fUtt.rni-A 0001f1-: .n~ P;J 4.40 I ~;J~+ ;JII."l 7".".." 11(1 Unit Price Negarlt G. P.O.Box 80001 -- --"- --- - -------
  2. 2. 1~ r1l.fni _Y.IrIA ;J"."J- ;J/ tili 0fJ;Ja.."J- o}j IiiU1; U" Federal Negaril Gazela No. 21 81hMarch 2006... page 3396 ""J 1+.c.Ie f"lllCI ?"C.y."f 101 1I:fOJ- WHEREAS, countries that represent important target markets have already adopted rules andh1e"f?" ~1~~~tlU 11-"" ?"C.y."f IODm"?" f°l.lfI"fl- ~1t1"f1 IfJ~eIII fh.1f11:hif1 inspection arrangements. for the use of such pCf}.y."f1?" f"( 1- OODIfl:fOJ-l products; ..,. WHEREAS, in the interests of producers and f+.c. Ie f hOD&-(. "1.. 9"f1 OODm"?" fT OD(.1: ODtrl:fOJ-1 f°l.1A1r- ?"Ah.y."f f°l.~(. consumers of products bearing labels referring to organic production methods, the country should 1-fJ:fOJ- f"lllCI ?"C.y.."f1 O°l.ODlh"" fh?"&-¥ prescribe the minimum requirements which must be "f11 fii"7¥"f1 I:"?" 1"7f1mO:""" f°l.1 complied therewith; . fJ:fOJ-1 ODIP(.;J-e .oPfI.c.C.y."f OU1k"f1?" 0"1 A1 °7f1.,.0DI f°l.1fJ OODtr~1 hfl(.IiIiI.t;U.T WHEREAS, it is necessary to adopt this. .eU?" f hOD&-(. T if h~(.j{~ ""f internationally accepted production, processing and pCf}"" Ol.fto"f h 1e"f f+1 OD ~ + .,.fJ.e~..,. distribution system in our country; and all operators 117 OODtr~ Oh1~"f1 ~1.1lfl&-0"" 0+.c.Ie using labels referring to organic production should "1.. f+Ou(1: ODtrl:f0!"1 f°l.m:"(a. ?"Ah.y."f1 be subjected to regular. follow-ups, carried out by f°l.m + 00- 1-f IoTe"f f T(JJfI~"" ODIP(.;J-e accredited inspection and certification bodies, to inJn.c.c.y."f " ;J-:f OJ-1 1"7(.;) 11 "OJ-:" fJI ensure that they meet the prescribed minimum :fa" fh.1f11:hif11 fflC+~h. if1 htil"" OOD~O requirements; ;;:~..,. O°l.hl(JJ~. fh""""A pCf}.y."f OJ-flI "71~ f°l.1fJ:fOJ- OODtr~1 NOW, THEREFORE~ in accordance with Article 55 (l)ofthe Constitution, of the Federal Democratic Oh...,.r-A-I ~1..&-Ie .IllfPh&-cl./e 6TlIA.h Republic of Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as £h1 .OD1"1p h1"1 Y.l;//i/ ODIP(."" f°l.h+ follows; . IOJ- :JoOJ-){A:: hti:A Jr.1~ PART ONE m :to I I GENERAL li,~~ 1. Short Title .eU htp~ "fh.""r-A-I f+.c.Ie "IlICI This Proclamation. may be cited as the pCf}"" htp1: eIIIC !jjjg/! fj11t" +lIfto "Ethiopian Organic Agriculture System l.m+fI .e"flA:: ProclamationNo. 488/2006." I, Tc~~ 2. Definitions f:l>I- h1fJlI 1.1 ""C1-?" f°l.lflmOJ- I1AIf~ In this Proclamation unless the context requires Ofl+.,.C OtlU. htp~ OJ-flIl . otherwise: . . /i/ "°l.t.fI-I;C" °71"" f"lllCII f1mC A"7"" 1/ "Ministry "means the Ministry of Agriculture °l.t.fI-I;C ~OJ-I and Rural Development; f/ "~a":"" "71"" fh.1f11:hif11 f"C+~h. 2/ "accreditation" means the procedure by if1 hl11"" h. 1f11:hif1 1"71:(,"11 fflC+ which the Ministry formally recognizes the .c.h.if1 h 1A "Ifto"" 1ODflm"" 11:1>..,. 11 competence of inspection and certification :fa" fllODtr~ °1.t.fI-I;~ 0.e4. hOJ-:"li . bodies to provide inspection and certification f°l.fIIO"" pCf}"" ~OJ-I services; . r/ "f"lll C I ?" C..,." "71 ..,. 0110 OJ- (JJ 1?" .e 3/ "agricultural.product" means any product or commodity, raw or processed, originating O+";)~ oDAh- h"lllCI +"IfJ&-"" fOD~ ~ I IflOJ- ~:;J- (JJ.e 1?" Ih 1f1""" ODe: from agricultural activities and marketed for 1101 f°l..,.ClI "71:fOJ-?" ".e~"" ?"C..,. human consumptionor animal feed; (JJ.e 1?" ii + I ~OJ-l
  3. 3. . 1ft fltflU :l-.cM ;l6."J- ;IlL"! o/I...C fli -;JfI.."J-. Iin: U" Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 21 8th March 2006... page 3397 W"" ii "f-TC" 7l1Ci 9"C+" "7i+ 0}00 41 "organic agricultural product" means a ~~-t: T }1.~1{1: 1:i O}(}~AlQ;).1: (}m- product which is produced, processed. or (}&-7f f1I~ fh. Ut tJ~ 711}" f) .f ~"m handled and distributed without the use of "00i 01:~i:hh 9"u,}1:hi "1.. .f~" synthetic chemicals and genetically 00 ~.,. IDJ,}9" .f ~ 1.";J 1: 9"C + ~(DoT modifiedorganism; (;1 "A}h...+" °7i+ i9"711~+ (D,e,}9".i9" 51 "livestock" means any domestic or ""111 1f7~+ fut(Doi- f.}1: hll.,.f}T , domesticated animal such as bovine, porcine, }Uf"71Pf}T ii:fi-T}T O"?f}T f;J"7 caprine, equine, sheep,poultry and bees raised . for food or for usein the production Qffood; hll" f) T J1.C",,";f}i }1If} f00"(}i- fo.+ (DJ,9" 0i"7,t5~+ fUt~(). . "}h...+} .ftJ+ ;J-~I 61 "Inspection and certification systems" means systems, which have been formally approved il ".fJ.}n1:h7f}i (}c.,..c.h. 7f) pC~" f" or recognized by the Ministry; "7i+ ouu.n-f:; O7A~ f1. (DJ,}9" A(Do:"i f.,.(}nl=f(Do pC~" ~ i=ftD-I 71 "Inspection" means the examination of production, processing and distribution of il "J. ,)h1:h7f}" "7i+ 9"C" f O"-TC" organic agricultural products based on organic ~lICi 9"C+ OOh"-C+OOU.~+ OOOO~ agricultural production standards; ;J-=f(Do}T oD";J1:;J-:f(Do}i OO(}&-~;J-=f (Do) "7 ~;J1T ~(Do i 81 "audit" means a systematic and functionally independent examination of organic ~I ",..t5.+" "7i+ f-TC" 7l1Ci pC~+ agriculture system to determine whether 1.1..,. fi .,. .f.fV~+ .fl =f(Do (Dom." f activities and related results comply with hutmO.,.fJ=f(Do ""I1If ;JC f.,.nln~oo- 0011 definedobjectives; i:f(Do) i001D(}} h~;J-ei 1iA"~ Oll~ }",&-C futhi(D} f"7~;J1Al "K.. ~(DoI 91 "certification" means the procedure by which recognized certification bodies provide written iil "(}C.,..c.h. 7fT "7i+ A(Do:t-i f.,.(}nl=f(Do or . equivalent assurance that agricultural f(}C.,..c.h. 7f) }tJI+ f7l1Ci 9"C" f products control systems conform to fTTC "1..,,f fUt"-i1- oop-Cf} requirements; - fUt.fOXi- hiOOIli:f(Do O~th-ii: (DJ,}9" . ".oonlnl~n+ fJi(Do 1.1 00,}11: "7~;J1Al fut(}nHI+ pC~+ ~4D-J 101 "certification body" means an independent firm having its own logo, which is responsible . 1/ "C~h. ii1 ",I)A" "7i-1- "O.,.LTC" 08 for verifying that an agricultural product sold ,..A t." O~A ra.roPt ~ifT tD.e1,.. .e1im- or labeled as "organic" is produced, processed, h-1- ~t.10-1- 711C~,..c-1- IlU1 ""~ handled, exported or imported according to ~1;J1.""f~. 0"":(081Pt.-1- ,tDm- ~ 111"f1~ this Proclamation and regulations as well as . O808(,.r~"f1"h-1-i- oDt..,.T U;J;(T directives issued hereunder; ~11l.r1f ~t.1T im-~ 10.r ,+t.0 tD.e,.. hc&~ tD~ "1C ,1f1 08"1-1 i"7t.;J1T :)"~~-1- ,.,.AtnfD" fM O8i.r "Ah-1- .rim- ~" "I)A tm-I 111 "logo" means a symbol, printed or graphic Ii/ ",.lh-1-" .,i-1- f1 1ra1:hii1~ f"C"~ II.ii1 matter meant for the identification of "1),,-1- ~:J-tD.O-1- 01-1-,.* i "~"c""f£ certification.and inspection body which has 111t.-1- ~ihL-1- 0.-1- "081f 711 ,)C&"~ .rim- legal protection and registered under the fih7 TO? ~~t. 7i-1- .,.LTC" 711C~ Ethiopian Intellectualproperty right protection ,..C+"f -iY .,.~ f.,.LTC" 711C~ "C-1-1 office; affixed -to the package of organic i"7ra.,."(I)" R,..Ci: "7if1..r ".e L T product, or accompanies or is displayed near f:J-i1ID IID"1-1 O7(,.~h -Ah +~fJ the prOduct for the purpose of promoting it; 1D.e" hf8C-rt ;JC "-oC" ~+C1I tD.e", hf8Ci: "m1-o M:J-.e "Ah-1-tm-T
  4. 4. 1~ r7t[f1~ : (..~:.It.}. ;1/L"l ofI.,.C tili "";JR..}..¥J.n II1f21 ...,. Federal Negarit Gazeta No.218111 arch 2006... page ,3398 M 121 "Operator" means any person who has a III " /. -rID..,.C" ".,,, :,. f..,.,&. lC f711 C~ certificate Issued from the inspection and 9"C.y."f, "101 """:"~11fOt1OPC:"T certification bodies to produce, process, fOt1H?~T 9"Ah.y."f, fOt11.C7T OJ1. label, export or import with a view to the OJ-6JJ fotAh (I)~9" hOJ-6JJ h1C subsequentmarketingof organic.agricultural fOt1()1C1 0"- ()1:h7i~ flC..,.4Lh.7i, products; h 11 . flC..,. 4Lh.:,. f ..,.flm OJ- ".,,;;: OJ-9" "" "OJ- T 131 "Organic agricultural product council" is a flOJ- . council which shal1 be established by the If/. "f..,.,&.fC 711C~9"C:" 11OJ-()A" ".,,,:,. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development; f711C~~ 1mC A"":" °U.,()-f;C fut and the members comprising from inspection and certification bodies and operators: whose 1!l:4tOPOJ- IIli hI. ()1:h7i~. flC..,. function is to resolve issues on certification and d.h. 7i, hl1":"~ /.TID..,.c"f hClA fll inspection operationS. . ~o:" Oflc~~h.7i~ O"-()1:h7i, ,,~ . . fOU"" 1.-5f-"f, fot1 ~ hilA ."OJ- 141 "Organic Agriculture production standard directives" isa standard directive, which shall IiI "f..,.,&. fC a,11C~ ~c.y. "f OP(),&.C:" be prepared by the Ministry on how organic oDOP(.1 °71:" °U.()~~ f..,.,&.1C agricuJtural products are produced, processed 711C~ 9"c.y."f A,e..:" A1.°tOP~-f:T and distributed. A1.°t1.~)ti" A1.°tfl~Q;}J fOt,H? . ~a,. OP(),&.C:" "(JJo1 3. Scope of Application f. r""L""t-~T 10"" .eu 1P~ ,.,..c.Ir. "IlIC~ 10060(:" P"CJT This Proclamation shallbe applicable to the . ootl~:f(l)o . OODh"~ 00(,1: t1~1r production, processing, packaging, labeling, 9"~h"1 O"t.ell. UJ.e 9"" ,.~". ,"t~(..,. storing, transportation,marketing, exportation I1JC~ 9"C"-;y. 1oo6o(.TT 11I1)f~+T and importation of agriculturalprQ,ducts """.,.7f(f"lT 9"~hT1~t.( "IT h9"TTT "7=J=i1fT which carry or are intended to carry labels "I1J.eTT ItfD"6f.>10J ooljh~ UJ~""C fD"ial referringto organic productionmethods. °7ia1flT o.,.oolth.,. .,..c.,,"t~+ .efj(.,,~:: ,,,,,, 4. Objectives i. fH.U hlJ: ,,,07sP"f futh..,.".:" ~TOJ-: : The objectivesof this Proclamationare to: 1/ Facilitate international recognition and {il f"- :"r-A1 f..,.,&.fC 711C~ pIC,:,. 01 acceptance of the Ethiopian organic "9" h + c;: 1.~ 11 ..,.+ CI .,:,. 1 OJ- IIli . ~ agriculturesystem; /Ja":"~ A-5.11 1Jo~:1"sP"f f""OP~T:": II fC 711C ~ 9" c.y. "f ..,.,&." :,. r- A1 f..,. ,&. 21 Ensure the introduction of Ethiopianorganic f"- agriculture products in the relevant 1.":" CI"TOJ-J"9" h+C;: 101sP"f OJ-()f international markets; . 10. fot "f", OPII~TOJ- f""~?1f: "- fl hl)l)"f fll. 9"Ah.y."fOOPm+9" 0"-:" 31 protect consumers of Ethiopian organic r- l r..,. &1C 711C~9"C" "f li".,¥"f agricultural products against fraudulent * ,,~ f""~OCOC ""7C1~"f A-I~,&."oo.CI acts to. be committed by the use of T~ f-h" hA: misleading labels; il f..,.,&.1C. . ~11C~9"C.y."f (l°tOP~-f:O:"T 41 Ensure that all stages of production, ooth°?=f:{l:"T OOt~~HO:"~ "101 OUt processing, storage, transport and +Co.o:" (I):":" "-()1:h7i, f+1.~ 1C1T marketing of organic agricultural products OJ-~ OH.U hl~ OPIP~:" OOtOJm- 1.11 are subject to inspection and comply with ":f~ OPOP(.JsP"f f""OJfI~ opp>,&.c.y."f, the standards specified by regulations and fOt1~" OPII~TOJ- f"f~?1f: A~ directives issued hereunder; and
  5. 5. ~11- frtfnll ..-~ .?6+ .?/f,1Il"IC ~Ii -;Jfl+ ¥J +, 11112: t." Federal Negarit Gazeta No.21 8th March 2006... page 3399 ljl f1l.TC 711Ci 9"C.,.-:r. 11OD6o(.TT ...C 51 Harmonize provisions for the production, 1~n~i 9"AhT 11~6o(7 ~,~~~~ certification, and labeling of organic htJ.t.9" 1.T~1C ~ (J)I~T .f"TtD- l agricultural products for all operators. .,~ f"l~(7:: " h~A IM+ PART TWO f 11.h1:h1li (aC1h. 11 P#CfJ+ INSPECTION AND CERTIFICATION SYSTEM s. Entities Subject to Control i . .~:!rc...J~"t~(. 7C1:fClJo""1 + Every operator of organic agricultural products "I,r:r tD-9" f1l. IC 711Ci 1.T ~1t "tD-:"i shall be obliged to register with an accredited 01(am(J)o f11.1:h~i f"C1~n~ ""A inspection and certification body and to comply 00000.,,111 60". IUJ16-f: f1l.Ir.> 711Ci with the national organic agricultural product rci- 11.1:h~i "C1~n1i P#CfJT inspection and certification sy~tem. 11Vfu7f:(.7 7~:J- 11ftOT:: 6. Inspection and Certification Bodies I. A.l11:h"l[i_f18C~4LbJf A~T Any accredited inspection and certification body "7,r:rtD-9" "a,.:,.i f1-"ma,. f11.1:I1~i . shall be obliged to: f"C1~.n ~, ""A f°t,h1ft.T 7~:J-~~ .eC;~O:J-A~ II Ensure the fulfillment of requirements 61 OH.U 11fJ1~i 011fJ1)t. ODIP(.T O°t,(J)m. . provided for by this Proclamation and ~ 11~i OD0D6.f~~ ~1ODfth-f:T 1tl regulations and directives issued hereunder . tJ.9" 117Il11~T .f"TtD- fJft9" 11+C;: 0000" as well as the relevant international r:r~ f 00 "X":J-:ftD-, f"l (. .711 1 standards; II °U." ~ ,~ 11,..1.,, 1.~-f: 2tChl.T 0. of: 21 Alow the Ministry access to its offices and " facUities as well as to operators registered i ODtA1.f~=r: "ltJ.9" OP~ f-foOD "10. 1t.,.~1C~ "~.OD(.9"C fODC;:"~~ with it for audit purposes as may be necessary; r/ °U."~ 17Il~ ftOD(J)fIT ""L,,1. i TCIJo 111- f°t,.f9"IlTtD- OD(.1f~":f 31 Provide any information required by the fOD"mT1 Ministry in the course of discharging its duties; QI f11.1:h~i f"C1n~ 111A7I-T f..., fITa" 1t"~1r.>"f O°t,ODfthT 41 Submit to the Ministry its annual reports on 11°o.-rP.6?CT ft°t,t"~ f"l:"(.11:: inspection and certification service render to operators. hfi:A Vll-1- PART THREE fACIJoK".i fb~.+A~k~ ACCREDITAnON AND SUPERVISIO SYSTEM i. ~.ll-t.~Pl!Ili..-t""l!lC 7. Powers and Duties of the Ministry "t~."~ f°t,h-foftT P AiI,,i -fo7Ilr.>"f The Ministry shall have the powers and duties to: .elf ~:J- A 1 1/ issue directives on organic agricultural 61 {)tD-:"i o°t,,,,fITtD- f11.1:h~i f...C1 production standards to be implemented by "n~ """T P6o ".e f°t,tD-A f1l.Ir.> the accredited inspection and certification . 711Ci OD"LCTODOD6.f f"7tD-flTT bodies;
  6. 6. .", f1iiif .Y./..II ."1(. ."111." <IITC tlii -."1/1...,. <ii ""J run?: U" Federal Negarit- Gazeta No. 21 81bMarch 2006... page 3400 21 give accreditations to inspection and f.1 /".1fa1:h7i11j IPCh.h. 7i1 "I-JI .}. certification bodies; tJO":"Ijfoofam.}. J 31 Establish an inspection and certification ... fl l10":"r, OU?,nnTO" f".1fath7i1r, fnC" system, that shall be implemented by 4C.h.7i1 "I-JI.}. Ft,. I.e fU?,OJoA f".1fa accredited inspection and certification bodies th7i1r, fnC.,.4C.h.7i1 FC}.}. foooo and monitor and follow up the - fa~.}.f oJ-"711/.P.l11~.1f1 fooh;r"A r, implementation; 4r11C f"7!:~"; 41 conduct a. study on the conformity and , harmony of the countries organic agriculture !il f"4C.1r.> "7-oCr,1 fu?,oo/h-t: ""711t,..}.r, ill"7:,}.}. "ofI-o~.}. I-JITOJo ,}/9" ,,+~ laws and its implementation with relevant ,.11"7 ;J.}. ,;.JC fr,jf.r, fi,.n,n,oo. international rules; and .implement same upon l11~.1f~. l1fmr, f"7:"~-of (J.4C.+!:9" approval; ".oll/,.If. f"7!: ~"7; 51 establish ways of coordination with national f;1 fU1/,": f4C.1C "7-oCr, FC}.}. h}/9" and international institutions and associations ".,.~ "P/.C ,;.JC f.,.1r,nOr, "OOIJIJ.e~.}. with a view to harmonizing the organic f/O" 0"7!:~ a UlI,.P.Ij }/9" "+fi:1f. agriculture system of the country with tllr~, .,.*117.}.Ij 117UO/,,) ,;.JC :"1~.}. international practices; fU?,4C.1CO.}.1 nYo fooif.}.; 61 take all necessary measures~ so that the countries organic agricultural products gets 1,1 f"1/-b f"4C.1(~ "7-oCIj 9"cY.:f 0}/9" acceptance in major international market; ,,+~ tpCi tplj 10,fsP:f "+fI.e~.}. l11~. f11. "1I71:~"7. fU?,,ffa:Y./. l1C9"~sPT1 fooa)n!: ; 71 advertise the certificate issued by the inspection and certification bodies to be ZI 0".1fath7i1r, OnC"~h.7i1 "I-JA f"n recognized internationally and establish work mO" nC.,.4C.h..}. 0}/9" ~~~ l11~.;raJ:" relationship with international institution fT(~I"7i1 Ft,. ooFt,..}.f l1fah.;raJ:" carrying out similar activities in the exercise !:~fa9" "OOIJIJ.e Ft,. hU?,,fI-JI.~ I.I-T- of their function; }i9" ,,+~ "I-JI.}. :JC l11~,n~ 117!:~"7f 81 delegate its powers and duties to other government organs to the extent necessary ~I ,eU1 "tpJ:r, on.u "tp~ oolP~.}. fU?, for the proper implementation of this aJm. ~ 1flT1r, oooo61sPT1 OU?,1f1/"7 Proclamation and regulations and directives fa4C.19" "fa4C.I1. If" 11110J0 OOm1 FA issued hereunder; nl1r, ""711~1 /I./t-T OO1"7F;1-1f. OOF 61 o.T OOJohAr, fODfam.}.:: 91 establish an organic agricultural production council and define its duties and !il f.,.4C.1C "7-oCr, 9"C.}. 1-J0J01faA responsibilities; D7**9"T ""711~1C; ~I4C.~-t:1ooaJn1T 101 Propose and cause the collection of II tJ0":,.r, O,nl OD4C.19" 1/IlT0J01 f"1A accreditation service charges rendered by .it; "7/..:" h~lsPT OUU.fa.}.r.>T 9"hc fl..}. upon approvalby the council of ministers; 117faa)n1r, l11~ "llnoO fD7!:~"7T . . ~ 111 Iprepare guidelines and directives pertaining Hil ~I4C.~:rT0J01 ,0""7110, O"7,eaJm. f".1fa to measures to be taken regarding! against th7i1r, fnC"4C.ti.7i1 "I-JI.}. I,e /,aJn~ inspection and certification bodies which do fa/U7. / l1C9"~sPT OD0D61sPT1 f"70J0 T not properlyexecutetheir functions; n,.}.r, f"7fa4C.19" J 121 causethe enhancement of extension services III /"~Ir.> "7-ocr, FC}.}. OD~OC fU?"1 and training programs which can promote the "7n. f h.hfa-t;}7i1 "1A "71-.}.r, f PAmr, countrys organic agriculture system; and TC"7t,.I"T l11~,mr,h~ f"7!:~"7; "
  7. 7. 1A" rii.ilf Ii :J..~A ;16"1" ;I" "IC 1r1i-;Jfl.J- ~ +, !itn~ U" Federal Negarit Gazeta No. 21 Sib March 2006... page 3401 13/ conduct regularly assessment and evaluation of I~ f~~~* f~LTe ~~C~ rc~ the Ethiopian organic proclamation system and pC,}~~ Oflu.OJ- .. itsimplementation. f".U "f/~ "L""r ~l1001r fll71:(.~I 8.0rganic Agricultural production system council ~. f"LI~.. 7-fJCi.rC-fo.?l.£Ci!l-t)fJJ---M The council to be established in accordance with 1 ,o-n jj Article 7 Sub Article 9 of this proclamation shall O".U "f/~ "+1 "+1 OOIP(.~ fo!.!t!toolD" f~LTe ~~c~ rc be accountable to the ministry and shall have the . ~~ PC}T 1]OJ-,nA Tm6H: t°!.tn-t~ following members. ITer f°!.h~t-~"fI~~ ~er~;1-A T 1/ a chairman and secretary designated by the li o°!.~.n-t~ f°!.OfOO- ",1: o~l)o.~ Ministry ",1: fJth~T 2/ a member from Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural research II h~ ~~* f~~C~ rcrc ~ ,n-l: ~~~ ",1: "fiAT 3/ a member from Ethiopian institute of biodiversity (I h~1fYih.eOJ~~ n-l:~~~ ",1: "qAT 4/ .a member from Ethiopian Environmental Protection Authority !i hl1l]flQ 10:1" fltpAn" ",1: "fiAT 5/ a member in the appropriate field representing (;1 h~t- f~~C~ AII7~ "Cfi: fO!.OJhA the private agricultural development sector "~fI~~~ ,tOJ- ",1: "fiAT 6/ a representative from the business community il h~~ ih~(~O~ f°!.OJhA.. "~fI~~~ ,t1D" ",1: "fiAT ~~ 7/ a representative from inspection and 11. h~ n1:h7i~ OCT~h.7i, "I]~~ certification bodies fO!.OJhA",1: "fiAT 9. . Powers and Duties of the councilII. fIIdJ",nA-. "~I)CS;)"~T! The council shall have the following POWefSand duties to: I]ID",nt- f°!.h~t-~ pAn,,~ ~~fle:f .eer~;1-.A T 1/ carry out technical initial audits on iiI f,)lD"t~ T,eII f°!.,+Co. foC~~h. 7i,C; certification and inspection bodies applying f~,n1:h7i, "I]~~ -thtl]~ flT~ for accreditation, and supervision audits on ~L~l tJ.~;1-":f f°!.,.",t- 001Tc;:fOJ-, the accredited ones and submit to the t1I7(.;11". foo",,006, l.(.K rCOO6- ministry for comments . ~ ltJ.r ,)lD"t~ O~on,:fOJ- ~~ fh~ ~A rcoo~ Oll7hC;dJ, tO!,.n-t~ t"n .~ f~ I17t(.~T 2/ study and define the conditions of direct auditingand samplingchecks; II f+T;1- rCoo6-ntO!,1.( ~O~C; frC 006- C;OO-C;,,:f. ntO!,dJO~O~ tJ.~;1- fIl7TC;~~ fooOJo T 3/ evaluate the audit reports of organic certificationand inspectionbodies; (I f~LTC ~~CC; ~ 1:h7i~ oc~~h. 7i, "I]~~, 6TC-fo:f f001r1rT 4/ give written warnings to or, upon notifying !il P~:fdJ" O"~flo. t1I7.edJm- f~,n1:h the Ministry, temporarily suspend the 7i,C; foC~~h. 7i "I]~~ f1t&t;: I17nm accreditation of inspection and certification +4:, fODnm~ dJ~rtO!,tn-t~ 0117 ; bodies which do not properly execute their I)dJt ,)dJ"tC;:fdJ" t~dJ"~ 1.u. ~;;1-11: functions; f"1:(.~T ~
  8. 8. 1 rlUlI ...,.UI. ;JeT .7tL"l "IC fl -:JfI.T !IJ !JllJ.~ CU" Federal Negarit Gazeta No.218" March 2006... page 3402 {;I P cPfm-"}. ,,}il1: 0" "7lJf1. O"l.edJm- f h. 51 propose to the Ministry the cancellation of h7i"}1 f(JC".c.h. 7i"} "t,IT I,e oom-(J~ the accreditation of certification and ilt°t 1lJm- ,)m-:,.I,,} fOO(Jt:11 "C9"f inspection bodies which do not operate fm-la~ Via,,). t°U..iI-t~ f"l:"t:1IT properly; II t"~1~ "711CI ",.t.."~"f fOtf1t"7t-- 61 Prepare manuals and check-lists fo~" perators o "I"}" to"f"}1 f "~""9" . ooh;t-.,. fsP"f"} of organic agriculture; . f"l":J1:T ZI ilIhlOJITm- "I "I ""7lJ6-TIilt.,.11- 71 Submit to the Ministry annual reports on its m-m.""f OfCJOO-f: t°U.iI-t~ 67"CT major activities and achievement f"l:"t: 11TI. f~,,}ilt-- (J1Ilao. PA.",i .,..,lJC 10.Powers and duties ofthe chairman ofthe council The chairman of the council shall subject to the (J1Ilao.m-. °t ~iI-t~ O~(JmdJ- "m:lI ,e general directives of the ministry; . oo006f oolPt:TT il ft,m-,,)ilft.,,} P6- .e006-1A T fil.,.lJ1I6-1A T 1. Co-ordinate and administer the activities of the council; Ii ft,m-,,}ilt--"} il1I(JlJsP"f ,emt-IA T Ot. +oo,,}OC~T .e006-1A T .2. Call and preside over meetings of the council; 3. Execute decisions given by the council upon (I ft,m-")ilft.,,} m-"~sP"f t°t~iI-t~ Af+t:O approval by the ministry; 0"l8~:"0Pt- I,e fm-IA T Ii. ft)m-"}ilA. il1I(JlJ T 11. Meetine of the council . 1/ the council shall call or held meeting through li I t,m- ,,}ilt-- O(J1I1a0. m- I 6 0 "I"}~ m-9" 1.11. the chairman when it is found necessary. t.(J0(J1I .e "fl1AT 21 the council shall draw work directives and ~I t,m-,,}ilt. f6-(J."} fil 1I(JlJI f "(J6.C meetings. 0u006f t.fOJnl ,efl1A T . II. tl~--f~f 12. Fees . The fees to be. paid for service rendered by the °U..iI-t~ OIlU ""~ ool#t:T t°t(JnlTm- ministry pursuant to this proclamation shall be "1f;"7to"f fOt~t:1m- htt:f °t~ilT~ fixed by directives issued by the ministry oo,,)"7PT"} O"lil~+ ~ OOtfOJnlm- Oo006f .eOJiIIIAT . . subject to approval by the government; . 13. Detailed Oreanic Aericulture Rules If ..1IC1IC...f"~T.t:.-. "711Ci ~12$t~"f lil . f"~1~ "711CI 9"c"f O"cif ",e 11 The procedures of organic production at fotli 6-Tm-"} f,,0o6-t:T "1.. T f.,.lJ,e farm level, pest management, permitted ooh"hA"}T f"~+~ P~fh.eOJ;t-e ooh biological control, transportation, storage, "hf "1..sPf"} T "I=i=i1l"} "Ih07TT"} T T processing, labelling,.. advertising and T"} T9"lAhT "~6-t: "7"}I "Iii.,. minimum inspection requirements as well °7".7 ~ "OJ:" "}. "} 00 lPt:;t-e f h. "}il1: as inspection and precautionary measures -l 0.9" " . h7i"} oooo"~sPf"}T fl}:Ick M~9"~$P and accreditation requirements for inspection and certification bodies shall be fI th. "}il1:h7i"}1 tlPC".c.h. 7i"} "t, ,)m-:,.I "lPnll} OOtoothT ooOX prescribed by regulations to be issued "T hereunder. "T fOt1lJTm- oop~C"f O".U "P~ oolPt:T OOtOJm ~,,}f1".f ,eOJ(JIt.::
  9. 9. ..lit frtllf :J.~ .76+ ; .1C ftli -:JR.+ 9J.,., IIln, ...,. Federal-Negarit Gazeta No.21 SillMarch 2006... page 3403 ./ O+~rC".,-nC~ Ia-,,+ "OD6-I.+~ 2/ Where detailed organic productionrules for Mir1+ "CfI.+ a+ODllh.,.R.II..,t.,,~ livestock and plant products are not -IPI.+ ODt[(lJ1n- ~I1~ .PA"~~" htl~ provided for by regulations issued ~~tJi:~ 0,. 1ft;: ~I.Jr l~fJJ" hereunder, the Ministry may cause other ,tlDdfJn"f +"fI~~+~ "~~"t~+ . relevant internationallyaccepted standards A.4..«r~~ ft..P1.C., ~~"A:: to be recognizedand applied.II. r~A.r 1-tLII! ,.,-nCt; ,.c.,.~ Ie" 14, The National Brand for ONanic Products ~t.fM: ~ r The Ministryshall: i/ 111.+"A-.P 1+~rC" .,-ac~ rC""f 11 determine the brand of Ethiopian organic tC"~(lJn~AI products, and alter same when necessary; "AA~"1.~" ".11 (IJr .P~C:JAI and 2/ Define the conditions and payments for the ./ . tC,.,.., IIODm" IfIJ..,tJ"f1-.,.~.+" use of the brand. "f~ ,tJtj:,""f .~n~A:: M:A~ PART FOUR. .. .f:t.2~ MISCELLANEUS PROVISIONS I.&~_~_.At ,., ,.. ~..!IJt IS.Power to Issue Rnulations and Directives i/ MtJ+C""f ,.he: a+ ~." ""~ 1/ The Council of Ministers may issue ;fl~1IJ 1I"71t,. IfIJ..~A" ~ 11"f regulations necessary for the proper ft.~"fI:: implementationof this Proclamation. 1/ "t~n-l:~ ~." """i alt., "".. 2/ The Ministry may issue directives for the 1.+ MeDin- ~I1"f 11"7-""" implementation of this Proclamation and ""6" ft.,.", ~""A:: . regulations issued hereunder. 16. In--DDlicable LawsII. ~-1- ,I"A"""~. Aaot~ , No law, regulation, directive or practice shall, hltlJ".~ ;JCM;I. "7if." ",.,r in so far it is. inconsistent with this ~~r ""61II~" hIP" A,.1: nit., Proclamation, have effect in respect of matters . Ii"~ 0+"4.~ leA"" .,~ .,.~~+ provided for by this Proclamation. A.~&"":: 17. Effective DateII-"4_-MA~M-.~ This Proclamation shall come into force as J" ".~ a~~6-A ~;Jt+ ;Jt1n, hcD"lfI+ the date of their publication in the Federal .., .~~ i,.tfil:: Negarit Gazetz. A4.tli.NM ~PR.+ 30,. IIf21 ,.,. Qone at Addis Ababa, this Sib day of March 2006. .,C., ..1. foc...n ,,,+No, u.~1:,4.~n GIRMA WOLDEGIORGIS ~T"A.h T~ ,-1- PRESIDENT OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA