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Presentation 2

  1. 1. For my double page spread I looked at a variety of magazines, such as NME, rock sound, Q and kerrrang. All of these indie rock magazines wrote the double page articles in columns. So for my double page spread Im going to write in columns, if I had gone against the codes and conventions and wrote in large paragraph it may cause readers to skip the page because there is too much text. When deciding the lay out of my double page spread I looked at different types of indie rock magazines. The majority of them split the page in two, with one side consists of an images and the other text. For my double page spread i used a ¾ shot of a musician with a guitar. The majority of her body is on the left hand side, which follows the codes and conventions of indie rock double page spreads. My survey showed that my intended audience enjoy live music, to make the double page spread more appealing to my audience i have added a guitar to the photo. This give the image a more real sense about it and it doesnt seem fake.Most of the double page spreads that I looked at had a small paragraph as an introduction, just beforethe article starts. I have added a small introduction to my double page spread to make the article morepersonal, this will attract my intended audience because they feel a connection to the musician. I looked at the layout of different indie rock magazines and founds that the majority of them have the artists name in the top right hand corner. For my magazine to appeal to my intended audience i also going to follow this convention, this technique is effective because its the first place the reader looks. The reader is informed straight away who the interview is with. Most double page spreads have a small piece of information telling the audience what the article is based on. rock sounds place the information above the article, however I have chosen to have it underneath the musicians name because my intended audience are more interested in the musician, instead of the story behind it.
  2. 2. I looked at double page spreads from my genre of music and found that the majority of them include pull quotes. Pull quotes are the most interesting quotes in the article, they are put into bold to stand out and draw in the reader attention.For my double page spread I used two pull quotes, one which is placed in the middle of the article and the other ontop of the double page spread. To make one of the quotes stand out I put it in a red circle, by doing this I have keptthe colour pallet consistent. Also the red makes that quote stand out because its bright and bold, in addition Iincrease the front size and made it bold. This is attractive to my intended audience because they are able to seewhat type of interview it is.To make the quote at the top of the article stand out, I increase the font and made it bold, i placed the quote above the musician head. Thisgives the impression that the quote is a thought, this is attractive to my intended audience because they feel a personal connection to themusician. The over all mood is intimate because the reader feels like they have personal information from the musician, and it feelsexclusive which is one reason why people are in different genres, to be exclusive. Before writing my article i looked at examples from magazines that already existed, such as NME, kerrang and rock sound. I notices that most interviews where written in columns, I this convention by also writing in columns. This is appealing to my intended audience because the text is in a simple lay out, so it easy to pick out the important information. Because my intended audience what to find information fast, I chose to make the questions stand out compared to the text. I done this by changing the text to red, the red links with my colour pallet and also draws in the reader attention.
  3. 3. How does my magazine represent my intended audience? For my intended audience I have chosen to target the social group indie rock. This is a fusion between the genre indie and the genre rock. The rock style is The indie style is old fashion and stereotypically very dark quirky, the over all look is well clothing, and includes lots of put together and looks detail whether its on a top or sophisticated. I have represented the indie done by adding lots of genre by adding props such as accessories. the guitar. This represents the I have represented rock though the models make up and hair indie genre because bands are style. When styling the model i made up of guitars. The guitar made sure her hair was over the used is mellow, where as if I top and dramatic. This was just representing rock I represents the rock genre would have used a electric because the music is extremely guitar. over the top and in your face. I have represented the social The model had very heavy eyes liner group indie by having simple which makes her face looks more clothing, with little detail. The striking and rebellious. This simple clothing makes the represents the rock genre because over image look more rock is seen as a rebellious social sophisticated which is group. appealing to my intended audience because their older I have represented the social group rock students. by having dark clothing, stereotypically rock has always been dark music there for people with in the social group rock wear black. My image represents the social group rock because i have reflected the type of clothing that they like. However it isn’t as dramatic as most rock clothing because I also wanted it to appeal to the social ground indie.
  4. 4. I have represented my intended audience through the language used, I have used genre specific language to make my reader feel that they belong to a unique group which makes them feel more individual. I have used the letter KOL, which the readers of my magazines would identify with kings of Leon. By doing this my reader feels that only certain people can understand the term, making reading TTR more specialised.The results from my survey show that 67% of my intended audience listen to their music using their iPod. Ichose to offer free iTunes downloads because this represents my audience, their more likely to buy a magazinethat caters for their needs. Unlike a magazine that offers a free mix tape. To represent my audience I set the price to suit their needs, magazines such as NME are prices at £2.80 but I felt that my magazine should be cheaper because its the first issue. Also the results from my survey show that the majority of people would pay between £2.00 and £2.50. To represent my intended audience I have added a competition to win tickets to one of the most popular indie rock festivals. This represents my audience by offering them the type competition they want to enter, there for convincing them to by the magazine. The magazine wouldn’t sell it is had competitions to win tickets to T4 on the beach.
  5. 5. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? Original choice Bauer Media is a publishing company, it produces around 38 million magazines a week, worldwide. They produces magazines such as kerrang, q and mojo, which are all indie rock magazines, there for bauer would be the ideal distributers for my magazines because they have experience in distributing my genre of magazine. Bauer Media company use different ways of distributing their brands, such as TV, radio and online. This is a great way to reach my intended because they watch a long of TV and go online to socialize.. Bauer Media is a suitable company to publish and distribute my magazine because it publishes magazines of a similar genre, by adding my magazine to their company it will boost sales in that genre also it would be quick to publish and distribute because the company know how to handle this genre of magazine, for example they know where the magazine would be high in demand.
  6. 6. Final choice IPC media are a distribution and publishing company, they distribute magazines such as NME which have the same codes andconventions that I have followed. I’m going to use IPC because they distribute NME; this magazine is a major influence on my own ideas for my music magazine, NME isalso an indie rock music magazine which is the genre I have chosen. I feel that their intended audience is similar to mine; IPC aim atmen who like to spend money, my typical reader may like to spend money on concert tickets because that is what they enjoy. IIPC intended audience are upmarket men, busy energetic people they embrace life for its highs, they follow their passions habitually and they seek out information and advice to enhance their enjoyment of it. My magazine will provide all the updated information on Indie music; this is why I feel IPC is the best company to publish my magazine.
  7. 7. Who would be the audience for your media product? My magazine is aimed majority at males aged 18- 23, I have chosen this age range because their students who want to read a quick magazine that isn’t too formal. My intended audience are in the social grade C1 , their sophisticated students who are fairly affluent, because of the age range their more likely to be going to university. Because their in the social class C1, they’re more likely to spend lots of money on their hobbies such as music which consists of going to live concerts and buying music. My audience are out going and confidents, live gigs are a great way to meet up with friends, also they use the internet to socialize. To socialize they use websites such as twitter and facebook, because my audience are fairly affluent when they go out they drink the more expensive drinks such as Jack Daniels. Is live music worth paying for?
  8. 8. How did you attract/ address your audience? I created a survey on line to find out may audiences wants and needs, this automatically makes my magazine more attractive to my intended audience because they have had a input into the magazine ideas. My magazine it attractive to my audience because i have used a striking image on the front cover but at the same time is looks professional and classy. My survey shows that my audience are first drawn to a magazine by its image. Also the colour pallet of black, white and red are attractive to my intended audience because there the dominant colours on the front cover, there also associated with indie rock music. The model is wearing indie rock style of clothing which draws the reader in because it what their interested in. To inform the reader on what genre of music the magazine is, I chose a model who fit the stereotypical reader. To make my audience more attracted to the magazine, I included band names along the top banner and on the left 3rd , This draws in the reader because they feel familiar with the bands featured, which makes them feels the magazine is catered towards them. I have added a music festival completion to my front cover to attract my audience because my intended audience enjoy going to see live music. To make it more appealing I chose a music festival such as Leeds and Reading because this are the type of festival indie and rock musicians play at.
  9. 9. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product. The first technology I used was the internet, I search indie rock magazine images and I looked on the magazine websites to see what the connotations of a indie rock magazine where. I find out what my intended audience are attracted to in magazines and what type of characteristics they had I created a survey on zoomerang. I created a survey to find out what my intended audience like, I could you the information to make my magazine more catered to their wants and needs. To reach my intended audience i used social networking because my intended audience use social networking website to communicate. I sent a message on twitter along with the link to my survey to generate a wide spread of people Other websites I used to reach out to my intended audience were facebook, I send direct messages along with a link to the survey. This form of research less time consuming then handing out surveys on a street. Also you can reach a wider spread of people over the internet.