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BCCI Fiasco

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BCCI Fiasco

  1. 1. Background 2013 IPL corruption scandal and repeated instances of:  Governance breaches  Scandals  Sporting Frauds  Conflict of Interest  Jan 2015 Lodha Committee formed Jan 2016 Committee released the Report 18th July 2016 SC approves the report and majority of recommendations and Lodha Committee was directed to oversee the implementation by BCCI
  2. 2. Findings SC directs removal of  Anurag Thakur (President)  Ajay Shirke (Secretary) Order was a culmination of a long standing impasse between BCCI & Lodha Committee BCCI resisted implementation of the recommendations despite the same being upheld by the SC per the July 18 order All Office Bearers who did not meet the eligibility criteria asked to “cease to hold Office” immediately
  3. 3. Committee’s Recommendations Office Bearers Should be a citizen of India Shouldn’t be > 70 years of age Shouldn’t be a Government Servant / Minister Shouldn’t be insolvent or of unsound mind Shouldn’t have a criminal record Shouldn’t have held office for > 9 years
  4. 4. What next? Committee of administrators to be appointed on Jan 19th This would be to provide oversight to BCCI’s functioning They would also make sure that Lodha Committee recommendations approved by SC are implemented SC has solicited names of persons having integrity and requisite experience
  5. 5. The Order “… several office bearers both of BCCI and the State Associations continue to hold posts although they stand disqualified in terms of the above norms which have been accepted by this Court. Persons who have a vested interest in continuing in their positions in spite of the norms noted above have ensured that the writ of the court is obstructed and impeded”. "We need to emphasise that the turf of the cricket field is not a personal turf or fiefdom. We must hence order and direct that no person shall hereafter continue to be or be entitled for appointment as office bearer of BCCI or a State Association in breach of the above norms. All existing office bearers of BCCI and of the State Associations who do not fulfil the above norms shall with effect from the date of this Order stand disqualified.