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Session5 02 Anja_Domnick


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Presentation made at the Sustainable Tourism in Small Island Developing States conference, 23-24 November 2017, Seychelles. A partnership of the Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation, IUCN WCPA Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group, University of Seychelles, Paris Tourism Sorbonne (IREST), and Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

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Session5 02 Anja_Domnick

  1. 1. Protect & Prosper: World Heritage and Tourism in the Wadden Sea • Anja Domnick - Project Officer, Sustainable Tourism Strategy • Common Wadden Sea Secretariat
  2. 2. • 11,400 km² conversation area • 500 km coastline • 3 states Wadden Sea World Heritage Denmark Germany Schleswig-Holstein Lower Saxony Netherlands Hamburg • the largest unbroken stretch of sand & mudflats worldwide, undisturbed, • a highly productive ecosystem, • a migratory bird hotspot, • shared by three countries, • UNESCO World Heritage
  3. 3. Per Year • ca. 50 million overnight stays • ca. 10 million visitors • 30 - 40 million day trippers EUR 2.8 – 5.3 billion turnover Tourism in the Wadden Sea area
  4. 4. • Tourism Operations & Nature Conservation A Wadden Sea Cooperative • The Unique Selling Point One World Heritage Destination • Transport, Accommodation & Gastronomy Key Ingredients for Tourism • Environmental Education & Interpretation Bringing the Destination to Life • Capacity Building & Raising Standards Creating a High Quality Destination KEY WORK FIELDS The Road to Sustainable Tourism
  5. 5. Participation & Network • Strategic Framework for cooperation between sectors & regions • Shared Approach – Shared Responsibility • Moving Forward Together
  6. 6. • The brand aims to increase the attractiveness of the whole place – regardless of the country or region. • It declares our purpose as a World Heritage Site and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions. • The brand helps to build our global reputation, enhance our collective visibility and encourage greater collaboration and investment. BRANDING
  7. 7. Communication • To increase public awareness & knowledge about the Wadden Sea World Heritage. • To safeguard consistent & high quality communications across the entire property. • To support everyone to communicate World Heritage in a way that is both consistent across the whole property & relevant to the tourism and business needs.
  8. 8. • Continue to work for conservation & international cooperation • Establish, extend & manage the World Heritage brand • Educate & inform • Develop & advance sustainable tourism • Contribute to regional sustainable development • Promote science & monitoring Outlook
  9. 9. • Stabilize, develop & enlarge multinational partnership • Identify, pool, develop & implement participative approaches that integrate SME in a true “Nature-Business-Benefit- Cycle” • Support, guide & transnationally connect the creation of concrete products & services applying the NBBC concept Approach Using nature as driver for sustainable growth
  10. 10. Thank You!