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Paer pattern copy

  1. 1. Semantics Antonyms Synonyms Homonyms one word substitution -
  2. 2. Parts of Speech: a) NOUN b) PRONOUN c) VERB d) ADVERB e) ADJECTIVE f) PREPOSITION, g) CONJUNCTION h) INTERJECTIONS, AUXILIARY VERBS AN DETERMINERS i) Kinds of verbs: finite and non finite
  3. 3. Sentence Structure: Types of sentences based on function Mood Transformation, Inversion of sentences Analysis of Complex sentences Subject, Predicate, Complements, direct indirect objects • Phrases • Syntactical rules (subject & verb agreement) • Synthesis of sentences Clauses – types and functions • • • • • • &
  4. 4. a)Structure of tenses b)Function, Conversion into negative and interrogative. c)Active and Passive voice and usage d)Punctuation
  5. 5. a)Direct and Indirect speech b)Rules of conversion
  6. 6. Articles and usage
  7. 7. Precis Writing Essay Writing