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Reception 2012


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Guide for writing center receptionists

Published in: Education
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Reception 2012

  1. 1. The Consultant’s Guide to Reception: The Face of the University Writing Center
  2. 2. Duties• Opening the center• Closing the center• Greeting clients & walk-ins• Answering phones/directing calls• Scheduling appointments• Answering/directing questions
  3. 3. Opening• Get key from the Dean’s Office (206); return immediately after opening• Ensure doors are unlatched on both sides• Turn off voice mail (dial 122) – Check the voice mail (dial 70004, enter password). Delete messages after writing them down. – Tidy up the front area and consulting rooms, replenish pencils and handouts.• Turn on slide show
  4. 4. Closing• Flip top and bottom latches on right side of door, lock deadbolt.• Ensure conference room’s back door is locked.• Turn on voicemail (dial 121).• Turn off slide show.• Tidy up the center.• Turn off and clean the coffee maker.
  5. 5. Slide Show• The instructions for operating the slide show are posted on the wall by the projector.• The projector is located next to the copier.
  6. 6. Face-to-Face• Smile and greet clients.• Ask for names and invite them to take a seat.• Find name on the schedule, mark as arrived ( ), and notify a consultant.• Let the client know a consultant will be coming shortly.• Smile!
  7. 7. Walk-ins• First come, first served basis• Check for available consultant, book appointment ( ) using client’s name/ID number• For missed appointment, – 5 minutes late, receptionist may release appointment to a walk-in• Mark ( ) for missed appointments on schedule after 20 minutes
  8. 8. Policies forAppointments• Limited to once per day• No requests for specific consultants granted• Start on the hour and last up to 45 minutes• Blocked from making online appointments after 3 no-shows(To unblock, student mustmake appointment to seethe Assistant Director forfurther action.)
  9. 9. Scheduling appointments• Point clients to iMac to book appointments.•
  10. 10. Scheduling appointmentsRequests forappointment over thephone:• Request that clients with computer access book on the website.• Book an available appointment for others using their UIN.
  11. 11. On the phone• Smile (they can hear it in your voice).• “University Writing Center. This is (your name).”• DO NOT give out private telephone numbers or email address.• Take a message and tell the caller the message will be answered ASAP.
  12. 12. Transferring Calls• Press “LINK.”• Dial the 5-digit extension number.• Wait for the line to ring, then hang up.• To Margarette: – Press “HOLD”; hang up; tell her she has a call.
  13. 13. Taking Messages• If a person is not available, tell callers that she or he (esp. Dr. Balester) is “in a meeting or consultation.”• Record messages on message slips.
  14. 14. Message Delivery• Dr. Balester: – Call her home and leave a message. – If unanswered, call cell and leave a message. – If she is out of town, email the message.• Everyone else, email the message. – Writing Center Directory is on the Consultant Drive (M:).
  15. 15. During Emergencies • In case of emergencies: – Dial 9-911. – Call Campus Police: 5- 2345. • Network down: Call Bob Richards (862-3197). • Power down: – Emergency lights in drawers (Bat Cave counter drawer and W courses drawer@ front desk)Reception desk has paper – First aid kit in drawerrecords to use if computers under Bat Cave counterare down.
  16. 16. System Policies 34.01 and 13.02• Personal conversations among staff and with clients should be polite and in compliance with university regulations regarding speech and sexual harassment.• Key words to remember: – Feelings – Unintentional – Innuendoes – Inappropriate – Disparagement• Key sites – –