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Third Annual 15-Inch Cup Challenge for Operation Game On


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TAG, a leading outsourced accounting firm in San Diego, sponsors non-profit organization OGO, benefiting wounded warriors through golf lessons. The 15-inch cup challenge took place at Fairbanks Ranch Country Club in Rancho Santa Fe with 12 hole in ones.

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Third Annual 15-Inch Cup Challenge for Operation Game On

  1. 1. How to have a great fundraising event Featuring: Operation Game On
  2. 2. Step One: Find Some Great Sponsors
  3. 3. Step Two: Have Some Great Food
  4. 4. Such as these tacos . . .
  5. 5. Or this cool pizza truck!
  6. 6. Step Three: Have Some Great Activities
  7. 7. Such as a silent auction . . .
  8. 8. Or an open bar . . .
  9. 9. OR GOLF!
  10. 10. Step Four: Have Some Great People!
  11. 11. More Details About the Event! • The event took place at the Fairbanks Ranch Country Club • The 15-Inch Cup Challenge took place on the driving range, with four distances, ranging from 50-yards to 125- yards. Every hole-in-one won cash! • Cash prizes included: $150 at 50-yards; $250 at 75- yards; $500 at 100-yards; $1000 at 125-yards. • Additionally there was: • A gift basket silent auction • A Corporate village • An Open bar • Craft beer • Brick-oven pizza and street tacos
  12. 12. Operation Game On is a non-profit organization that gives returning combat-injured troops suffering from physical and mental disabilities a very special custom intro-to-golf package. Golf is good for the mind and for the body. It allows them to compete, laugh, relax, focus, and challenge their muscles outside of regular PT. It gives them hope of a clearer future after their tragic injuries and experiences of war. For more information about Operation Game On, visit their website:
  13. 13. TAG Outsourced Accounting Services for Non-Profits In an increasingly competitive environment, the financial statements are growing to be as important as the cause when it comes to fundraising and grants. Nonprofit accounting and reporting is complex and organizations cannot always justify the budget of a robust internal staff. TAG can help mitigate that problem by offering outsourced nonprofit accounting services.
  14. 14. TAG has developed a 7-Step Process for non profit accounting, with phase objectives and key deliverables specifically for the non profit industry. Analyze Accelerate Achieve Step 1: Understanding of Entity and Mission Step 2: Access to Financial Data Step 3: Accounting Setup Step 4: Financial Process Step 5: Financial STMT Preparation Step 6: Beyond the Numbers Step 7: Compliance TAG Outsourced Accounting Services for Non-Profits
  15. 15. Final Thoughts TAG is proud to have been able to attend such an amazing event that gives back to those who have served for our country. Additionally, TAG is also proud to offer services to non-profits, so that they can continue helping and giving back to our community.
  16. 16.