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Open text tag_bpm 04-12 v3


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Open text tag_bpm 04-12 v3

  1. 1. How BPM feels at times! 1 BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT
  2. 2. Creating killer business cases for process improvement initiatives April 12, 2012 Gary D. Mendelson, Business Process Solutions ExecutiveRev 1.0.14062011 Copyright © OpenPROCESS MANAGEMENT BUSINESS Text Corporation. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Agenda Level Setting… How are being a vendor and an employee similar whenCLICK TO EDIT MASTER OPTION 1 it comes to evaluating business process problems? Click to edit Master subtitle style The “art of building a business case” Two real world examples Interactive experience… Let’s start building a business case A message from our sponsor
  4. 4. Every dep’t has multiple processes Sales Finance Compliance Marketing • Quotes / Pricing • Invoice Admin • Know Your Customer • Advertising • Underwriting • Procurement • Patriot Act • Events Management • Contract Approval • Project/ Budget Approval • Sarbanes Oxley • Packaging & Pricing • New Client Onboard • Expense Management • HIPAA • Communications • Compensation • Charge backs • Basel II • Creative Development • Meeting Planning • Budget Planning • GLBA • RFP Admin • FISMA Information Customer Service Product Dev and Operations Technology • Case Management Research • Inventory Management • IT Request • Client Feedback • Requirements • Order Fulfillment Management • Inquiry Management Gathering • Client Management • Portfolio Management • Escalation • Product Specifications • Events Management • App / System Support Management • Change Request Man • Facilities Management • Incident & Bug Fix • SLA Management • Research • Award Distribution • Change Control • Support Services • Lifecycle Management • Certifications Renewals Legal Human Resources Manufacturing • Contract Management • Recruitment • Resource Procurement • Investigation • New Hire On-boarding • Order Management • New File / Case • Compensation Plan & • Change Request Management Admin • Trading Partner • Regulatory Filing • Benefits Administration Management • Legal Doc • Performance Management • Defect / Recall Man Management • Training & Career Dev • Equipment / System • Employee Status Change Repair • Transfer / Relocation • Quality Assurance • Leave Management BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT
  5. 5. Symetra Financial reportedinternal processing timereductions of four days and wasable to handle a 67 percentincrease in applications withoutincreasing staff. BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT
  6. 6. Business (Process) Challenges Current process significantly reduces the opportunity to scale the business Process/System Current process is modifications are constantly difficult and changing costly Existing process “Reactive” requires a high Business management of percentage Challenges issues due to lack manual of visibility intervention BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT
  7. 7. BPM Solution Objectives Provide a platform that enables Integration with multiple Provide Detailed technology Deliver a Highly Status, Audit solutions Flexible process Trails and management Dashboards for environment for Operational ongoing process Monitoring improvement Provide Process Allow to govern, Automation and Solution support, change, Management of and manage the human/system Objectives solution Self- centric process Sufficiently BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT
  8. 8. Nike recovered millions ofdollars in credit claims andreduced resolution time from2 weeks to 2 minutes BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT
  9. 9. Improved customer servicewhile consolidatingcommercial policy issuingfrom 40 centers down to 3locations BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT
  10. 10. What are your professional / BPM goals?Being a vendor and an end user are relatedCLICKpersonal goal is to be a OPTION 1 Your TO EDIT MASTER “trusted advisor” of your manager, customer (internal or external) Click to edit Master subtitle style Perhaps grow your career Obtain Six Sigma, ITIL, CBPMP credentials How do you get there?
  11. 11. CLICK TO EDIT MASTER OPTION 1 Click to edit Master subtitle style
  12. 12. Who is your competition? Colleagues? Managers?CLICK TOhires? MASTER OPTION 1 Future EDIT Other departments? Click to edit Master subtitle style Other companies in a competitive field?
  13. 13. Who is your competition? The answer is your companys limited capital expense budget and so you compete with other projects for aCLICK TO EDIT MASTER OPTION 1 limited pool of funding. Onceto edit Master subtitle style this, understanding the need to Click YOU understand build a rock solid business process case helps you a) beat the competition and b) become a trusted advisor.
  14. 14. Bonus question What is the Internal Hurdle Rate (IHR / IRR) ?CLICK TO EDIT MASTER OPTION 1 Click to edit Master subtitle style
  15. 15. The Internal Hurdle Rate The Internal Hurdle rate is the number of months it will take an investment to pay itself back to the corporationCLICK TO EDIT MASTERsets as the maximum and the “bar” your company OPTION 1 number of months Example: Master subtitle style Click to edit Movie Rental = $4 each Monthly Rental Cost = $16 You already pay for CATV & HBO A DVR costs $160 You break even in 10 months Is that acceptable? That is your internal hurdle rate
  16. 16. The “Art” of Building a business case Example #1Business process re-engineering effort all across their SDLCCLICK TO EDIT MASTER OPTION 1 Example #2Customers internal justification which was fueled by my business case. Click to edit Master subtitle style
  17. 17. The “art” of a business caseDig into every step (who, what, where, when, why)Draw out every processWho does this, how often, how long (time), who approves, timeCLICK TO EDIT MASTER OPTION 1 theto approve, process of approval (paper, email), exceptions,re-work factor, double data entryAudit Click to edit Master subtitle style ready, times / yr, who audits, % passed, failed, staff to getconsequences of a failed auditHistory of failed builds, back outs, what are the consequences /impact?Do you have a software release schedule? How often? Ever miss the schedule? Why? How often? Consequences? Pay OT or Comp time?Reporting = gold mineSpreadsheet compares BAU vs. projected process efficiencies
  18. 18. Why do you need to do this?CLICK TO EDIT MASTER OPTION 1 Click to edit Master subtitle style
  19. 19. Letterman’s Top 5 symptoms forbuilding a business case 5. Your project goes from on fire to “back burner” 4. Another project took the funding from yours 3. We really like your idea but we have no funds CLICKdidn’tEDIT MASTER OPTION 1 this year 2. We TO put any money in the budget for Click to edit Master subtitle style
  20. 20. Real World Examples Example #1: Credit card processor Example #2: Banking BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT
  21. 21. Let’s Build a Business CaseCLICK TO EDIT MASTER OPTION 1 Click to edit Master subtitle style