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Mc kenneys gatech


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Mc kenneys gatech

  1. 1. Sustainable Trends for Data Center Facilities• Increasing energy efficiencies and reducing other resource use and impact on the environment,• Increased operating temperatures to equipment with goal of eliminating compressor based cooling• Use and increased use of various software and controls for monitoring, control and simulation of Data Centers, including DCIM, BIM ,Virtual Memory Managers and CFD.
  2. 2. Increasing Energy and Resource Efficiencies• Use of Variable speed equipment to match load changes including ECM fan motors.• Consolidate and concentrate heat sources for increasing efficiencies of heat rejection equipment, including hot and cold isle containment, and high Delta T fluid and pumped refrigerant based systems.• Higher voltages in equipment, eliminating one or more transformers.• Increasing computations per watt at the server.• RoHAS complient IT Equipment.
  3. 3. Increasing Energy and Resource Efficiencies• Use of harvested water such as Rain and Condensate to reduce energy required from infrastructure, reduce water treatment costs and increase efficiency of air cooled equipment.• Use of Photo V and Thermal V for reducing energy required from regional power plants• Use of evaporative media and spray systems for non- electric humidification and compressor less cooling• Larger more efficient pieces of mechanical equip.• Extensive use of natural cooling sources.
  4. 4. Increasing Operating Temperatures for Air cooled equipment• ASHRAE TC9.9 new classes for recommended and allowable air temperatures for DataCom equipment• Increased temperatures create greater heat transfer rates and more efficient heat rejection equipment.• Increased temperatures create greater use and opportunity for free cooling form air and water side economizers
  5. 5. Increasing Operating Temperatures for Water cooled equipment• ASHRAE TC9.9 new classes for water cooled DataCom equipment• Tremendous power and energy reduction for water vs. air cooled equipment.• Increased temperatures create greater use and opportunity for free cooling from water side economizers and heat recovery up to over 115 deg F.• Water cooled equipment expected to replace air cooled equipment
  6. 6. Data Center/BuildingInformation Management and VMM• Measuring and Benchmarking of resources allows for determining efficiency increasing equipment utilization, planning and refresh upgrades for most efficient deployment.• Virtual memory managers and similar software optimizes server utilization including shutting down idle servers. and equipment.
  7. 7. Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling•Determine proper airflow andreduce short circuiting ofrejected heat, even in containedsystems.•Predict data center cool and hotspots based on designspecifications and temperaturesentering equipment.•Predict failure modeseliminating or reducing CFD Model of GT CEETHERMadditional equipment required.