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INVEST IN TAFFY Software: The TAFFY Software Corporation., is seeking to raise an initial funding round totaling $3.5 Million in exchange for 2.5 million shares of preferred stock representing a 25% equity position. These funds will be utilized to complete our entire product line within 180 days, in addition to supporting full product deployment and support programs. General administration and initial product marketing costs will also be supported by these initial funds. The company has authorized 40 million shares, 30 million shares of common stock and 10 million of issued common stock. Articles of Incorporation specifying issued shares along with split, conversion, and dividend policies are pending negotiation of an investment. INVESTOR ROI - The Acquisition sale price will be based on $40.9 Million in Projected Revenue illustrated in Year 3 month 12, times 5 totaling $204.8 Million. Investor(s) obtaining a 25% ownership position can anticipate a 16.35 ROI (Return On Investment) valued at $57.2 Million. This ROI is based on a principle $3.5 Million capital investment. LEARN MORE ABOUT INVESTING IN TAFFY & VISIT: www.TAFFYSoftware.com/The-Forecast.html

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TAFFY Software Executive Summary 2013

  1. 1. Confidential & Proprietary Document Page 1 “A SWEETER WAY” - THE TAFFY MISSION TAFFY stands for Total Accurate Financial Forecasting for You. The TAFFY Software Corporation is a Cloud based Business and Personal Financial Planning software application company. Our first product entitled, TAFFY MyVenture Online, will empower the Everyday Entrepreneur and the SMB/SME Market with a low cost and simple Financial Planning Solution. Our second product, entitled TAFFY MyFuture Online, empowers the Everyday Man or Woman with a simple and powerful Financial Planning tool. Both of our solutions take the user far beyond a patchwork of spreadsheets to resolve their financial planning needs. Additionally, TAFFY solutions will serve Banks, Wealth Management Groups, Financial Services and Business App Groups. We also will serve Dynamic Web App Venues and Handheld Device Solutions for companies such as Google, Apple, Android and Facebook. All of these types of organizations are aggressively looking to increase and diversify their web and application based revenue streams. We believe that we have discovered a highly profitable bypass revenue model that generates significant sales for both TAFFY as the solution provider and our aforementioned clientele. In other words, our clientele relationships are not based on delivering as a “Software Vendor” but rather as a “Revenue Partner” serving our clientele and their subsequent eCommerce end user customers. Our solution deployment method will make enabling this type of joint venture revenue sharing model very, very simple. Example - TAFFY MyFuture: Your Organizations Monthly Cost per User $10.00. Your Customers MSRP $19.99 Monthly. Your Profit is $9.99 Per User Monthly…it is really that simple. The brunt of our TAFFY MyVenture App completely bridges the gap between fundamental accounting and financial planning which are typically two separate functions and departments within any given business. Until now, businesses have had no choice but to endure performing their budgeting processes through the daunting and labor-intensive use of spreadsheets, or they all face the dilemma of purchasing cost prohibitive software that requires ongoing expensive licensing, integration, customization and training costs. The TAFFY MyFuture App enables it users with many of the same capabilities, however with a more “simplified user experience” for the non-accountant layman. All of our solutions are powered by the base TAFFY SAAS-Engine with the backend deployment, data management, and security provided and managed by IBM. TAFFY SOFTWARE IS MEETING THE MARKET Any individual, startup, or any size operating businesses ranging from Fortune $5.00 to Fortune 500 can utilize TAFFY. In addition to the SMB market, Global Corporate Finance divisions within the world’s top Accounting firms, Early Stage Investors, Venture Capitalists, Investment Banks, and SMB Lenders are also easily within the TAFFY market scope. The TAFFY SAAS-Engine Co-Branded licensing solutions are true low cost solutions with multiple product offerings ranging from the Single User, Multi User Limited, Enterprise, and/or Online Term Project Solutions. Stephen Hunt, Sr. Manager, Accenture - Finance & Performance Management Service Line Forecasts and budgets are often inaccurate. Despite technological advances, most organizations use a patchwork of spreadsheet models to undertake their forecasting and budgeting, with multiple hand-offs and revisions throughout the process. Inaccuracies arise due to lack of version control, transposition of numbers and unallocated numbers (“buckets”) with aggregated data not equaling the sum of their parts. The cost of existing forecasting and budgeting processes is significant and appears to be growing every year.
  2. 2. Confidential & Proprietary Document Page 2 TAFFY COMPETITION IN COMPARISON TAFFY meets the market demand through two of our solutions - TAFFY MyVenture and TAFFY MyFuture. Yes, like our competitors, TAFFY can offer its customers a thousand sliced and diced reporting configurations and planning venues, as well as user accessibility from any and everywhere…that is a given. However, TAFFY solutions resolve a long ignored systemic integration issue as well as introduces a far more accurate forecasting method that is the perfect convergence of realistic forecasted transactions and financial reporting reconciliation. We strongly believe our proprietary TAFFY ALM (Automated Historical GL Data Migration) and TAFFY smartCell (simplified Debit and Credit selections enabled through a single “right click” on your mouse) will eventually become a highly sought after “missing link” for not only the general market, but by our competitors. They will, without a doubt, want to couple the TAFFY differentiators within their solutions. Below is our applicable assessment, pursuant to a comparison/contrast illustration, in context to the most requested feature improvement requirements expressed by major industry leaders such as Accenture, Price Waterhouse Coopers and Ernst & Young. TAFFY and its competitors meet the standard feature EXPECTIONS illustrated below. Consequently, TAFFY continues far beyond that barrier by offering its clients forward thinking and logical NECESSITIES such as "seamless and costless" Accounting Software system integration, revolutionary Accrual based transaction forecasting across the entire GL (General Ledger) spectrum, and Multiple GL Layering for Parent Subsidiary Forecasting and Report Consolidation. Finally, TAFFY dramatically reduces the ECONOMIC purchasing barriers while broadening the entire clientele demographic. THE MARKETING APPROACH “TAFFY and IBM Hand in Hand” The TAFFY Software Corporation is in a three prong partnership with IBM starting with the exclusive deployment of the SAAS version of TAFFY on their very highly touted IBM “On Demand” IS backbone. We are also solidifying the terms of a revenue sharing agreement and a co-marketing and direct sales partnership with IBM that should strengthen the introduction and position of TAFFY in the market place. Through this IBM partnership all TAFFY users at every level will receive world class IBM security protocols, data management, and support. During the final phase of product commercialization, beta demonstrations pertaining to TAFFY’s core functionality and our SAAS and Desktop licensing models will commence. TAFFY will benefit greatly from its IBM partnership in addition to the SAAS deployment of software which is now solidly on track and
  3. 3. Confidential & Proprietary Document Page 3 on the rise. The client economy for SAAS solutions allows the client user to spread their software cost out over time, reducing internal IT costs, and receiving vastly improved data security and management. TAFFY SOFTWARE MARKET RANGE & CAPACITY The following market analyses were conducted by leading analysts that subsequently reinforce the potential market growth within our industry: • MarketsandMarkets.com in their report, Cloud Computing Market – Global Forecast (2010 -2015), predicts that the global cloud computing market is expected to grow from $37.8 billion in 2010 to $121.1 billion in 2015 at a CAGR (Compound Growth Annual Rate) of 26.2% from 2010 to 2015. • The Gartner Group projects SAAS subscription license revenues will hit $40.5 billion in 2014. Gartner also states that the global cloud services market will surpass $109 billion in 2012. • BPaaS (also known as business process as a service) represents the largest segment, accounting for about 77 percent of the total market, while IaaS (infrastructure as a service) is the fastest-growing segment of the public cloud services market and is expected to grow 45.4 percent in 2012. FUNDING REQUIREMENTS The TAFFY Software Corporation is seeking to raise an initial funding round totaling $3.5 million in exchange for 2.5 million shares of preferred stock representing a 25% equity position. These funds will be utilized to complete our entire product line within 180 days, in addition to supporting full product deployment and support programs. General administration and initial product marketing costs will also be supported by these initial funds. EXIT STRATEGY PRELUDE The current productization and organizational effort put forth is to position this product for a merger and/or acquisition. It is our intent to take this product’s differentiating “must have” functionality straight to organizations and industry leaders who have the capacity to integrate TAFFY into their current software deliverables and/or business workflow processes. Our initial product positioning is a prelude to our exit strategy. Banking, Retirement Planning, and the Business Consulting industries all have the captive client base and distribution channels that TAFFY seeks to serve. Considering our very unique software operability, simplicity, and market variety products, TAFFY is an excellent acquisition target. Merging the TAFFY product premise with the Banking or Finance industries market franchise and goodwill would bring a fantastic solution opportunity to the market at the perfect time given the current economic conditions of the world. TAFFY can
  4. 4. Confidential & Proprietary Document Page 4 chiefly assist most everyone in properly realigning their financial goals. The TAFFY Software Corporation offers every one of its partners a greater competitive advantage in the market as a more comprehensive and complete service, or software provider. The Acquisition sale price will be based on $15.4 Million in Projected Revenue illustrated in Year 3 month 12, times 5 totaling $76.9 Million. Investor(s) obtaining a 25% ownership position can anticipate a 549% return on a $3.5 Million investment. FINANCIAL OVERVIEW CONTACT: The TAFFY Software Corporation Tod Lockhart, CEO - Email: todlockhart@taffysoftware.com Direct: 512-565-9170 Lisa Burns, MD Product Integration – Email: lisaburns@taffysoftware.com Direct: 512-426-2400 Official TAFFY Website: http://www.taffysoftware.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TAFFYSoftware