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4.2 Economic Importance of turnaround Projects         5.6.2   Cranes                                    ...
Market study „technical services for turnarounds in Petrochemical Plants“FaX: +49 (0)30 - 88 43 07 30ContaCt Us        Yes...
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Technical Services for Turnarounds in Petrochemical Plants Germany, Austria, Switzerland


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Technical Services for Turnarounds in Petrochemical Plants Germany, Austria, Switzerland

  1. 1. MarkEt stUdYGErManY, aUstrIa, swItzErlandTechnical ServiceS for TurnaroundSin PeTrochemical PlanTSThiS STudy anSwerS TheSe queSTionS:› What volume of turnaround services are contracted out by petrochemical plant operators?› How will demand and supply for turnaround services evolve in the future?› Who provides technical services for turnarounds?› How will competition between turnaround service providers develop?› How do quality, safety and risk management considerations affect service providers contracted for turnaround projects?› What are the most successful contractual models and how will future contracts be structured?› What requirements do service providers have to meet to gain significant market share in the turnaround sector?› What strategic opportunities do turnaround service providers have?› What global trends affect German speaking technical service providers?who Should read The STudy?The study provides valuable information for providers of technical services and petrochemical plant operators:› Executive Management› Site Managers› Production Managers InvolvInGoPEr ators› Turnaround Managers 39 P l a n t C E P r ov I d E r s› Purchasing Managers 159 sErvI vIEws› Investors and financial institutions 99 IntEr Io analYsts› Marketing & Sales 9 sCE n a r
  2. 2. stUdY oBjECtIvEs and BEnEFIts ContEntthe European petrochemical industry is currently facing significant changes in the patterns of demand for 1 Management summaryproducts and an ever increasing competition between regional sites. Maintaining the maximum availabilityof production facilities is a critical factor for the success of a site. the efficient management of shutdown 2 objectives and approachprojects to minimise downtime is a critical issue for operators. 2.1 Backgroundthe performance of these projects depends in great part on the management and competencies of external 2.2 study aimstechnical service providers. In turn, service providers face challenges driven by reductions in turnaround 2.3 scopetimes and costs, longer periods between shutdowns and the need to increase their share of integrated 2.4 Methodologyadditional projects. 2.5 sample compositionagainst this background it is surprising that there has been no systematic documentation of the German 2.6 Problems and limitations of the studyspeaking turnaround service market or transparent coverage of service providers for petrochemical turna- 2.7 definitionsround projects. this study, part of a series addressing turnaround service provision in major global markets, 2.8 turnaround briefingprovides the data and analysis you need to make effective decisions for turnaround strategy and contracting. 3 Framework conditions 3.1 legislation 3.1.1 National RegulationsaPProaCh 3.1.2 3.1.3 EC Regulations and Guidelines National Implementationthe t.a. Cook studies & research team conducted a 6 month research project analysing the market. an 3.2 Economic framework conditionsextensive and unique survey was conducted among petrochemical plant operators and service providers 3.2.1 World Economyin Germany, austria and switzerland. this survey was complemented by expert interviews and a concludingdelphi study. Publicly available information from sources including databases, news and media was also used. 3.2.2 Economy in Germany, Austria and Switzerland 3.2.3 Plant Operators’ Economic Situation 3.2.4 Service Providers’ Economic Situation 3.3 turnaround requirements specific to the Petrochemical Industryt.a. Cook 3.3.1 3.3.2 Plant Knowledge Service Quality 3.3.3 Scheduling Compliancet.a. Cook is a management consulting firm focusing on asset Performance Management with offices in 3.3.4 CertificationBerlin, Birmingham, london, raleigh and rio de janeiro.the core competence of the consulting business is the sustainable implementation of asset, operations 3.3.5 Human Resource Capacitiesand service-oriented excellence. as a change management specialist, the firm delivers measurable value 3.3.6 Quality Managementenhancement and bottom-line productivity gains. In order to achieve these results t.a. Cook offers a wide 3.3.7 Safety Managementrange of professional services which ensure that all business processes – from strategy definition throughmanagement to organisational design – are effective, efficient and sustainable.Complementing the consulting business, the t.a. Cook academy has become a leading organiser of inter- 4 Petrochemical plantsnational conferences and seminars relating to asset Performance Management. annual events include 4.1 overviewthe Maindays summit as well as conferences centred on topics such as shutdowns & turnarounds and 4.1.1 Northern GermanyCapex Management. 4.1.2 Southern Germanyt.a. Cook’s clients are typically businesses, their suppliers and contractors working with significant indus-trial assets across multiple sectors. the company has particular expertise in the petrochemicals, plastics, 4.1.3 Austriapharmaceutical, transport, mining and food sectors as well as excellent knowledge of the regulated 4.1.4 Switzerlandenvironments occupied by gas, water and electricity
  3. 3. 4.2 Economic Importance of turnaround Projects 5.6.2 Cranes Voith Industrial Services Holding GmbH4.3 demand for turnaround services 5.6.3 Temporary Maintenance Workshops Dipl.-Ing. H. Weber GmbH & Co. Factors Determining the Demand for 5.6.4 Accommodation Facilities WWV Wärmeverwertung GmbH & Co. Technical Services 5.6.5 Containers 7.2 Competitive dynamics and Current4.3.2 Assessing the Volume of Current Petro- 5.6.6 Site Transport developments chemical Market Demand for Turnarounds 5.7 scaffolding 7.2.1 Positioning of the Main Providers4.3.3 Digression: Overall Demand for 5.8 Cleaning 7.2.2 Market Trends Turnaround Projects 5.8.1 Cleaning Areas 7.3 Company Profiles of selected service 5.8.2 Asset Cleaning Providers5 special services for turnarounds 5.9 Construction5.1 Project management 8 Future trends, strategies and scenarios5.1.1 Project management organisational models 6 Business and organizational Models of 8.1 Market development trends5.1.2 Project management objectives technical service Providers 8.1.1 Development of Demand by 20205.2 Mechanical trades 6.1 structure of services 8.1.2 Influence of Investment Projects5.2.1 Machinery & equipment 6.1.1 History 8.1.3 Changes in Turnaround Strategy5.2.2 Fittings 6.1.2 Systematization of the Provider Groups 8.1.4 Developments in Relationship Management5.2.3 Pipefitting 6.2 the demand conflict in turnarounds 8.1.5 Competition and Market Development5.2.4 Insulating, corrosion and surface protection 6.2.1 Too Many or too Few Projects 8.1.6 Influence of Technological Developments5.2.5 Blinds set/blinds pull 6.2.2 Escaping the Demand Conflict 8.2 development Prospects and Potential5.2.6 Sealmaking 6.3 Business Models of turnaround Market scenarios5.2.7 Coordinators service Companies 8.2.1 Scenario 1: Dominant Service Provider5.2.8 Excursus welding 6.3.1 Basic Business Models 8.2.2 Scenario 2: Mobile Turnaround Networks5.3 Electrical trades 6.3.2 Relationship between Operator and 8.3 strategic options5.3.1 Electrical Equipment (Measuring and Technical Service Provider Control Valves) 6.3.3 Remuneration Structures 9 appendices5.3.2 Electrical Installation 6.4 Marketing and sales 9.1 list of Figures5.3.3 Control systems 9.2 list of tables5.3.4 Overhaul of Electrical Engineering 7 Market actors and competition 9.3 Bibliography5.4 health & safety 7.1 top 13 turnaround service Providers 9.4 overview of scheduled shutdowns5.4.1 Safety Equipment 7.1.1 Bilfinger Berger AG (BIS Group) 9.5 supplier overview5.4.2 Monitoring 7.1.2 Buchen Group5.4.3 Safety Procedures 7.1.3 Ebert Hera Group5.4.4 Fire Control 7.1.4 Hertel GmbH Germany5.4.5 Security Posts 7.1.5 IMO Industriemontagen Merseburg GmbH5.5 Inspection and Certification 7.1.6 Infracor GmbH5.5.1 Statutory Inspections 7.1.7 Johann Rohrer GmbH5.5.2 Inspection Companies 7.1.8 MCE Industrietechnik Ost GmbH5.6 Infrastructure & logistics 7.1.9 Tectrion GmbH5.6.1 Construction Site Lighting & Power ThyssenKrupp Xervon GmbH
  4. 4. Market study „technical services for turnarounds in Petrochemical Plants“FaX: +49 (0)30 - 88 43 07 30ContaCt Us Yes I would like to order Please send me details of Expert pool 1 copy of the study at the price of 3.900 a unique version of the study document Please invite me to T.A. Cook expert EURO (plus VAT).* tailored specifically for my company pool for 3 copies of the study at total price of 5.900 a German-language version of this study Turnarounds EURO (plus VAT).* an equivalent market study of petrochemical Maintenance a company license at the price of 11.000 plant turnarounds for Western Europe EURO (plus VAT).* Utilities * Survey participants enjoy 10% discount. Petrochemical Industry Name, Surname Job Title Department Telefon Fax Email Company Industry Street Zip-code | City Alternative billing address Date Signature ContaCt For further information on this study or on T.A. Cook’s Research & Studies group, please contact Dr. Dirk Meissner at: Tel.: +49 (0)30 - 88 43 07 0 | email: T.A. Cook & Partner Consultants GmbH | Leipziger Platz 2 | 10117 Berlin | Fax: +49 (0)30 - 88 43 07 30 |