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Twitter Takeaways on Following


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A simple one-page white paper with general reminders, tools, and tips for best Twitter engagement practices.

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Twitter Takeaways on Following

  1. 1. By Rachel Moore, The Alternative Board©2012 The Alternative Board, Inc. 1Be An Effective Follower on TwitterIt’s not about how many followers you can get;it’s about how many relevant followers you can get.”Retweet, or Share, a Tweet to your followers.indicates you modified a Retweet before sharing it.Mention or direct a Tweet at a specific user.Indicate a keyword or topic of your Tweet for searchabilityDirect Message a Twitter user privately.Before you follow, take 2 minutes to do these steps:Timeline of their Tweets – what is their content like?Bio – is it present? Is it professional and written well?Who are they following?Keep your Tweets brief: