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Trans4M Regional Transit Authority Webinar - March 12, 2012


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Trans4M Regional Transit Authority Webinar - March 12, 2012

  1. 1. Webinar: A Regional Transit Authority for Southeast Michigan Presented By: Megan Owens, Transportation Riders United (TRU) Richard Murphy, Michigan Suburbs AllianceDave Bulkowski, Disability Advocates of Kent County Tim Fischer, Michigan Environmental Council March 12, 2012
  2. 2. Transportation for Michigan (Trans4M) is a statewidecoalition working to create a stronger Michiganthrough transportation policy reform that will: •Revitalize Michigan’s cities and towns •Reconnect its people to opportunity, and •Spark a healthier economy
  3. 3. A Regional Transit Authority:What, Why, When, and How A Summary by Megan Owens, Executive Director of Transportation Riders United (TRU) March 12, 2012
  4. 4. Transportation Riders United is Detroit’s Transit AdvocateSince 1999, dedicated to improving transit throughout greater Detroit• Improve Bus Service• Remove Barriers to Rapid Transit• Promote Smart Transportation Investments
  5. 5. Current Transit Services• DDOT – Buses serve Detroit (unreliably)• SMART – Buses link inner suburbs – Connect into Detroit during rush hours only• People Mover – Circulates around downtown Detroit• Transit Windsor – Provides Tunnel Bus to Windsor• The Ride – Ann Arbor Transit Authority• Amtrak – Three trains a day to Chicago
  6. 6. Southeast Michigan needs more and better transit• To get people to work, school, doctors, groceries, and elsewhere – Over 30% of Detroit households don’t have access to a car – Nearly 30% of people are too young, too old, or physically unable to drive• To increase the region’s competitiveness• Effective travel throughout region, regardless of city or county borders
  7. 7. As every other big city has learned, aneffective regional transit system requires an effective Regional Transit Authority.
  8. 8. Regional Transit Authority (RTA) Bills• New legislation was introduced in January – In the Senate by Senator Casperson (SB 909) and – In the House by Rep. Townsend (HB 5309) – Strongly supported by Governor Snyder.• Would establish a Regional Transit Authority for: – Macomb County – Oakland County, – Washtenaw County, and – Wayne County, – Including the city of Detroit.
  9. 9. Southeast Michigan needs an effective Regional Transit Authority• To coordinate current transit services,• To provide new funding options• One agency focused on improving transit• Someone in charge of expanding transit
  10. 10. The new RTA would:• Coordinate transit in the four-county region – Require better cooperation between DDOT and SMART;• Plan, fund, and operate a Rolling Rapid Transit service on four main routes: – Woodward, – Gratiot, – A Oakland-Macomb cross-county route, and – A Detroit – Metro Airport - Ann Arbor route;• Propose to the voters a new regional vehicle registration fee to fund transit.
  11. 11. The new RTA would be:• Governed by a Board: – Two people appointed by each county, – One appointed by Detroit, and – One non-voting appointee of the Governor as chair.• Run by a professional staff• Advised by a Citizens’ Advisory Committee including: – Transit riders, – Seniors, and – People with disabilities.
  12. 12. Regional Transit Authority Bills Could Be Improved• Should not be biased against rail – Requires unanimous Board vote to allow any rail service in the region• Should do more to protect current bus riders – Detroit only gets one vote – Needs more focus on improving current service• Should be focused regionally – Requires 85% of moneys raised in each county to be spent in that county, regardless of need
  13. 13. Help Make It Happen!1. Tell your state legislators to support the RTA bills! – Urge them to improve it, if possible2. Get your friends, family, co-workers and bus buddies to advocate to legislators too3. Urge your organization, church, club, or other group to send a letter of support4. Join TRU’s e-newsletter to get updates on RTA and other Detroit transit issues
  14. 14. RTA: funding sources• Just how do we fund the proposed rapid transit network?• How does the RTA affect the funding of the existing transit agencies?• What about the rest of the transit agencies around the state?
  15. 15. RTA: federal fundingCurrent: Proposed:•Federal Transit Administration provides •RTA becomes “designated recipient” ofboth formula-based and discretionary funds Federal funds, passes through to localto AATA and to RTCC as “designated agencies.recipients” for the Ann Arbor and Detroit •Every agency receives funds “as if it wereurban areas. receiving independently”—the RTA can’t•Funds pass through RTCC to SMART and move around Federal funds betweenDDOT as “sub-recipients” agencies.•Several small, rural providers also sub- •Rapid transit system would be new sub-recipients through AATA, RTCC. recipient with its own passthrough. FTA operating and FTA operating and capital funds capital funds New RTA RTCC Rapid AATA Transit AATA SMART DDOT SMART DDOT
  16. 16. RTA: state fundingCurrent: Proposed:•Michigan provides formula operating •State formula funds would pass throughfunds to local transit providers based on RTA to local agencies in the metro region.“eligible costs”. •Each agency’s funding calculated as if it•Set amount available in each state had applied independently—RTA can’tbudget: for one agency to get more move funds around.funding, others have to get less. •New rapid transit NOT ELIGIBLE for formula operating support: will not compete for funding with existing agencies. State formula operating funds State formula operating funds New RTA AATA SMART DDOT Rapid Transit AATA SMART DDOT
  17. 17. RTA: regional fundingCurrent: Proposed:•There is no existing regional transit •RTA could ask voters for a vehiclefunding. registration fee to fund transit. Vote is all-or-nothing, not per-county. (SB 912) •Fee could not exceed $1.20 per $1,000 of vehicle value ($40 max on average vehicle). Voter-approved vehicle registration fee New RTA Rapid Transit AATA SMART DDOT
  18. 18. RTA: county fundingCurrent: Proposed:•There is no existing county transit •Any county could ask voters for a vehiclefunding. registration fee to fund transportation— not limited to transit. (SB 910) •Fee could not exceed $1.80 per $1,000 of vehicle value—that limit would be reduced in counties where RTA also collected a registration fee. Voter-approved vehicle registration fee County Treasurer Road Other Commission transportation purposes Local Local road transit agencies or RTA
  19. 19. RTA: local fundingCurrent: Proposed:•Existing transit agencies are funded •RTA legislation does not appear toby a variety of millages and general affect existing local transit funding orfund allocations. ability to fund transit.•SMART’s funding can look likecounty-wide (Macomb) or regional(tri-county) funding, but opt-in/opt-out provisions make it very “local.” Local millages SMART Local millages SMART City of Detroit City of Detroit and purchase millage in and purchase millage in general fund general fund of service opt-in areas of service opt-in areas AATA SMART DDOT AATA SMART DDOT
  20. 20. RTA: funding implications• Federal, state, and local funding to • Rapid transit concept under existing transit providers—in metro discussion estimated at $500 million area and statewide—appears construction, $22 million annual protected. operating. (Very, very, very rough estimate!)• Exception: SMART and DDOT federal funding calculated • RTA vehicle registration fee estimated independently, not totaled and split to collect $119 million/year at 65/35. maximum rate.• All counties statewide would gain a • Primary purpose of RTA vehicle new transportation funding option registration understood as funding (SB 910); the RTA would also get an rapid transit—but appears sufficient option specific to transit. (SB 912) to allow RTA to pass some funding to local agencies.
  21. 21. Wednesday, March 21 – Friday March 23, 2012 Website: Facebook: Twitter: Hashtag: #miodyssey