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Coaching Better Basketball 2


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To become a better coach, baby

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Coaching Better Basketball 2

  1. 1. Communication mm t Consistent : When you talk to your team you should never send 1) mixed signals because they will be confused and lost. The players should always trust you. Coaches should never change their tone of their voice because it can have a negative tone. Honesty: Always tell the truth with your players, that way you will 2) earn the respect of your players. When a player makes a mistake correct in a positive way or the player will be discouraged. Be concise: Speak in a manner were the team can understand what 3) you are trying to communicate to them. Go straight to the point. Facial E F i l Expressions: Coaches can get their message t players without i Ch t th i to l ith t 4) ) saying anything. Players can read a coach emotions by reading their face. Always have a smile on your face because it can help a struggling py player. Body language: Coaches body language should show happiness, 5) energy, and class. Listen: Coaches have to listen and see the verbal and non-verbal 6) actions of their players. The more your practice on listening to your team, the more you will learn about your team.
  2. 2. Be a father to your players The players should be able to talk to a coach about basketball and 1) non-basketball issues. 2) Giving words of wisdom that you tell your players will carry with them in the future. 3) A k a coach ask your self thi i winning important? C Ask hk lf this is i i i t t? Can I make my k players become better men in the future?
  3. 3. Training players off-season off season Identify strength and weakness of players: Talk to every player in 1) your team about their strength and weakness about their game. Have each player write down a schedule on what things they will need to do to improve their skills. Map out your practice schedule: Having a practice schedule will 2) keep the intensity, focus, and work ethic of each player. It will improve each player’s skills every practice. Schedule days for shooting, passing, running, and free throw drills. Coaches remember they way you practice is the way you play. Keeping the eye on the prize: Players would work develop work 3) ethic, and be more committed to play basketball. A committed player will show the results during a game Players with good work game. ethic will be with them forever in life.
  4. 4. Halftime adjustments Head your team to the locker room: This way your team will not be 1) distracted f di t t d from fans, cheerleaders, and f il Thi will k f h ld d family. This ill keep your coaching staff and players focus for the next half of the game. Let the players rest: Have the players catch their breathes, and in 2) their body. Do not start yelling at your team because it will affect how they will play in the second half of the game. Make adjustments: Tell your team what you will do differently in 3) the second half . Keep the plays that have been working for your team in the first half. Do not change too much of your game plan because players will become confuse and forget what you have change in the game plan. Ask questions: Ask your players if they have questions on the new 4) game plan and if they understood it. The most important thing is it that every player is on the same page. Positive reinforcement: Give some positive encouragement before 5) the second half starts so the players will play much harder and faster th before. G t your players h f t than b f Get l hyped up and light a fi under d d li ht fire d their butts.
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