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Oldham Council Underage Drinking Document


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Oldham Council Underage Drinking Document

  1. 1. Page 1Item number: 00Update on Recommendations of the Project Panel – UnderageDrinking 2008Chris Sykes, Head of Service, Community Safety Services10thJanuary 2011A PURPOSE OF THE REPORTAt the Performance and Value for Money Select Committee on the 28thOctober 2010, itwas requested that a review be conducted of the Underage DrinkingRecommendations, progress to deliver the recommendations, and the new OldhamAlcohol Strategy.B BACKGROUNDIn 2008 a Project Board was established to consider the nature and extent of problemscaused by underage drinking and to make recommendations which were to inform afuture action plan.The recommendations came at a time when there was growing concern about alcoholuse, not just with the under-aged but also with the general population of Oldham.Subsequently a review and rewriting of the borough’s alcohol harm reduction strategycommenced.The Alcohol Strategy: ‘putting alcohol in its place’ is a high level strategic documentsplit into four broad themes :-• Culture and Communication,• Children and Young People,• Treatment and Care,• Crime, ASB and Safety.Each of these themes has a strategic lead and a reference group, which are answerableto the Alcohol Strategy Development Group, which in turn is answerable to the Healthand Well Being Partnership Board.It was agreed that the recommendations from the Scrutiny Review would be crossreferenced with the alcohol strategy to ensure that all of the points were beingaddressed.
  2. 2. Page 2Item number: 00It should be noted that the alcohol strategy is still in its consultation draft and is subjectto change. It must also be noted that the Safe and Strong Communities Board havecommented on the alcohol strategy and have suggested that there needs to be morefocus on prevention in the children and young people’s theme of the strategy.C THE PROJECT BOARD – UNDERAGE DRINKING RECOMMENDATIONSThe report of the overview and Scrutiny Select Group on Underage Drinking madeseveral recommendations, divided into several groups, as follows :-• General Recommendations• For Government Recommendations• For the Court Service Recommendations• For the Council Recommendations• For the Council and all partner agency RecommendationsAppendix A of this document reviews each of these recommendations, with a particularfocus on the recommendation relevant to Oldham Council and its Partners.D THE ALCOHOL STRATEGYThe strategy is in its final draft and advice is being sought from EMT / Leadership /Cabinet on taking this forward for approval in order for there to be a clear vision toaddress alcohol related harm in Oldham.It is acknowledged that implementation of the strategy would require investment aboveexisting resources to reduce alcohol related harm and that in times of austerity this willbe difficult. At this point agreement is sought to the overall strategic intent withoutcommitment to specific investment. Investment will be addressed during the creation ofimplementation plans for the strategy and agreement to invest will be proposed to theHealth and Wellbeing Board.The strategy is a coherent vision for the Oldham Partnership to address alcohol relatedharm. In implementation, each of the four themes would have an implementation groupwhich is led by a senior officer. The implementation groups are coming together underthe following headings.Culture and Communication theme led by the Director of Public Health. Althoughthere is not a specific implementation group for this theme it will however be serviced bythe overarching Alcohol Strategy Group.Children, People and Families theme led by the Associate Director of Children andYoung People’s services. The implementation group is serviced by the Children, Young
  3. 3. Page 3Item number: 00People and Families Substance Misuse Group, which is led by the Drug and AlcoholAction team. This group has recently been convened.Crime, Anti – Social Behaviour and Safety theme led by the Superintendent GMP.The implementation group is serviced by the Alcohol and NightTime Economy group,which is led by Community Safety Services. This group has met on several occasions.Treatment and Care theme led by the Director of Public Health. However theimplementation group is led by the Drug and Alcohol Action Team through the AlcoholTreatment Group. This group is establishedEach of the implementation groups will produce an action plan for the following year inorder to implement the strategy. However the creation of the initial strategyimplementation plans will be in quarter four of 2010/11; this will be achieved through aworkshop, which will also be the launch of the strategy. All members of the referencegroups, industry representation and Cabinet members will be invited to attend andinfluence the implementation workshop.The current governance arrangements are under review owing to the changes in thefunction and membership of the Health and Well Being Partnership Board, which will beaddressed in 2011/12.E CONCLUSIONSince 2008, significant work has been undertaken across Oldham to tackle theproblems of alcohol and in particular target underage drinking. A new Alcohol Strategyis being developed and several theme groups are already working to the strategy,coordinating work across the Partnership to address the issues caused by alcohol.Significant work has been undertaken to educate and enforce against underagedrinking, such as the Challenge 25 scheme, alcohol awareness publicity and work withthe licensed trade.There is now a Strategic Coordinating Body in place – the Alcohol SteeringGroup, that will now lead this area of work and the majority of the originalrecommendations made have been incorporated into that Strategy. In addition, GoOldham has been developed to provide coordinated diversionary activities for youngpeople, reducing Anti-Social Behaviour.APPENDICES
  4. 4. Page 4Item number: 00
  5. 5. Page 5Item number: 00Appendix A – RecommendationsRecommendations Progress to DateGeneralRecommendations1. That the good work undertaken by the Council and allpartners to tackle the problems of underage drinkingshould be celebrated and the relevant Executive Directoror Partner be authorised to undertake a mappingexercise to determine what work was being undertaken,by whom, where and how in Oldham.There is now a much clearer view of the work being undertaken acrossOldham to tackle Alcohol and Underage Drinking. The Alcohol Strategy andSteering Group now oversees our response to alcohol problems, with severalsub-groups reporting in. To inform the work a young people’s needsassessment has been completed, with regards to alcohol and substancemisuse. The alcohol strategy took account of this report.Recommendation DischargedFor Government –in response to theYouth AlcoholAction Plan2. That the relevant central government department workwith the Advertising Standards Agency to introducetougher controls on TV advertising and Media to ensurethat televised alcohol adverts are not directed at peopleunder 18 and are not of ‘particular appeal’ to them and,do not glamorise alcohol consumption.This is a recommendation for Government. However Oldham is regularlyconsulted upon with regards to national policy and also works hard toinfluence it. Oldham is represented on the AGMA Licensing Managers Groupand regularly contributes and feedbacks to Government through the LGALicensing Policy Forum. A recent example includes the discussions withregard to the fixed alcohol unit price issue.Recommendation Discharged3. That the relevant central government department workwith the Advertising Standards Agency to introduce acompulsory requirement on producers of televisionprogrammes that feature the consumption of alcohol intheir programme/episode, to make a clear statementabout the effects of alcohol and to advertise the numberof units of alcohol consumed daily that are consideredsafe in everyday ‘real life’, during and/or at the end of theprogramme/episode.That the relevant Executive Director and partners beauthorised to instigate dialogue with regional filmproducers with a view to such statements being made asreferred to above.As above. In addition, in Oldham we have promoted some short film clips realcohol as on the OldhamSays website.Recommendation Discharged
  6. 6. Page 6Item number: 004. That the relevant central government departmentundertakes to look at the way current nationalcampaigns are undertaken and the way in which thosemessages are being received and where. In addition itshould establish what young peoples’ understanding isof those messagesThere have been several recent National campaigns – e.g. The ‘Know YourLimits’ campaign. And in oldham we have led on providing information toyoung people on the effects of alcohol consumption through several differentforum.Recommendation Discharged5. That the Council and partners lobby local MPs andcentral government with a view to ensuring thatmeasures proposed in the Youth Alcohol Action Plan,particularly those relating to underage drinking andwhich make parents more accountable for the behaviourof their child, are included in any final documentation.The Youth Alcohol Action Plan was previously mentioned by the UnderageDrinking Workshop, who recommended this recommendation be deleted.The YAAP doesn’t exist any longer. In Oldham we work closely with parentswhere we can to support their children. In addition, the new Alcohol Strategyhas a Children and Young People section which impacts here.Some elements in Alcohol Strategy6. That central government and local MPs be lobbiedwith a view to:-(i) more powers being made available to the Police todisperse young people from incidents involving alcoholas they occurred.(ii) changes being made to the licensing legislation toensure that local and other public authorities areprovided with sufficient powers to address incidentsinvolving young people and alcohol in public placesmore effectively.Underage Drinking Workshop : The powers to issue dispersal orders arealready in place. Fines could not be issued to young people as they would beunder the influence of alcohol and therefore not realise the seriousness ofthe fine. Overnight ‘lock-up’ was not an option as it infringed on individualshuman rights. There was a need to focus ‘upstream’ and to ensure thatlicensing legislation, which at present was weak, dealt more effectivelywith those retailers and individuals who compromised the publichealth.Sufficient powers exist. We have focused our work in the last 12 months onappropriate use of the legislation, and work with retailers. Challenge 25 hasbeen introduced and Best Bar None.Some elements in Alcohol Strategy
  7. 7. Page 7Item number: 007. That the relevant Executive Director be authorised toundertake consultation with all schools in the Boroughwith a view to making health education an essential partof the school curricula for all children in Oldham from anearly age, linked to dealing with ‘peer’ pressure.That the relevant Executive Director, together withpartners, explore the feasibility of providing PersonalHealth and Social Education (PHSE) in all schools for allchildren aged 5 to 17, tailored according to their age.Health education in schools exists. The Alcohol Strategy also leads on thisarea.In Alcohol Strategy16.3 For theCourts Service8. That the local Courts Service be urged to considermore use of Parenting Orders, to place moreresponsibility on parents for their child’s behaviour.This is a recommendation for the Courts Service. The Court Service are keyin the Alcohol Strategy and these activities link with their responsibilities inthe strategy.In Alcohol Strategy16.4 For theCouncil9. That the Council work with partners to continue todevelop the website which features the work of theCouncil and partners and provides information on thevarious activities that are available for young peopleGo! Oldham is leading on developing the website to promote positiveactivities for young people. Anti-Social behaviour, which includes youthsdrinking in the street, is down significantly across Oldham.Go! Oldham10. That the relevant Executive Director be authorised toinstigate discussions with local bus companies with aview to establishing travel arrangements for youngpeople aged 11 – 18, including subsidised or free travel,at times suitable to the young people.School travel difficult to negotiate due to concessionary fare issues, GMPTAbeing the concessionary fare authority not us.No Update Available
  8. 8. Page 8Item number: 0011. That the relevant Executive Director be authorised towork with partners to develop leaflets to be circulated atappropriate locations, e.g. Schools and Colleges, retailshops and stores, leisure centres, Town and DistrictCentre shopping areas, etc, detailing information aboutthe activities which are available to young people andhow they could be accessed.Go! Oldham is leading on developing the website to promote positiveactivities for young people. Anti-Social behaviour, which includes youthsdrinking in the street, is down significantly across Oldham.Go! Oldham12. That the relevant Executive Director be authorised toliaise with the Manchester Chamber of Commerce(Oldham Link) with a view to raising the profile ofOldham as a place to live and work, together with theopportunities Oldham could offer to prospectiveinvestors.That research be instigated under the auspice ofOldham Partnership with a view to determining whatleisure facilities are needed in the Borough, whichshould inform the discussions with the ManchesterChamber of Commerce.Response from EPS:The Council is liaising closely with MIDAS which is the appropriate inwardinvestment agency working on behalf of all of the Greater ManchesterCouncils. However, work is currently underway to develop a new marketingplan for the Borough which will both improve our own approach with potentialinvestors as well as providing MIDAS with updated materials.A leisure review is currently underway as a precursor to the proposed leisureprocurement process.13. That the relevant Executive Director be requested todraw up a list of any small scale regeneration schemesthat could be implemented quickly, with a view toattracting larger schemes into the Borough and providingsome of the facilities that are needed for young people.That the relevant Area Committees be invited toparticipate in drafting the final area regeneration activityplans to ensure that there is sufficient provision forleisure facilities for young people.Response from EPS:At the time of the recommendation, a check was carried out and the ED ofEPS was satisfied that all possible schemes were being taken forward in thelight of available funding. This is still the case.Area Regeneration Officers work closely with the District Partnerships todevelop suitable schemes where resources are available e.g. sec 106, DPfunding, and also to develop potential projects suitable for funding bids.These projects have then been included within DP Plans according to thepriorities for each DP.
  9. 9. Page 9Item number: 0014. That the relevant Executive Director, together withpartners, be requested to undertake discussions withlocal and regional media and radio stations in Oldhamand the Greater Manchester area with a view toexploring the possibility of messages about the damagecaused by alcohol abuse being aired.Community Safety Services have worked closely with local media and theirhave been several media campaigns regarding alcohol. Several alcoholawareness radio messages have been aired on Revolution Radio as anexample.Go! Oldham16.5 For theCouncil and allpartners agencies15. That the educational activities and programmes forparents, together with appropriate literature to raise theawareness of alcohol misuse and the impact of parentsattitude towards alcohol could have on their child,continue to be made available and where possible,extended.Children and Parenting Issues are included in the Alcohol Strategy –Page 1916. That the relevant Executive Director be authorised toliaise with the Chief Executive of the Oldham PrimaryCare Trust (PCT), with a view to exploring other ways ofcommissioning alcohol activities, similar to thosecommissioned for drug services.That Oldham PCT continue to provide training ofrelevant emergency services staff, social workers,education welfare workers, health visitors, etc to enablethem to identify possible alcohol misuse in families andto report cases to the relevant agencies in order thatappropriate intervention may be arrangedCommissioning of alcohol activities is now more coordinated between theLocal Authority and NHS. The Drug and Alcohol Action Team alsocommission. More coordination will be achieved through the new AlcoholStrategy Steering Group.Treatment and Care Theme of Alcohol Strategy
  10. 10. Page 10Item number: 0017. That the relevant Executive Director and Partnersconsider how long-term initiatives and posts to tacklealcohol related issues could be recruited and funded,internally and externally of the Council.Over the past two years several posts have been created to tackle alcoholrelated issues. A Violent Crime Coordinator has been in post for some timenow (funded by Area Based Grant) with a focus on the Night Time Economy.An Alcohol Coordinator, working with the DAAT, is also currently developingthe alcohol strategy for the Borough.Posts subject to current structure and funding reviews18. That all staff who work with young people on a dailybasis provide a mentoring role to deter the young peopleaway from alcohol.Staff working with young people understand their responsibilities regardingmentoring. In addition, the wide consultation and support for the new AlcoholStrategy and its prominence at the Safe and Strong CommunitiesPartnership Board has ensured its cross partnership support.Alcohol Strategy19. That the Partnership with the involvement of allpartners, be requested to review the Strategy developed,taking into account the initiatives proposed in theGovernment’s Youth Alcohol Action Plan, to ensure it isappropriate to address the issues relating to underagedrinking.The Alcohol Strategy is now the main product driving the Borough responseto Alcohol, including underage drinking.Alcohol Strategy20 (i) That in respect of collaborated working, therelevant Executive Director in collaboration with relevantpartners, be requested to undertake any furthernecessary work to explore the issue further.The Alcohol Strategy is now the main product driving the Borough responseto Alcohol, including underage drinking. The strategy has been widelyconsulted upon.Alcohol Strategy
  11. 11. Page 11Item number: 0020 (ii) That the Alcohol Commissioning Working Groupof the Oldham Partnership be requested to coordinateany actions arising from the recommendations approvedby Cabinet.The Alcohol Strategy is now the main product driving the Borough responseto Alcohol, including underage drinking. The strategy has been widelyconsulted upon. A steering group has been developed with several themegroups driving the work.Alcohol Strategy20 (iii) (a) the targeting of parents whose drinking iscausing a risk to the well-being of their child(ren) becontinued;(b) the introduction and/or use of more educationalactivities in schools e.g. drama plays and theatreworkshops with young people in role plays, to raise theawareness of the problems amongst young people, beexplored;(c) the production of literature and/or a toolkit for parentsto provide them with knowledge about alcohol misuseand how to identify symptoms of alcohol consumption;(d) school staff and/or parents being able to identifythose young people suspected of alcohol misuse;(e) to initiate and undertake organised activities foryoung children such as rock climbing, hill walking,drama, music art and/or culture classes, adventureactivities, etc;(f) the Council to encourage partners to apply for fundingand assist where necessary;(g) production of leaflets giving contact details ofagencies involved in working with young people involvedin alcohol misuse, to be made available to every schoolThe Alcohol Strategy is now the main product driving the Borough responseto Alcohol, including underage drinking. The strategy has been widelyconsulted upon. A steering group has been developed with several themegroups driving the work.The Children and Young People Theme has two main objectives :-1. To protect children, young people and families from alcohol-related harmand encourage a safer relationship with alcohol consumption.2. To reduce the number of under-18 alcohol specific admissions to hospitalby 5% by 2014/15 compared to 2006/07.This theme group will consider these recommendations in conjunction with itsoverall mandate as described in the Alcohol Strategy.Alcohol Strategy and Go Oldham
  12. 12. Page 12Item number: 00child parent as well as in schools;(h) (i) explore the possibility of acquiring empty ‘Pub’premises for conversion to community/youth activitiesuse;(h) (ii) explore the possibility of using council ownedbuildings such as schools, leisure centres, etc, for theprovision of appropriate facilities for young people attimes that are suitable to them;(h) (iii) funding for the purchase of a number of copies ofthe DVD entitled ‘Plastered’ at £50 per copy, be exploredjointly with partners;(i) the DVD be made available to schools and possiblycolleges and the relevant Executive Director andpartners liaise with schools as to the most effective waysof delivering the DVD messages;(20)(iv) the relevant Executive Director and partnersliaise with schools and colleges with a view to devising aeducational ‘toolkit’ and other educational programmesthat might accompany the DVD when it is presented toyoung people in schools and colleges.The Children and Young People Theme group will consider theserecommendations in conjunction with its overall mandate as described in theAlcohol Strategy.Alcohol Strategy
  13. 13. Page 13Item number: 00(21)(i) That the relevant Executive Directors berequested to liaise with Oldham Partnership with a viewto establishing a plan detailing the actions required to beundertaken, with the involvement of all partners in thatprocess.(ii) That the Oldham Partnership Alcohol Commission setup under the LAA Safe and Strong Communities Theme,in consultation with relevant partners, lead on anyactions arising and report progress on the performanceof those actions, together with any known impact, to thePerformance and Value For Money Select Committee.The Alcohol Strategy is now the main product driving the Borough responseto Alcohol, including underage drinking. The strategy has been widelyconsulted upon. A steering group has been developed with several themegroups driving the work.Alcohol Strategy