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Collesi Beer

  1. 1. birra artigianal e
  2. 2. the beer factory Our beers are brewed at LA FABBRICA DELLA BIRRA (The Beer Factory) TENUTE COLLESI located in the medieval village called Apecchio, at the border between Tuscany, Marche, Umbria and Romagna. The factory is situated at 700mts above sea level in the mountainous area of Monte Nerone. Thanks to this strategic geographical position COLLESI can exploit the pure and limpid natural spring water from Monte Nerone, which has the ideal characteristics for the beer production (very calcareous).
  3. 3. our philosophy Excellence in brewing is all about finding the perfect balance between craft and science, between natural ingredients and processes. All the Collesi Beers – unpasteurized, unfiltered and naturally re-fermented in the bottle - are brewed in small batches with the traditional top fermenting method, with a moderate hop bitterness profile. Our objective is to preserve the quality of the selected raw materials throughout the brewing process in order to offer to our consumers full flavored beers, while keeping freshness, smoothness and pleasantness.
  4. 4. our beers COLLESI control directly the whole production cycle, from raw materials to bottling:  the barley comes from the farm belonging to the Collesi family  malting is made in a modern malt house partially owned by Tenute Collesi  the water comes from the natural spring of Monte Nerone  fermentation is totally made at La Fabbrica della Birra under the supervision of a Belgian beer master  bottling and labeling are also made at our premises
  5. 5. the business opportunity  For many consumers Beer is considered as an alternative to Wine  Premium Beer is a valid alternative to Wine for food pairing  A wide product range is highly valued when choosing beers  As for many other alcoholic beverages, there is room in the market for a premium segment within the beer market  Premium beer is the fastest growing beer segment worldwide  Recent regulations about “drinking & driving” suggest consumers to choose beverages with lower alcohol content
  6. 6. the right beer to everyone 500ml Bottles  Single serve size  Ideal for Bars, Hotels (minibar)  As aperitif or thirst-quencher 750ml Bottles  Double serve size  Ideal for Restaurants  For food pairing 1500ml Bottles  Show-off size  Restaurants (for Celebrations, Parties, etc.)  Off-licenses (as Informal Gift)
  7. 7. about pricing Comparison with industrial beers has no sense (volumes, scale economies, brewing process, quality, raw materials, etc. are totally different) The right comparison is between a bottle of medium quality wine (e.g. Pinot Grigio) and a bottle of Collesi Beer. For approx. the same price, you can get:  premium vs medium quality  memorable experience vs drinking as usual  a story to tell vs a common choice  more taste, less alcohol  more chances for the second bottle ( more profit for you and your clients)
  8. 8. the range
  9. 9. chiara Ale Beer that shows a very fine-grain, rich and creamy foam and good perlage. Collesi Chiara has an elegant and fruity flavour, given by the combination of intense aromas of malt and citrus fruits and the freshness of tropical fruit at the end. Color: Light Gold Malt: Pilsen Hop: Saaz Yeast: Safbrew Alcohol content: 6% Serving temperature: 6°C – 43°F Suggested food pairings: a perfect thirst- quencher; it goes very well as an aperitif, with appetizers or light starters Available sizes: 500ml – 750ml – 1500ml
  10. 10. chiara sensory profile
  11. 11. bionda Ale Beer that shows a very fine-grain, rich and creamy foam and good perlage. Its hallmarks are a pronounced aroma of hops in bloom and malt and fruity notes, with the fragrances of yeast, vanilla, warm bread crust and honey. Color: Gold Malt: Munich Hop: Saaz Yeast: Safbrew Alcohol content: 6% Serving temperature: 6°C – 43°F Suggested food pairings: pasta (even with spicy sauces), fish and seafood Available sizes: 500ml – 750ml – 1500ml
  12. 12. bionda sensory profile
  13. 13. ambrata Amber Ale Beer with a clean and intense aroma, an exceptional body and a warm and complex bouquet of cereals, hops and dried fruit. Color: Copper Malt: Amber, Munich, Pilsen Hop: Saaz Yeast: Safbrew Alcohol content: 7,5% Serving temperature: 7-8°C - 45° F Suggested food pairings: an all-around beer that goes perfectly with any food that isn’t sweet like pork or beef grilled meat, BBQ, Mexican food, etc. Available sizes: 500ml – 750ml
  14. 14. ambrata sensory profile
  15. 15. rossa Amber Ale Beer with a great personality. Pleasantly sweet with intense and spicy aroma of caramel, malt, hazelnuts and a very persistent finish. Color: Ruby Malt: Amber, Munich, Pilsen Hop: Saaz Yeast: Safbrew Alcohol content: 8% Serving temperature: 8-10°C – 48-50° F Suggested food pairings: its sweet profile goes well with desserts. You will also enjoy it after dinner, alone or with a cigar. Available sizes: 500ml – 750ml
  16. 16. rossa sensory profile
  17. 17. nera Stout Beer with a full bodied taste, a very complex aroma of roasted coffee, barley, cocoa, liquorice and rhubarb. Soft, creamy and lingering mouth feel. Velvety and smooth foam looking like a cappuccino Color: Deep Black Malt: Black, Amber, Munich, Pilsen Hop: Saaz Yeast: Safbrew Alcohol content: 8% Serving temperature: 10-12°C – 50-53° F Suggested food pairings: great with dark chocolate or with many desserts with caramel, dried fruit, chocolate. It also pairs reflection and conversation with good friends Available sizes: 500ml – 750ml
  18. 18. nera sensory profile
  19. 19. triplo malto Triple Malt means that the quantity of malt used for brewing the beer is three times the regular amount. More malt means more starches that can be converted into sugars and then into alcohol. Ale beer with aromas of fresh yeast, vanilla, bread crust and honey. The taste is intense and complex: malt, citrus and tropical fruit, pineapple, apricot. Color: Gold Malt: Munich, Pilsen, Corn Hop: Saaz Yeast: Safbrew Alcohol content: 9% Serving temperature: 8°C – 46°F Suggested food pairings: pasta with tasty sauces, grilled or roasted meat and fish Available sizes: 500ml – 750ml
  20. 20. triplo malto sensory profile
  21. 21. thank you for your attention