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Hon steph observing


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Published in: Business, Lifestyle
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Hon steph observing

  1. 1. Stephanie HonIIT – Got creativityAssignment 117 Jan 2012
  2. 2. reflectionscolor attracts the eyesymmetry combined with asymmetry makes the photo interestingrepetition with variation was a theme in my photoslooking up and down gave me new perspectivesI like vintage items such as the television sets and the sewing machines because I feel thatthey are rare and have been crafted with an attention to detail that is becoming more and morerare.The beer can perched on the tree was rather unusual and the bicycle spokes decorated withbeads were funky (an avid bicyclist I assume?). I had never seen a cowboy store before.I go to this mexican store to buy groceries and I always see the colorful stand outside, I figuredthis assignment would be my opportunity to go talk to the owner and check out what he sells.