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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE Name: Peter Szalay Place of birth: Hungary Date of birth: June 05, 1986 Address: 141 Szelso Street, Gyal, 2360, Hungary Mobile: +36204260161 E-mail: Skype: jc_one_6 Studies: 2012-2015 Dharma Gate Buddhist College, Budapest Master’s Degree in Japanese Language and Culture Thesis title: ‘The History of Ancient and Modern Japanese Medicine’. 2009-2012 Dharma Gate Buddhist College, Budapest Bachelor’s Degree in Japanese Language and Culture / Buddhist Religious Teacher Thesis title: ‘Buddhism and Nationalism in Japan during World War II’. 2008-2009 National Qualifications Register Training, Graduate of IT Administrator 2003-2007 Belső Erzsébetváros, High School of IT High School Graduate, Diploma received also for the excellent results and use of English Language and IT Skills
  2. 2. Occupation 08.24.2015 ~ (Current) Data Steward with Veeva Contract at Veeva Systems Hungary Ltd, - Responsible for the Master Data Stewardship in UK/IE Data Management - Responsible to ensure the consistency and thoroughness of any incoming working material (data) in order to be able to hand out a 120% consistent pack of data for our Customers. - In the past 6 months I was responsible for the accuracy of any outgoing UK/IE data towards our customers, including the managing and cleaning up of our internal database, and records in which there were some changes or additions needed e.g. DCRs. During this time I again received a confirmation of reinsurance that hard work really pays off at the right place and at the right time because through Veeva I managed to further enhance my skills and expertise in my line of work, and managed to also make it beneficial to my fellow Colleagues, Managers, and to the Company altogether. 04.2015 ~ 08.2015 E-Word Translation Services Hungary Translations Office, - Translator/Interpreter (mainly Technical and Medical materials) - Project Manager 09.23.2014 ~ 04.2015 Car-Audio.Hu, Iron-System Ltd, - Translator/Interpreter, - Foreign Contacts Manager, - IT Technician, - Marketing and PR Manager
  3. 3. Work Experience: I have a thorough knowledge in various areas of IT and in the Hardware and Software areas. In the past I have fulfilled many IT Administrator tasks and jobs. After a sharp change I continued my studies in the field of languages and cultural studies from which, under my college years, I managed to fulfil a big variety of guide and translator jobs both in English and Japanese language as well. Due to these jobs I managed to sum up quite a lot of experience both in the fields of Languages and IT alike. Furthermore, for a few years at every spring I participated as a Translator and IT Tech. assistant in different kinds of cultural events held by the local Japanese Embassy and by the Japanese Foundation, mainly the Japanese Speech Contest and other various cultural events. - Master Data Stewardship - Interpretations, and translations (Hungarian, English, Japanese), simultaneous translations “interpretations” - Marketing and Project Manager experience both in Hungarian and English languages - Keeping in contact with clients and partners via email / phone (technical support etc.) on a daily basis (both in Hungarian and English languages) - Foreign contacts managing - Client management - Technical and Medical translations and interpretations - IT hardware and software management - Familiar with the setup and maintenance of car diagnostics software and hardware Recent Achievements Simultaneous translation of Vincenzo Mario Bruno Giorgino’s 2 days course’s (9th and 10th of August, 2014) „Social Life as It Is” lecture.
  4. 4. Translating and Guiding (Japanese-English, English-Japanese) at the InterSteno 2015 conference in Budapest for Prof. Takeshi Usuba the Japanese Parliament’s Clerk. Language skills: Hungarian (Mother tongue) English (Proficient user) Japanese (Proficient user) Italian (Beginner) Computer skills: Competent with most Microsoft Office programs and some experience with HTML, PHP. Adobe Dreamweaver + Adobe Photoshop knowledge. Furthermore I’m very familiar with video editing tools such as Sony Vegas, and the high level maintenance of operating systems, and both hardware and software. I’m using a computer since my early childhood so almost everything that involves IT is basically very natural and close to me. Social skills: I have a strong sense of team work and problem solving capabilities. I can fit in very easily and can find a good common tongue with fellow colleagues without any problem. And I can further nurture these skills to be a skilled and a key element of my work environment which benefits both my surrounding and my company alike. Intercultural skills: Since I translate a lot and interact with people from all around the globe I am very experienced working in a multicultural environment and thus I’m able to create strong links and relations between teams and between people in order to create a more productive, creative and beneficial work environment. Hobbies: Online gaming, esports, playing the piano and the guitar, going out, medical science, psychology, languages and cultures.